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“21% of Republicans say the killings of unarmed Black people by police are a sign of broader problems in how police treat African Americans, while 55% of Republicans said the same in early June.” Who convinced so many Republicans that police violence wasn’t a systemic problem?

Lynn I 🗽: "The American Council of the Bl…" -

The American Council of the Blind is reporting: On the eve of the #ADA anniversary, @SenMarkey & @RepAnnaEshoo have reintroduced the CVTA act. This legislation would update technology accessibility regulations to ensure full and equal participation for people with disabilities in the digital age.


There is old white man who walked beside me on my way to skatepark Tues saying racist things to me like Asians go home etc for one block. He’s done this before. I just ignore or laugh at him, but then think what if he does this to kids who take it to heart?

This goes back to Albo's comments the other day about education being our best weapon against disadvantage. It's a nice platitude, but if you can't access education without being advantaged, and the ALP won't commit to fixing our punitive welfare system, then it's meaningless.

Suicide risk following involuntary psychiatric hospitalization skyrockets. While 5150 holds may prevent a person from dying in one moment of crisis, they don't protect people long term.


It takes many forms. From explicit attempts to assert biological explanations for racial inequities to the subtle methodological techniques that conceal, withhold or obscure data on racist policing practices. The effect is the same - upholding racist institutions and practices.


Was invited by @ChangeCommons to recommend readings around centring justice and care for #ResetReadingGroup. And it's out today! I selected some favourites that have shaped my thinking around the topic


Auschwitz photos open window into Nazi psyche

Saucy young women eating blueberries; a jovial crowd singing along with an accordionist; happy faces trimming a Christmas tree.