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Their baseline assumption is that doctors can and will fix things. That again has not been my experience. Also goes without saying they don’t have all the fears of being disabled in this pandemic and thus seen as expendable - an opinion legitimised by our government.


#WeCantAfford to make disability accomodations or pay #Disabled Actors in film, movies and theatre but seem to able to afford the 'training' for a non disabled person to #CripUp or a non disabled scriptwriter to do 'Research' #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #Ableism

Y'all calling for a #GeneralStrike. Did you ORGANIZE enough to sustain strikers in this General Strike? Did u line up resources for food, bills, childcare, medical care, etc. Or were you gonna leave that up to strikers? This is why I can't take half of you seriously

Today is Disability Day of Mourning. If you're not familiar it's a day where the Disabled community mourns the deaths of our people at the hands of parents & caregivers.

Queensland police told they can still use 'banned' chokehold amid union pressure

Union head Ian Leavers says commissioner Katarina Carroll issued 'unlawful direction' to officers in April

All my life I've had to listen to people telling me, even as a child, that if they were like me they'd just kill themselves. Even before Canada's new nonsense

Yehuda "It's a miracle that my ancesto…" - Turtle Island Social

It's a miracle that my ancestors survived & that my descendants & I were born. This girl was close in age & circumstance to my Grandmother. By luck of the draw my Grandmother's allotment land was not valuable though. An Indian girl dead at thirteen years old, just eight months after a newspaper reported her land held an estimated 20 million in gas. Coincidence? Her great-niece thinks not.