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Steffen Christensen: "If you want a masterclass in h…" -

If you want a masterclass in how to report on Trump in 2024, read this. Sarah shows us how to jettison "both-sides" treatment of difficult facts in favour of "here's the claim"/"here's reality" framings that are hugely effective. Everyone in the media should take notice. /c @Pwnallthethings @dell

Debbie Kilroy #FreeHer on Twitter

We all must stand with Lidia just as we all stand with white women who disclose sexual abuse. We as white woman must believe Blak women not disbelieve and rip them down. We must end our racism perpetrated against Aboriginal women. #IStandWithLidia 🖤💛♥️ / Twitter

Puneet Singh Singhal: "As businesses, when you give s…" -

As businesses, when you give sweeping remarks that you do not have clients with disabilities. Please reflect, you must be inaccessible. Work towards removing those barriers and see results.

Flipboard Culture Desk: "Canadian artist Kent Monkman's…" -

Canadian artist Kent Monkman's two-spirit alter-ego, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle, has been creating art about Cree Indigenous history for years. Now, she's written a memoir, "The Memoirs of Miss Chief Eagle Testickle: A True and Exact Accounting of the History of Turtle Island," which ArtNet's Katie White describes as "a genre-defying journey through North American history as seen through queer Indigenous eyes." Here, White interviews Monkman and collaborator Gisèle Gordon about how the book came into being. #Art #Books @bookstodon #QueerCulture #LGBTQ #Indigenous #History


Volunteers fought all day with DHHS, VIC Pol and EMV to ensure that this inhumane idea would not occur and not be enforced. Instead residents would be provided with marked open spaces where they could roam alone, with children or with pets.


White people tweeting that last night's 4Corners was "the beginning of an important conversation" & "time for us to listen & reflect" is telling me all I need to know really. 250 yrs is an awful long time for a 'beginning' & to be 'listening' so if it made yas feel validated, ✊

Accessible Meetings Blueprint

Going beyond accommodations for more valuable virtual meetings

Radical Graffiti: ""A world without trans people …" -

A world without trans people has never existed and never will Poster spotted in Olympia, WA

I Started #MyDisabledLifeIsWorthy, Here's Why The Response From Nondisabled People and Medical Professionals Should Alarm You - Crutches and Spice