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Poverty isn't a temporary experience in Australia. We need urgent policy tackling persistent disadvantage

Boosting income support payments beyond their current austere levels remains a crucial pillar of policy for governments genuinely committed to reducing persistent disadvantage.


Hot take, but it's more important to center disabled people that aren't "successful" than those who are. Especially disabled people who are colonized. Centering successful disabled people doesn't make me more hopeful or think disability is less sad.

Fish Id Wardrobe: "@courtcan @BlackAzizAnansi I t…" -

@courtcan @BlackAzizAnansi I think this is exactly right. In London in 2020, when it was thought that homeless folks might be a vector, suddenly we found a way to solve the homeless problem! We could have done that at any time! We could carry on doing it now! But, no. Those with the power to fix these things don't care to. That's a constant.

OPINION: All-white juries are a symptom of structural racism | NITV

The Continent: "All Protocol Observed Welcome…" -

All Protocol Observed Welcome to Issue 158 of The Continent. The people of Sudan are living through a grim anniversary: it’s been a year since the war broke out on 15 April 2023. They could be marking a much happier one: five years since the fall of Omar al-Bashir, the dictator who ruled with an iron fist for 26 years until he was deposed on 11 April 2019.

Cat Hicks: "You know what the most likely …" - Mastodon

You know what the most likely next career step in tech is for a woman my age? Leaving. It just really sits with me. When my friends leave. Which a lot of them have this year. Learning scientists like me study pathways. All opportunity is preconditioned by access. Trajectory comparisons are not full comparisons unless they include leaving. When we fixate on "getting in" and not fixing what's within, this happens. But every day, the future changes. I'm here for that.

two of my boys are on NDIS, just found out OT is increasing from $140 - $190, so we're going from $280 - $380 for 2 i get cost of living is rising. but we must evaluate all our therapy to ensure it lasts our NDIS funding was REDUCED last year. we're too tired to fight it üòî

Worship the rich, neglect the poor? Adam Smith's words still capture how power works | Inequality | The Guardian

Rowland Mosbergen: "Labour plans to extend equal p…" -

Labour plans to extend equal pay rights to black, Asian and minority ethnic staff Exclusive: Radical changes in a draft race equality act would give same protections as women now receive