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Women and leadership in higher education in Australia: Tertiary Education and Management: Vol 9, No 1

Senior academic women in Australian Universities, as elsewhere, continue to experience both direct and indirect discrimination, with the narrow white Anglo‐Celtic male management profile a dominant factor in this discrimination. While higher education remains a hostile work environment for senior academic women their participation rates are unlikely to increase. This article explores the barriers that senior academic women experience. It then examines whether or not diversity management programmes might provide a useful management tool to increase the participation of senior women in higher...

Something that never fails to annoy me: accessible housing that only welcomes applications from the over 55s. Young disabled people exist, and we also need accessible housing.

The team representing a lost homeland, 6,000 miles away

The Chagos Islands football team are trying to keep the story of their ancestors alive, 6,000 miles from their disputed homeland.

Global News Canada: "Peterborough restaurant provid…" -

Peterborough restaurant provides free meals on Easter for less fortunate On Easter Sunday, the Original Spaghetti House Restaurant served hundreds of free meals to individuals in need. The meals are provided each Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. #globalnews #Canada #EasterSunday #Homeless #MealGiveaway

Tell me why a "Disability & Inclusion" summit in August is in person w no mention of virtual option on their page & claims to be "fully accessible" !? Why are disability orgs pulling this garbage !?


But let me break this down a bit more, for some of y’all when it comes to the mental health of Black & Brown groups, there ARE serious gaps, full stop. All so called ‘evidence based’ models are primarily tested on young white folks, disproportionately students.

British troops commence the looting and destruction of Beijing's Summer Palace -

On 7 October 1860, British officers joined French troops in looting Beijing's legendary Summer Palace. The complex might have been more accurately

One Disability Doesn’t Represent All | Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

It’s disappointing that disabled people are represented with just one emoji — the wheelchair user sign, said Rosemary Frazer, campaign manager at Scope, which is a London-based disability advocacy group. "This one symbol can’t represent me and the disabled people I know. To truly represent the world we live in, disabled people should be included in a way that reflects the diversity of our lives," she said.

Canada is plunging toward a human rights disaster for disabled people - The Washington Post

A well-meaning expansion of “medical aid in dying” laws could lead to inadequate care.