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BFI Admits To Systemic Racism & Vows To Improve After Apologizing To ‘Four Lions’ Producer For Mishandling Discrimination Complaint

British Film Institute, one of the UK’s most powerful movie funding bodies, admitted to a filmmaker of color last year that it is “systemically racist” after apologizing for how it handled his long-running complaint over alleged discrimination.

UK failing to address systemic racism against black people, warn UN experts

“We have serious concerns about impunity and the failure to address racial disparities in the criminal justice system, deaths in police custody, ‘joint enterprise’ convictions and the dehumanising nature of the stop and (strip) search,” the working group said in a statement.

Lidia Thorpe says 'systemic racism' led to a media pile on after her assault allegations | SBS NITV

Ms Thorpe said systemic racism led to her own allegations not being taken seriously. "It's been horrible," said Thorpe. "I became the perpetrator ... I became the subject of a media pile on that day, and it wasn't until a white woman stood up and said 'Yeah this happened to me too' that the media took notice. "I think that is a great example of the media landscape in this country, and that is systemic racism. "I was not believed, I was questioned. I was demonsied by every body. And you wonder why women don't speak out."

Dana Morse on Twitter

You can’t ignore the difference between how a black and a white woman were treated when making allegations about sexual assault/harassment in the parliament. Yet another example of the systemic racism @SenatorThorpe has shone a light on time and again. #insiders / Twitter

Cat Walker en Twitter

Still going. The #NDIA has acknowledged CEO & leadership aware of systemic issue re: recognising multiple disabilities but refuse to address it until @NdisReview tells them to. In the meantime, here's my supplementary submission to the #NDIS JSC: #RoboNDIS / Twitter

Against automated plagiarism – Iris van Rooij

Black women’s writings are systemically omitted from syllabi (…) Both soft and hard power within academia is afforded disproportionately to white people, especially men, and to those who are aligned with the current hegemony. Birhane & Guest (2021, p. 62)

Evictions skyrocket as rising rents squeeze low-income Americans | PBS News Weekend

So, for example, that's a family of four bringing in less than $25,000 in annual income. Or it's an individual senior or a person with disabilities who has a limited twelve to $15,000 a year income. So they have very little available to pay for rent and have enough money left over for all of life's other necessities. And it's people of color who are most impacted and most harmed by the housing market. Black, Latino and indigenous people are disproportionately extremely low income renters due to decades of systemic racism and ongoing discrimination in many systems. And so they are dispropor...

Evelyn Mensah, MBBS, MD, FRCOphth, FGCS en Twitter

Can someone explain this to me please⁉️ Why is it that perpetrators of #racism & #sexism in #NHS aren’t sanctioned but rather promoted⁉️ What is that⁉️🤷🏽‍♀️ Is it a special club we don’t know about⁉️🤔 Or is it designed to maintain the status quo of #systemic #racism & #misogyny / Twitter

Discrimination based on names is rampant, according to a study that found anglo job applicants are more likely to get a call back than Arabic, Indian or other ethnic names

Job applicants with surnames such as Habib, Huang, Papadopoulos or Singh are 60 per cent less likely to get a call back for a leadership role than those with English-sounding names such as Smith, Williams or Thornbury-Drummond. This is the finding of a two-year study by Monash University researchers, who sent more than 12,000 fabricated job applications to more than 4000 real advertisements for jobs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to investigate whether there was systemic – even if unconscious – discrimination against ethnic groups.

According to a comprehensive study conducted by McKinsey & Company in 2022, an overwhelming 63% of diversity and inclusion leadership roles were occupied by White women.

While the presence of White women in DEI leadership may be seen by some as a testament to the progress we've made in addressing gender inequality, it also inadvertently casts a shadow on the very principles of DEI. In an ideal world, the diversity of decision-making individuals should reflect the diversity of those they represent. However, we live in a world where societal constructs and systemic biases skew these demographics. So, for me, the question arises: How can white women working in DEI encourage and facilitate broader representation and true equity? Will they? And how do we begin...

Ricki Tarr: "A lot of the time people assum…" -

A lot of the time people assume that if there was a problem women will just say something, but the reality is a lot of the time we feel uncomfortable about something or someone, and we're afraid it's just us, so we keep it to ourselves. 9 times out of 10 it's a pattern of abusive behavior, and the women just leave, because she's afraid to make a scene, and get persecuted. When we talk about misogyny being systemic, this is what we are talking about. Women are encouraged to keep quiet, and bad behavior continues.

These shocking stories explain why Spain’s women’s team want systemic change - The Athletic

After Spain were eliminated from the Women’s World Cup in 2015, senior officials from the country’s football association (RFEF) met with players before they headed home from Canada. It was the first World Cup that Spain had qualified for and an exit at the group stages was a disappointing outcome for everyone. What happened next might seem shocking but, to the players, it was just another example of the broken relationship and toxic attitudes they’d become used to living with. Soon after, they would come together to fight for change — just as we’ve seen happen this year. “I still remember...

Qasim Rashid, Esq.: "Today, tell your kids about Ru…" - Mastodon

Today, tell your kids about Ruby Bridges—the first Black child at all-white public elementary school in South. Today Ms. Bridges turns 69. 69. She's younger than both my parents. And more importantly, she's a reminder of the courage of our youth, of the ever present reality of systemic racism, and of the need to lead with anti-racism to counter this hate. Let us look to leaders like Ms. Bridges, and build that more perfect union for all people in this country—grounded in true Justice for all Photos of Ruby Bridges as a child and then as an adult today.

:donor:: "There's this woman in a Sydney…" - Infosec Exchange

There's this woman in a Sydney conference who said that the only way to ensure we overcome algorithmic bias is hiring more women and more diverse people within it. No. NO. NO. There is no way we can overcome algorithmic bias juts by hiring more women and more diverse people within it. Increasing representation, especially of women and other marginalised groups, in tech is crucial, but hiring more women and diverse identities without restructuring the underlying system is nothing but a cosmetic change. It serves no one but the capitalist enterprise so that the biz appear progressive and in...

Joey Barton: Emma Hayes says women are used to 'systemic misogyny' following comments - BBC Sport

The realities are male privilege has always been at the centre of football in this country, Hayes said. "I feel that sport is the last place in society where that male privilege exists." When asked about Barton's comments in a news conference on Friday, Hayes did not name the former Manchester City and QPR player directly. "I don't expect any individual personality to understand their privilege. Nonetheless you only have to see scores of women across the internet or in the business - whether that's coaches, presenters, players - we're routinely used to dealing with systemic misogyny, bul...

Black Women and Barriers to Leadership in ABA | Behavior Analysis in Practice

In recent years, anecdotal data have suggested an increase in the number of Black women in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). However, there does not appear to be a significant increase in the number of Black women in leadership roles within the field (e.g., clinical directors, heads of university and college ABA programs). Since the diversity of providers and leadership in the field is an important factor in effectively meeting the diverse needs of ABA consumers, the lack of Black women leaders in the field can be described as problematic. Identification of the potential barrier...

𝐿𝒶𝓃𝒶 :verifiedtrans:: "Here's a take that might get m…" - Universeodon Social Media

Here's a take that might get me cancelled, but hear me out. Saving money is a luxury expense. You can't expect people to live within their means when their means is below poverty wages. There is no budgeting oneself out of systemically enforced poverty.

Evelyn Mensah - Friends call me Evie en X

Can you imagine #systemic #racism *SO BAD* that occupational health tell you to leave or else the perpetrators of racism will kill you. Just imagine that‼️ / X

Yorkshire: Azeem Rafiq says Colin Graves' expected return has led to racist abuse - BBC Sport

Graves' previous spell was part of the period for which the club was fined for failing to address the systemic use of discriminatory or racist language. "I'm broken," said Rafiq, who revealed experiences of racism at the club. "I'm struggling to understand how we've got here. It's a mix of emotions - a lot of anger and frustration."

A reflection on extractive research: a commitment to uplifting marginalised voices and challenging structural inequality – Systemic Justice

For us, extractive research is characterised by the funding, commissioning, conducting, production, and dissemination of research or knowledge that fails to uplift, represent, or reflect the experiences of racially, socially, and economically marginalised communities. Instead, it often serves the income generation interests of academics, higher education institutions, and a lucrative knowledge-exchange industry, which prioritises the perspectives of public and private corporations, politicians, inter-governmental departments and agencies, and a growing NGO sector.

Evelyn Mensah - Friends call me Evie en X

HER HAIR FELL OUT‼️💔 Many #NHS colleagues bravely tell me their traumatic experiences of systemic racism. I find it particularly distressing to hear that racism's impact includes their hair falling out. Hair is integral to our identity & individuality. Racism is *unbearable* 😔 / X

Dan Lyke: "Happy New Year! As we go into …" -

Happy New Year! As we go into 2024, remember that the purpose of a system is what it does, and that we won't solve systemic failures by punishing individuals. And that, in the US, the underlying reason for policy is usually racism.

Advancing Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEMM Organizations: Beyond Broadening Participation | The National Academies Press

Individuals from minoritized racial and ethnic groups continue to face systemic barriers that impede their ability to access, persist, and thrive in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) higher education and workforce. Without actively dismantling policies and practices that disadvantage people from minoritized groups, STEMM organizations stand to lose much needed talent and innovation as well as the ideas that come from having a diverse workforce.

Battling the “headwinds”: the experiences of minoritised academics in the neoliberal Australian university: International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education: Vol 33, No 9

Academics who identify or are identified with minoritised groups in society and teach marginalised subjects are particularly prone to experiencing individual and systemic bias and discrimination which harm their wellbeing and restrict their career advancement. These challenges can be likened to “headwinds” that they must constantly battle against, whilst those belonging to dominant social groups benefit from “tailwind” effects. We critique the framing of the “ideal” academic in the neoliberalised university and argue that it entrenches the marginalisation of academics from minoritised backg...

“I need people to see how systemic racism behaves."

I would love for there to be more Black physicians because that can help to solve the problem,” she says in a video interview with Fortune. “But the other piece of it is we need physicians who are not Black to be able to adequately and competently care for Black people as well.”

As a black woman formerly in executive leadership, the role is challenging, and we later realize that systemic oppression is a disease with no relevant cure.

A wise man once told me that when you begin dismantling a system that wasn’t set up for you to WIN, expect adversity. But no one is there to help guide us when the odds don’t weigh in our favor and we’re forced to walk away from the assignment or purpose we were prepared to pursue.

Pascale MTL: "University of #Alberta provide…" -

University of #Alberta provides new online course on #BlackHistory at no cost The free online course highlights the #history and accomplishments of Black Canadians. Called Black Canadians: History, Presence, and #AntiRacist Futures, the course will explore topics like #SystemicRacism and unconscious #RacialBias in Canadian institutions. #Canada #racism #education #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi

Megan Lynch (she/her): "For a clue as to what #Inspira…" -

For a clue as to what #InspirationPorn is, just read the comments on the YouTube video. There's effusive praise for making the kid work over and over and over again and no critique for not actually giving a shit about accessibility for their son and the millions of other disabled people in the world. Inspiration Porn gives abled people warm fuzzies about the fact that they keep systemic ableism in place. #Ableism

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "@ddp How sad that to get abled…" -

How sad that to get abled people to care about this, it so often has to be framed in economic terms, rather than in terms of what it really means for the actual human beings who've been thrown to the wolves by systemic #ableism and capitalism in so much of the world's public health response.

Rowland Mosbergen: "@libramoon @shekinahcancook @r…" -

It's systemic. Black people are about 7½ times more likely to be wrongfully convicted of murder in the U.S. than are whites, and about 80% more likely to be innocent than others convicted of murder, according to a new report by the National Registry of Exonerations. The already disproportionate risk of wrongful conviction, the Registry found, was even worse if the murder victim in a case was white.

UC Access Now: "So similar to how UC operates.…" -

So similar to how UC operates. They'll try to paper over their systemic ableism with photos of you alongside the Chancellor, quotes in marketing & media of how great it is... ...and still put up barriers to accessibility. Because it was never their intention to dismantle ableism. "Google Used a Black, Deaf Worker to Tout Its Diversity. Now She’s Suing for Discrimination Jalon Hall was featured on Google’s corporate social media accounts “for making #LifeAtGoogle more inclusive!” She says the company discriminated against her on the basis of her disability and race."

10-Year-Old Black Girl Arrested For Drawing of Her School Bully

For decades, activists have sounded the alarm about the school-to-prison pipeline, one of the many insidious systemic issues young Black students face every day. As recent as last year, it was reported that Black children, especially Black girls, are more likely to be criminalized and experience severe punishment over simple schoolyard conflicts that could be quietly resolved in a principal’s office. With that said, two civil rights advocacy groups rightfully cried foul in a letter sent to the Honolulu Police Department, education department and the state attorney general’s office on Monda...

Shots In The Back, Children Tasered: DOJ Details Excessive Force By Chicago Police : The Two-Way : NPR

Fleeing, unarmed people shot in the back. Mentally ill men and women, not suspected of any crime, stunned by a Taser while they lay on the ground. People already detained or incapacitated who were beaten, with police accounts falsely describing the force as necessary. A 161-page report from the Justice Department details harrowing accounts of excessive force by the Chicago Police Department and highlights systemic failures that allow the violence to continue even as members of the public attempt to protest or report the brutality. The investigation was launched after the death of Laquan M...

Systemic racism still a barrier to Indigenous Australians' wellbeing

Australia: People of African descent living under siege of racism, say UN experts

Africans and people of African descent are exposed to multi-faceted forms of racial discrimination, xenophobia and systemic racism in all spheres of predominantly ‘white’ Australia, says Catherine Namakula, Chair of the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent.

Institutional Racism and Its Social Costs | SpringerLink

This chapter discusses contemporary aspects of institutional racism, examining the systemic structures that perpetuate exclusion and racial inequality, and critically interrogating the policy environment that has shaped the discourse of race relations in Australia.

Systemic racism

Similarly, a Monash University study led by Indigenous Studies Centre Director and Palawa woman Professor Kyllie Cripps has found systematic racism within Australia’s justice system is linked to the deaths of 151 First Nations women.

Systemic racism persists in Victorian child protection system, Yoorrook Justice Commission hears | Victoria | The Guardian

Victoria Police chief commissioner sorry for force’s racist actions, ‘cover-ups’

As a result of systemic racism, racist attitudes and discriminatory actions of police have gone undetected, unchecked, unpunished or without appropriate sanctions and have caused significant harm across generations of Aboriginal families,” he said.

Institutional racism is at work in Australia. How does it affect Indigenous people? | SBS NITV

Institutional racism, also known as systemic racism, describes the existence of racism in the structures that make up modern society. It manifests when institutions, organisations and governments directly or indirectly discriminate against an ethnic group. It systematically disadvantages those groups and further marginalises them within society. We are not short on evidence of the institutional racism that is present in the criminal justice and law enforcement system. Criminal courts are home to a large proportion of white decision makers.

‼️*RACISM* Runs Rampant in NHS Disciplinary Procedures

Numbers don't lie! Since 2015, the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) reports published by NHS England has demonstrated systemic racism in the NHS. The aim is to improve on those figures in an attempt to create an equitable NHS for staff and patients. WRES indicator 3 is the “Relative likelihood of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff entering the formal disciplinary process compared to white staff”. These reports have been instrumental in revealing racial disparities within the NHS. Data highlighted in this Equality 4 Black Nurses blog are stark! Please note that an indicator value ...

10 Times Asian Americans Took On Systemic Racism in 2016 | by Mark Tseng-Putterman | Medium

Getting to the Root of the Problem: Supporting Clients With Lived-Experiences of Systemic Discrimination - Amy Bartlett, Sonya Faber, Monnica Williams, Kellen Saxberg, 2022

For many marginalized people, coping with discrimination is not a temporary condition. Rather it is endemic to living in a discriminatory society and a source of ongoing stress. In this paper, we explore the need to provide people struggling to cope with the skills to tackle not just the personal consequences of discrimination, but also to understand and address the root causes of their pain, and specifically the ones that lie outside of themselves. We propose using the concept of social capital to bring greater awareness among clients, clinicians, and society in general about the need to p...

The Employment Disadvantage of Mothers: Evidence for Systemic Discrimination - Tanya Carney, 2009

When their need to provide care and their need for paid employment are equally important, mothers try to combine both roles, often through part time employment, or to stagger these competing needs by taking employment breaks. Using data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics of Australia (HILDA) Survey1 this article analyses the resulting detriments to the ability of mothers to continue career paths across the occupational spectrum. Analysis of this data is used to argue that employment disadvantage is generated by mothers' inability to conform to `ideal worker' behaviour and theref...

The legacies of systemic and internalized oppression: Experiences of microaggressions, imposter phenomenon, and stereotype threat on historically marginalized groups - ScienceDirect

Previous literature has described how people of historically marginalized groups (namely people of color, women, queer and transgender people, people living with disabilities, immigrants, and people of religious minority groups) are likely to internalize negative, oppressive feelings about their identities (David, 2014; David, Schroeder, & Femandez, 2019). For example, studies have found that many women and people of color (and women of color, in particular) experience what has been labeled as imposter phenomenon, or the notion that they are not intelligent or adequate enough, despite evide...

Megan Lynch (she/her): "@ascentale A5. The inaccessibl…" -

A5. The inaccessible cycle racks at UC Davis damaged my health & were a catalyst for the formation of @ucaccessnow . We have not yet achieved inaccessible racks everywhere at UC, but they did ration a couple Sheffield racks @ a new bldg & installed a couple circle racks at an old building. I'm told that these were due to our work and that our work has started to turn some wheels in this systemically ableist bureaucracy. #BikeNite #UCAccessNow #Ableism #Accessibility @bikenite

Job discrimination faced by ethnic minorities convinces public about racism | Discrimination at work | The Guardian

Researchers believe they may have found the best way to convince the public that racism is a real problem and requires major change: tell them about an Oxford University study exposing discrimination faced by job applicants. A groundbreaking project exploring how better to boost public support for action against systemic racism tested which messages best move people towards a more anti-racist position. Reframing Race, a charity, tested dozens of arguments on almost 20,000 people and found highlighting research from 2019 showing ethnic minority applicants received less positive responses t...

Job: "@Wolven I mention it because h…" -

I mention it because highlights your often-repeated point that ML is only part of the problem, but the source is the systemic racism/sexism/etc. already present wherever ML is applied.

Evelyn Mensah - Friends call me Evie en X

‼️THIS is what white privilege in UK NHS healthcare looks like. Meanwhile, Black & Global Majority doctors face systemic racism that targets with formal disciplinaries, MHPS hearings, GMC referrals & removal from register PLUS trauma for issues resolvable locally. #BeAntiRacist

Victoria government blasted for rejecting truth-telling inquiry’s key recommendations | Indigenous Australians | The Guardian

Victoria’s First Peoples’ Assembly and the head of the state’s Indigenous truth-telling commission have criticised the Allan Labor government for seeking more time to consider overhauling child protection and criminal justice systems. The government on Wednesday handed down its response to a report by the Yoorrook Justice Commission, which called for it to tackle systemic injustices experienced by First Nations people in the child protection and criminal justice sectors. The government accepted four of the 46 recommendations, while 24 are supported in-principle. But it has rejected three ...

How to be an ally in the workplace: 13 ways to do it |

Many trainings and articles about microaggressions focus on how you can intervene in the moment, which is a crucial part of allyship. But in addition to intervening, there are other important ways to support people who experience microaggressions, systemic inequities and other barriers to opportunity — and one way is through microafffirmations. In contrast to microaggressions, microaffirmations are little ways that you can affirm someone’s identity; recognize and validate their experience and expertise; build confidence; develop trust; foster belonging; and support someone in their career....

How to Foster an Ally Culture in the Workplace | BCG

Strong policies and programs that support DEI across the career lifecycle, from recruitment to retention and advancement, are critical to dismantling these systemic challenges. But, BCG’s research shows that in addition to these structural programs, a culture of allyship is required to foster inclusion. A study of over 5,000 Canadians finds that women, the LGBTQ2+ community, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) employees who have allies at work are 1.6 times less likely to perceive obstacles in their day-to-day environment and twice as likely to say their workplace is bias-fr...

Pi-Cla: "@knittingknots2 Systemic racis…" -

Systemic racism against Indigenous folks is important to point out and shame because we of the settler class forget Indigenous people even still exist. We forget we are still living on *their* native land and the daily discrimination they face. Reading this passage in particular hit it home for me: > They said an ambulance driver stopped to let them use his phone, but refused to pick them up. The pair eventually convinced a truck driver to bring them to the town of Shelburne. ""Indigeneity is something that…" -

Indigeneity is something that actually provides #wellness to us. It's a wellness factor.” Eryn Braley & Jorden Hendry work to #decolonize healthcare in British Columbia. In a webinar they explain their approaches to tackling systemic #colonialism & #racism within the #healthcare system. They challenge mainstream narratives that frame #Indigenous identity as a risk factor for poor health instead of putting focus on colonization as the root cause of systemic inequity. htt...

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "This comment on an abled YouTu…" -

This comment on an abled YouTuber's video about a disabled person's van design is a good example of why I loathe Inspiration Porn so much. Abled people eat this shit up because it allows them to ignore systemic ableism (and other systemic oppressions) and simply chalk it up to some disabled people being "inspirational" and others just not being motivated enough. Abled people never need to examine the role they play in creating barriers and upholding them. #Ableism #VanLife

Tackling systemic racism and police violence, Victoria – Monash Lens

Australian police forces were brought into being to protect the interests of white settlers against the country’s first inhabitants whose lands and lives were being systematically taken away. This history has translated into contemporary patterns of over-policing and the world’s highest rate of incarceration. Jude McCulloch argues that contemporary styles of policing divide communities into "those to be protected, and those seen as a threat", and that this boundary is often demarcated by race.

Severe ME: another woman being abused by the NHS is at risk

A young woman living with severe myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is being catastrophically neglected by an NHS hospital. Millie’s story in itself is shocking. Medical professionals appear to be ignoring official guidelines into the disease – going so far as to section her under the Mental Health Act, and limiting her mother’s visiting rights. There is a petition people can sign calling on the NHS to act. You can sign it here. However, Millie’s situation is made all the worse when you realise that she is at least the third woman the NHS has treated like this in the last month alone. Moreove...

UC Access Now: "@KidsData @pediatrics @edutoot…" -

Important semantic point: Disabled people's needs aren't "special" just because systemic ableism maintains systems that do not take us and the full spectrum of humanity into account. #Ableism #UCAccessNow #Healthcare

Tricia Rose explores systemic racial issues in her book, ‘Metaracism’ - ABC News — Tricia Rose

After providing a definition of the term ‘metaracism’, Tricia described a key realization that came from her extensive research: that policies that produce adverse outcomes for Black Americans have compounding effects. She encourages the use of systems thinking, rather than focusing on individual policies or actions, to better understand how we can break free of systemic racism.

Evelyn Mensah - Friends call me Evie en X

Can you believe it‼️ 🥴Senior Leader called me "dangerous" for calling out systemic racism 🥴Apparently, speaking up for equity in the face of inequity is deemed “dangerous” 🥴Describing inequitable treatment as systemic racism in cases of ethnic health inequity is “dangerous”

Qasim Rashid, Esq.: "Short 🧵... My TL is full of c…" -

Short 🧵... My TL is full of conservatives who don't understand how Affirmative Action worked. Three points 1. The demographic that benefitted MOST from AA—more than Black, Latino, & Asians COMBINED—are white women. 2. AA was NEVER about accepting unqualified people, it was always about ensuring underrepresented qualified people ALSO had a fair shot at acceptance. Universities systemically discriminated against non-white applicants. AA required them to also consider non-white applicants. 1/2

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD).

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD). The Howard government introduced “Harmony Day” on 21 March 1999, so that we don’t actually talk about racism like and with, the rest of the world. There is no harmony in the struggle to eliminate racial discrimination. Today the National Indigenous Youth Education Coalition (NIYEC) launched The School Exclusion Project Report. The report details the historical and systemic exclusion of First Nations children from an education because of race. Racism, in all forms, needs to acknowledged, identified and e...

May Likes Toronto: "Some years ago, I made it past…" -

Some years ago, I made it past a round of layoffs. I started counting who got let go. At least 70% of them were POCs. Most of the 30% of white people were about to retire and packaged out early. Definitely not representative of the company's demographics. When I brought this up: - "I don't believe in affirmative action." 🤔 - "We even cleared the list with our lawyers!" 😑 - "But *I* am not racist!" 🙈 Honey, this is why it's called Systemic Racism.

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "The older I get, the easier it…" -

The older I get, the easier it is for me to understand how various interlocking systemic oppressions that pass for a society make people just snap one day.

Dave Rahardja: "#Texas is losing Californian t…" -

#Texas is losing Californian transplants again. No surprise to me, as Texas politicans use Californians as rhetoric bait—at the same time boasting about how Californians are moving into the state to create the next Silicon Valley in Austin, while simultaneously scapegoating Californians as disgusting commie liberals invading their state, lumping them together with “illegal immigrants” in their xenophobic rhetoric. Not said in the article is the fact that Texas law is hostile to non-cis-het people, especially those with a uterus. You can’t pay me enough money to relocate to Texas (or any nu...

Verdant Square MD - DC - VA: "Hard on the heels of the #Mosb…" -

Hard on the heels of the #Mosby conviction, BPD promotes one of the cops involved in the in-custody death of Freddie Gray, which provoked the 2015 uprising that protested #policebrutality and #systemicracism. A message is being sent to Baltimore...

Our past creates our present: a brief overview of racism and colonialism in Western paleontology | Paleobiology | Cambridge Core

As practitioners of a historical science, paleontologists and geoscientists are well versed in the idea that the ability to understand and to anticipate the future relies upon our collective knowledge of the past. Despite this understanding, the fundamental role that the history of paleontology and the geosciences plays in shaping the structure and culture of our disciplines is seldom recognized and therefore not acted upon sufficiently. Here, we present a brief review of the history of paleontology and geology in Western countries, with a particular focus on North America since the 1800s. ...

Ageism Haunts Some Tech Workers in the Race to Get Hired | WIRED

Ageism is a longtime problem in the tech industry. Database startup RelevantDB went viral in 2021 after it posted a job listing bragging, “We hire old people,” which played off industry stereotypes. In 2020, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that IBM had engaged in age discrimination, pushing out older workers to make room for younger ones. (The company has denied engaging in “systemic age discrimination.”)

Systemic imbalance still exists - Practical Diversity and Inclusion

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "Dear abled people: Every time…" -

Dear abled people: Every time you are asked to provide accessibility and resent "more work", use that feeling to reflect on how much more work it is for people WHO ARE DISABLED to do the work an ableist society requires for just about every interaction in our day (bureaucracy re disability/poverty, inaccessible communication/infrastructure/culture/events/school/work/hospitals/emergency response, etc). and join us in working for systemic change that will make it easier for all of us. #Ableism

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "If you're curious as to how yo…" -

If you're curious as to how you join us in working for systemic change, there's some guidance here (although the details vary for different institutions, legal systems, cultures, countries). Platform disabled people and work with us. #Ableism #UCAccessNow

Systemic racism: individuals and interactions, institutions and society | Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications | Full Text

Systemic racism is a scientifically tractable phenomenon, urgent for cognitive scientists to address. This tutorial reviews the built-in systems that undermine life opportunities and outcomes by racial category, with a focus on challenges to Black Americans. From American colonial history, explicit practices and policies reinforced disadvantage across all domains of life, beginning with slavery, and continuing with vastly subordinated status. Racially segregated housing creates racial isolation, with disproportionate costs to Black Americans’ opportunities, networks, education, wealth, heal...

Rowland Mosbergen: "In 1997, the Wood Royal Commis…" -

In 1997, the Wood Royal Commission into the New South Wales Police Service concluded that a state of `systemic and entrenched corruption' existed in the police organization. Major reforms were introduced in the wake of the Commission, including the appointment of a new Police Commissioner, organizational restructuring, a complete revamp of recruit education, as well as increased monitoring and accountability.

No one has a cup of tea and cake in the trenches of a national crisis…

“No one has a cup of tea and cake in the trenches of a national crisis…We are currently seeing the highest ever number of First Nations children being removed by state and territory government services." Something needs to change. Djab Wurrung woman Sissy Austin calls out the lack of systemic change since her father (a member of the Stolen Generation) organised the first Sorry Day rally and said "I don’t want to stand here in 10 years-time doing the same thing, we are here to protect our children, for the future and we are here to acknowledge the past”.

Mixter Kit O'Connell: "“Taken individually, the seven…" -

“Taken individually, the seven pieces of legislation … will disrupt the lives of LGBTQ+ people of various ages and backgrounds. Put together, the bills are a systemic attack on the fundamental rights, dignities, and identities of #LGBTQ+ persons that opens the gates for discrimination by both public and private actors.” I've a new article out today at @TexasObserver about a new letter to the #UnitedNations, demanding they pressure federal government over the state of #LGBTQIA+ rights in the Lone Star state.

mekka okereke :verified:: "JSS1 stands for Junior Seconda…" -

JSS1 stands for Junior Secondary School, Year 1. What US citizens would call 7th grade. The above video is help with Nigerian 7th grade math homework. This is why Nigerians laugh when racists in the US try to say that Black kids don't have the aptitude or inclination to do math or CS. The US is uniquely bad at teaching Black kids. No country in the world spends more per Black kid, for worse outcomes. We are really bad at this🤷🏿‍♂️ It's not the kids. It's not the parents. It's the systemic racism.

The June 3rd court ruling against the Fearless Fund’s grant program for Black women is about more than one program—it's a strategic move to undermine diversity initiatives and erase discussions about racial inequities.

The June 3rd court ruling against the Fearless Fund’s grant program for Black women is about more than one program—it's a strategic move to undermine diversity initiatives and erase discussions about racial inequities. This case, and others like it, aim to create a race-blind society, but ignoring the systemic barriers faced by marginalized communities will only perpetuate these inequities. Consider this: between 2009 and 2017, Black women received a mere 0.0006% of VC funding. At that rate, for every billion dollars in VC funds received by others, Black women received $6,000. If that fi...

Ed Sanders: "@StillIRise1963 When I saw P…" -

When I saw Pew’s headline on its website yesterday I gagged. “Most Black Americans Believe Racial Conspiracy Theories About U.S. Institutions” If Pew, which is probably the best organization in the country at presenting its findings on people’s ideas and feelings, is going to call the recognition of obvious systemic and institutional racism “conspiracy theories“ there’s no chance your neighbor is going to reconsider their own views. It’s a disgrace.


“Racism and anti-blackness have always operated and continue to operate under color of law.” We need to confront the fact SYSTEMIC RACISM exists in the courts in order to address it. Blackfullas aren’t locked up at higher rates because we are more *criminal*.


It is such a simple *hot take* by the media to quote elites saying that Indigenous incarceration is high because blackfullas commit more serious crimes! Stop feeding a toxic narrative! The Indigenous incarceration is high because, SYSTEMIC RACISM!


“21% of Republicans say the killings of unarmed Black people by police are a sign of broader problems in how police treat African Americans, while 55% of Republicans said the same in early June.” Who convinced so many Republicans that police violence wasn’t a systemic problem?


@IndigenousX An ex-cop WA says police hounding and jailing innocent Indigenous to meet quotas. Brutality and systemic, shocking racism ingrained in WA Police. That's prob why they didn't worry about chasing up baby's whereabouts.


@Utopiana Considering a baby died in NT this year, whilst police took mum in to custody ... Isn't that indicative of systemic issues worthy of an inquest? Fucking awful.


@Utopiana That is a really tough read. The lack of investment in young Aboriginal children includes the systemic failure to support and protect Aboriginal families and to investigate the tragic deaths of Aboriginal babies. #heartbreaking


Anti-Blackness is pervasive in academia, and physics is no exception. UC Berkeley physicist @CDBrownII details his experiences with interpersonal and systemic anti-Black racism and lays out actions that can start dismantling it


When we say #BlackLivesMatter this is what we’re talking about! We need help to break down systemic racism that continues to exist in Australia. This really is a disgrace and a reflection on how we are devalued in the “lucky country” #AboriginalLivesMatter


Whatever the DEMANDS for change are, they need to address *systemic racism* and *power* if we are serious about decolonising the colony and delivering accoutability. It has to be a collective movement, us against the system, not each other. #4corner


The *assumption of innocence* is now systemically eroded by COPS data systems, when they see a black face you are already under surveillance & likely searched for some sort of “crime”. #4corners


I don't want to die, I am want to breath get out. I have no air, the windows don't open. My parents aren't here and now I have covid... I really don't want to die here' - resident in his early 20s waazn1 Upper middle class suburbs are NOT models of #abolition. Their peace and prosperity comes viaa the systemic exploitation and overpolicing of Black, Latinx and other vulnerable communities. That is not part of abolition. @equalityAlec @culturejedi @rwgilmoregirls @jaybeware Indigenous...


@SteveDoubleW @TaraTomahawk “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” had a profound impact on me in high school. Not because I was learning about the violence and displacement, since I was already familiar, but more so that I realized it was far more systemic and egregious than I’d realized or imagined.


Aboriginal people can fight to remove colonial statues AND fight to stop blak deaths in custody. They are not mutually exclusive in our fight to dismantle white supremacy & systemic racism


We're grieving for the families that have lost their homes and for what we've lost personally in the fires... I'm grieving for the plants, the animals, the birds.” Mogo's scattered Indigenous families are still grieving, six months after the bushfires. dmejiacanales I don’t know who needs to hear this but the police are not the friends of brown folks living in public housing estates. Oh no wait, you all needed to hear this. KathAlbury Hello fellow white peopl...


Quotas of Aboriginal staff, senior staff, board members etc is not THE solutuon.This places stress & onus on Blak people to dismantle white supremacy, systemic & structural racism.They cannot do this is if white ppl do not change their behaviour/attitude/actions


you have to say I’m not prepared to accept conditionality around the way I receive money, or that you shape my agenda.” Paddy Rodgers. Agreed but museums must also address the conditions they impose on BAME, LGBTQI+, Indigenous & working class communities sandyosullivan @FarmsGwendolyn @IndigenousXLtd There isn't one site that's an alternative, because no single Black org would have the audacity to speak for everyone, everywhere, on everything. Instead read the work by Black writers, look at @IndigenousX, & @AusLi...


While yes, there is a lot of performative work by businesses & individuals atm, and we need systemic change, I’m not going to forget that Maccas took away the franchises of racist Rob when #TooStrongForYouKaren was brought to their attention. I’m here for it. Keep going.


Fighting bias in tech is more than knowing how to evaluate content we consume. It’s dismantling the industry’s systemic inequity in how content is produced. Hiring & coding practices reflect values. “Do you believe people of color are your customers?“ @IjeomaOluo @safiyanoble


Black lives matter, this includes our blak babies in out of home care! When we are advocating the importance of dismantling systemic racism and capitalism it also includes the process of dismantling the child protection system that does in fact, create greater harm than good.


Systemic racism is acting surprised that your own institution is racist, put on a forum for Black ppl to air grievances, promise all sorts of initiatives around “addressing” racism then 2 weeks later promoting yet another white woman to a leadership position👀🤯


Life as a blak woman Being told to ‘tone it down’ as fragile white people can’t deal with the truth By people who actively uphold systemic racism The reason why you’re speaking up in the first place 🙄


Let's redistribute the power back into our communities': Justice advocates Teela Reid and Larissa Behrendt discuss grassroots solutions to systemic problems. #ThePoint


If you marched in the BLM Rallies & returned to your workplaces & are silent about systemic racism against Blak people. You are complicit in upholding racism. You are part of the problem. You are not an ally. Do not match with us again.


The family of Warlpiri man Kumanjayi Walker who died after allegedly being shot by a Northern Territory police officer has called for major changes to address systemic problems in the police force.

If We Treated Teachers Like Pro Athletes - Key & Peele

Boyd Maxwell and Perry Schmidt report on the latest developments in the exciting world of pro teaching on "TeachingCenter." About Key & Peele: Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator. Subscribe to Key & Peele:    / @keyandpeele   For more original...

Systemic change needed to increase women in construction: report

A new report for the Victorian Government has found women in trades and semi-skilled roles in construction experience high rates of discrimination and lack

At times devastating, always powerful: new SBS drama Safe Home looks at domestic violence with nuance, integrity and care

Safe Home attests to the ways violence is insidious and ingrained in systemic structures of power.

#ParentsNext drove women into deep poverty. Listen to our intervention at the UN Poverty is not a choice, it is a direct result of systemic failure We welcome the end of the punitive #ParentsNext program @DjirraVIC @humanrightsHRLC @AmandaRishworth

BFI Admits To Systemic Racism & Vows To Improve After Apologizing To 'Four Lions' Producer For Mishandling Discrimination Complaint

EXCLUSIVE: The British Film Institute, one of the UK's most powerful movie funding bodies, admitted to a filmmaker of color last year that it is "systemically racist" after apologizing for ho...

AI expert Meredith Broussard: 'Racism, sexism and ableism are systemic problems'

The journalist and academic says the bias encoded in artificial intelligence systems can't be fixed with better data alone - the change has to be societal

Dr. Ruby en Twitter: "Remember that Sewell report published in 2021 (knighthoods awarded to two authors)? Do you remember that it claimed there was no systemic or institutional racism in UK? Do you know it was never rejected despite being flawed? Listen to the canaries! 2/2

Multicultural Framework Review Must Acknowledge Systemic Racism

The Department of Home Affairs has announced a long overdue review of the Multicultural Policy Framework and the Kind Enterprises submission on the draft Terms of Reference has explicitly request that this review include the glaringly obvious omission of systemic racism and racial discrimination in

Unconscious bias training is 'nonsense', says outgoing race relations chair

Civil rights stalwart Colin Prescod says term risks avoiding real conversation about racism and systemic behaviour

UK failing to address systemic racism against black people, warn UN experts

Working group of experts on people of African descent calls for halt on use of joint enterprise and strip search

REDcycle's collapse is a serious problem but plastic recycling is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound

The collapse of Australia's largest soft plastics recycling scheme is further proof that plastic recycling is a broken system. If we are to meet our new plastic waste targets, systemic change is urgently needed, writes Anya Phelan.

If an "inquiry" into the police force finds "systemic racism" yet there is no *accountability* for those who perpetrate it, such as losing their jobs. Then the "inquiry" is a rubber stamp for racism - it doesn't matter how many recommendations you promise to implement.

This week in the colony: systemic abuse of Blak kids revealed at the Banksia Hill child prison, a 13 yr old was mauled by a police dog and a QLD superintendent is being investigated for alleged racism. The war that started in 1788 continues through systemic racism. Treaty = peace

Systemic racism in the workplace dehumanises Black colleagues

HR rewired Managing Director, best-selling author, and vlogger Shereen Daniels reveals how she became a driving force for racial equality

The geoscientist fighting for universities to confront systemic racism

Christopher Jackson felt obligated to speak out against racism in UK institutions, but a lack of support left him disillusioned with academia.

To say you support MAiD bc you support autonomy also conveniently overlooks its history. It ignores the abuse, coercion & deaths of disabled ppl & elders at the hands of carceral institutions, families & guardians. It dismisses the role systemic racism plays in healthcare.

I don't quite have the words to express myself. But there is something so disturbing in regard to online survival fundraising. Many of us are marginalized people, people who have historically and systemically been harmed by violent systems and institutions of whiteness.

Deadly combination': unpicking race's role in three separate tragedies

Their beaming faces and traumatised parents graced countless news bulletins. Did 'systemic racism' in Australia's health system play a part in the deaths of Amrita, Hiyaan and Aishwarya?

The wicked problem of B(A)ME degree award gaps and systemic racism in our universities

The independent regulator for higher education in England, the Office for Students (OfS), set new national targets in late 2018 to achieve equality of opportunity in higher education by tackling degree award gaps. The sector response to this was to measure degree award gaps between B(A)ME students and white students in their higher education institutions. Analysis of degree award gaps using quantitative methods has revealed an "unexplained gap". We argue that the existence of this "unexplained gap" is evidence of "systemic racism". However, the factors influencing a degree award and their a...

Chatting w/a friend last night, we agreed that one of the biggest scams of the contemporary era is convincing millions of people that they have the exact same mental health struggles (anxiety/depression) for wholly personal, and not systemic/structural, reasons. Good one. 10/10

The Medical Journal of Australia refused to publish an article highlighting systemic racism, based on weak allegations of a potential defamation case. That's erasure. And when we do dare speak out, much like Caitlin Moran did this week (3)

It's a blatant form of discrimination. Disabled ppl w heightened risk will lose their jobs (even MORE than already), stay unemployed (even more), be prosecuted for truancy (even more), drop out of higher ed (even more), and... also die (even more). It's gross systemic ableism

Philosophers need to recognize and take responsibility for the way they not only reproduce systemic ableism, but expand and worsen its effects. 1/18

Their beaming faces and traumatised parents graced news bulletins nation-wide. Did 'systemic racism' in Australia's health sector play a part in the deaths of Amrita, Hiyaan and Aishwarya?

Ngalaya is deeply concerned about systemic racism at Legal Aid NSW

Following the 7.30 Report allegations, Ngalaya is concerned for the wellbeing of First Nations staff working within Legal Aid NSW.

Perspective | Listen to Black women. They are outraged, tired and they are right.

Youngkin's public health chief wants to investigate whether systemic racism exists. Black women are busy working to dismantle it.

@DjirraVic prioritises advocating for the rights of Aboriginal women, speaking up to keep women's voices and experiences of FV, incarceration, racism, child removal in front of white Aus to achieve systemic change.

I sincerely believe that addressing systemic ableism is the key to our collective futures. When every form of marginalization is meant to disable you so that discarding you is automatically justified, you must take that tool from the oppressor.

What if y'all stopped saying how inspiring disabled people are for overcoming the systemic hurdles you refuse to dismantle

Senators call for exoneration of 12 Indigenous women who endured 'systemic inequality' in Canada's criminal justice system

In a report released Monday, Senators Dawn Anderson, Yvonne Boyer and Kim Pate call for an exoneration of 12 Indigenous women, who they say have endured a pattern of discrimination, inequality and violence within the criminal justice system

**sigh**, oh look, another one. Systemic exclusion of disabled people from employment isn't fixed by the individual supports of NDIS in a few short years! Oh no!

Our public policies systemically underfund disability supports to ensure a life of poverty is inevitable. Our pandemic rhetoric of "living with COVID" without any protections translates to "death by COVID" for those with disabilities. All b/c ableism tells us they're disposable.

Inside the BBC Staff Exodus: Women of Color Are 'Exhausted' From Fighting a Broken System

At least 15 women of color have left the BBC in the last year saying they are "exhausted" from fighting a system that "is not systemically built to support anyone who is different," a Variety inves...

I'm at a point where I'm trying to figure out how to find helpful s*icide resources for myself and other high risk friends because we have all hit every possible breaking point. We're going to be untangling the trauma of systemic & community abandonment for the rest of our lives.

A week after my sister Adele's death.....we had a meeting with the DON of Doomadgee Hospital & the doctor.....I said "Adele died due to systemic racism"....the doctor got offended and called me a racist!! Dr Murphy then stormed out #4corners

Mortality rate for Black babies is cut dramatically when Black doctors care for them after birth, researchers say

Citing systemic racism, they say more work needs to be done to understand what they found.

We need to dismantle racism in universities

Academic institutions and the research community play a role in perpetrating and maintaining institutional and systemic racism.

Simran Jeet Singh en LinkedIn: NFL to eye diversity efforts in wake of Flores suit

How systemic racism stays embedded. 1. We see our racism. 2. Let's do a diversity assessment. 3. Let's recommend policy changes. 4. No accountability...

White Supremacist Infiltration of US Police Forces: Fact-Checking National Security Advisor O'Brien

What the available research says about systemic discrimination in law enforcement as well as links to racist and white supremacist ideology.

Under capitalism, individual triumphs are used to ignore systemic failures and when systemic failures are exposed, individual actors are blamed to keep the system at large in tact.

Systems are designed by, and favour the privileged, but deliver services to the least privileged amongst us. #SystemicRacism

Black Lives Matter

We are the party that prides itself in standing on the right side of history. If we mean that, we cannot remain silent as our fellow Americans are senselessly murdered. Doing so is to be complicit in deliberate and systemic violence against Black Americans that our country has perpetuated for centuries. It is not enough ... BLACK LIVES MATTER Read More »

NHS 'riddled with racism' against ethnic minority doctors

Ethnic minority doctors describe a toxic work culture as a BMA survey finds systemic discrimination.

Just Invisible

If you are homebound/bedridden and you live in the community, then the healthcare system treats you as if you do not exist. People who are homebound and/or bedridden have extensive and systemic...