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My daughter requested an Indigenous area be created at the before and after school care she works and her boss advised her today that ‘We aren’t actually on Aboriginal land so we can’t, ive even checked with the school and they said the same’...

3/3 White women wanting to use Aboriginal women for Street cred! None of the big women's organisations have invested DV $ into the only 100% run by and for Aboriginal women's centre in metro Sydney EVER! I'm sick of their big talk and bullshit. Not today Satan, NOT TODAY.



My god, this shot of Rohingya refugees watching their houses burn across the border in Myanmar (Masfiqur Sohan/NurPhoto)


Is there a @TwitterSafety feature for dealing with #bluetick European Australian women crying about the racism they learned exists last month? Sure the @4corners episode is important since there’re even more Eurostralians who don’t get it but honestly this is gross


We faced issues whereby a police officer refused to provide his badge number and identification. This occurred after refusing to allow movement of volunteers and legal observers on their way over to support us. They asked for his details and he did not provide it.

New York's skyscrapers are causing it to sink - what can be done about it?

The ground under New York City is sinking 1-2mm per year, partly due to the sheer mass of all the buildings but it isn't the only city to be suffering - what can be done to save them?

Family call for independent investigation into Dunghutti teenager's death | NITV