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I have lost count of the number of times I have had BME staff describe to me how they have watched White colleagues – whom they had welcomed, inducted, supported and helped to train – get promoted over them again and again. I have lost count of the number of time I’ve been told how “stretch opportunities” (such as acting up, secondments, and involvement in significant projects) which are the key to career progression have been filled by a tap on the shoulder followed by promotion. #SideBySide

Discrimination must be eliminated from the public service

APS4 to APS5 and APS5 to APS6 , Anglo applicants were 10% more likely to be promoted APS6 to EL1, Anglo applicants were 25% more likely to win promotion From EL1 to EL2, Anglo applicants were around 50% percent more likely to get promoted From EL2 to SES, Anglo applicants were about 60% percent more likely to get promoted Whilst the probability of promotion increases for Anglo applicants. The probability of promotions decreases with grades for Non-Anglo applicants.

The opportunity cycle seen through the lens of race and ethnicity from the Bank of England

A set of pictures highlights the ‘opportunity cycle’ of two employees. A White colleague, due to their strong rapport with similar team mates, is given opportunities, gains exposure, excels and is more likely to be promoted. A minority ethnic colleague is given less high profile work, develops less and is overlooked for promotion. #SideBySide

Maslow’s hierarchy connected to Blackfoot beliefs – A Digital Native American

Briefly, Maslow’s theory suggests that humans are motivated to fulfill first the most basic of needs, such as food, clothing and shelter. Once those needs are met, they move on to the need for safety and security. The needs become progressive, advancing to love and intimacy and then self-esteem before reaching self-actualization. The highest level is where humans are self-aware and grow to achieve their individual potential. “This is a rip-off from the Blackfoot nation,” University of Alberta professor Cindy Blackstock told her workshop audience on Wednesday. Blackstock, a member of the G...

Debunking Disability Employment Myths | Psychology Today

Myth: Disabled People Are Best Suited for Low-Skilled Jobs The Reality: Just like the general population, disabled people have a wide range of talents, skills, experiences, and educational backgrounds. A large-sample Canadian study indicated that college grades and graduation outcomes of disabled students are mostly identical to those of other students, and there is no reason to discourage them from pursuing challenging careers. In many countries—for example, Germany—the levels of educational achievement are higher for disabled people than for the rest of the population. This means that wh...

Promotions & diversity in the APS shows case for urgent reform

In our comprehensive research spanning 20 years and involving millions of data points, we examine promotions within the APS, focusing on gender, disability and ethnic diversity. In all of our work, we control for characteristics that might affect promotion and success in the public service. Even after accounting for these things, large discrepancies remain. The results on ethnic diversity are particularly unsettling: Public servants from NESB face lower promotion prospects throughout their careers, irrespective of when they migrated to Australia — or even if they were born in Australia ...

Study Shows Black Women Face Worse Job Outcomes On Whiter Teams | HuffPost Life

Work long enough and you will learn that who you work with can matter more than what you actually work on if you want to get ahead. But who gets assigned as your co-worker on a team is largely out of the control of new hires. And for Black women, the number of white co-workers they have on their initial team can potentially make or break their experience at a job, according to a new Harvard Kennedy School working paper published in November. Elizabeth Linos, an associate professor of public policy and management at Harvard Kennedy School, along with her colleagues Sanaz Mobasseri and Nina...

Daniel Smith, MBA

Post-George Floyd, corporations loudly pledged diversity and inclusion. Yet, McKinsey's findings suggest many commitments were more show than substance. The initial rise in promoting Black professionals now seems like a fleeting trend, not a permanent change. James D. White, the former CEO of Jamba who now serves as board chair of the The Honest Company., said the promotion data confirm what he has been hearing from Black professionals. “There is a really dramatic kind of pushback and retreat that I’ve seen in lots of places as it relates to the focus on Black men and Black women in the w...

ECU Intranet | Achievement Relative to Opportunity : Performance, recognition and career development : Our services : People and Culture : Professional Services : Staff

The principle of achievement relative to opportunity is an approach to assessing staff performance and achievement, such as in performance appraisals and academic promotion. It ensures an individual’s achievement is seen in the context of the opportunities available to them, and acknowledges that individuals have varying life experiences that impact on work and productivity.

Achievement relative to opportunity: beyond academic promotion | SAGE

Achievement Relative to Opportunity (ARtO) is an equity enabler, essential to the equitable positioning of women and diverse talent in academia. Most higher education institutions apply ARtO to Academic Promotion, yet few organisations have embedded ARtO across the employee lifecycle. The sector is still grappling over how to apply ARtO in recruitment, performance review, and other talent management practices. RMIT investigated the application of ARtO beyond academic promotion to other areas of the employee lifecycle, specifically recruitment.

Sex-Linked Bias in Chances of Being Promoted to Supervisor - Lisa A. Kramer, Steph Lambert, 2001

The literature addressing gender-based discrimination in promotion decisions has primarily focused on case studies of Fortune 500 companies or scenarios in which managers are asked to make simulated promotion decisions. Such studies are limited in both scope and generalizability. This research attempts to overcome these limitations by examining a large, random sample of female and male workers. Using survival analysis, we explore the period of time from the year of hire to the year promotion to supervisor is achieved. Avoiding bias that may be associated with analyses pertaining to a partic...

Does Gender Bias Still Affect Women in Science? | Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews

The percentage of women employed in professional scientific positions has been low but is increasing over time. The U.S. National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation have both implemented programs to improve women’s participation in science, and many universities and companies have diversity and equity programs. While most faculty and scientists believe that they are fair and unbiased, numerous well-designed studies published in leading peer-reviewed journals show that gender bias in sciences and medicine is widespread and persistent today in both faculty and students. ...

Committees with implicit biases promote fewer women when they do not believe gender bias exists | Nature Human Behaviour

Whether gender bias contributes to women’s under-representation in scientific fields is still controversial. Past research is limited by relying on explicit questionnaire ratings in mock-hiring scenarios, thereby ignoring the potential role of implicit gender bias in the real world. We examine the interactive effect of explicit and implicit gender biases on promotion decisions made by scientific evaluation committees representing the whole scientific spectrum in the course of an annual nationwide competition for elite research positions. Findings reveal that committees with strong implicit ...

Impact of Unconscious Bias in Healthcare: How to Recognize and Mitigate It | The Journal of Infectious Diseases | Oxford Academic

The increasing diversity in the US population is reflected in the patients who healthcare professionals treat. Unfortunately, this diversity is not always represented by the demographic characteristics of healthcare professionals themselves. Patients from underrepresented groups in the United States can experience the effects of unintentional cognitive (unconscious) biases that derive from cultural stereotypes in ways that perpetuate health inequities. Unconscious bias can also affect healthcare professionals in many ways, including patient-clinician interactions, hiring and promotion, and ...

Black female managers overlooked for promotion - Personnel Today

BWIL surveyed 250 professional black women across a number of industries in the UK to compare their experiences with those of their non-black female colleagues. More than four in 10 (44%) of black women do not believe they are offered the same career advancement opportunities as their non-black female colleagues, the network found, while more than two thirds (68%) have experienced racial bias at work. Black women in senior executive or senior management positions were even less likely to believe they were offered the same professional development opportunities, with 33% and 31% respective...

Comment from YouTube video on promotion

I taught business managers from all over the world for nearly 30 years. Out of the hundreds I taught no more than a handful impressed me as being more than mediocre or even pretty bad. A large number of them were toxic individuals and many were petty-minded. Only a handful showed true leadership and management skills. The truth is that people get ahead for the wrong reasons. They are selected for being bossy self-promoters or yes-men, though it helps to be tall if you're a man and good-looking if you're a woman. Psychopaths are grossly over-represented in management (a little internet searc...

Why South Korean women aren't having babies

One 28-year-old woman, who worked in HR, said she'd seen people who were forced to leave their jobs or who were passed over for promotions after taking maternity leave, which had been enough to convince her never to have a baby. Both men and women are entitled to a year's leave during the first eight years of their child's life. But in 2022, only 7% of new fathers used some of their leave, compared to 70% of new mothers.

Why I Prefer Remote Work As A Black Person | by Rod T. Faulkner | Mar, 2024 | Medium

And what I hated above all? Both the overt and subtle anti-Black racism I was exposed to in the workplace. From overhearing white co-workers complaining about “Black people (fill in the blank)!” To being asked loaded questions that always began with “Why do/don’t Black people (again, fill in the blank)?” I loathed being passed over for promotions only to be told “You need to pay your dues,” while watching Ned’s nephew Ken be hired right out of college for a high-paying position for which they had no prior experience. Black people in corporate America can recite an endless litany of obsta...

Black Women In White Workplaces Are More Likely To Be Considered 'Low Performers' | Essence

In a landmark study that analyzed the job outcomes of more than 9,000 new employees in a professional services firm from 2014 to 2020, it was found that Black women who got hired onto whiter teams were deemed as “low performers” and over time, were less likely to receive promotions, or even stay with the company.

Victorian anti-corruption watchdog reveals full extent of former police officer's 'offensive' trolling - ABC News

The report also revealed Mr Guerin had been the subject of civil litigation during his time as a superintendent, for allegedly using racist terms against a colleague. A confidential financial settlement was reached between Victoria Police and Mr Guerin's colleague. However, because information about civil litigation is not recorded on personnel files or Victoria Police's Register of Complaints and Serious Incident Database (ROCSID), it is not taken into consideration when Victoria Police members apply for jobs or promotions.

The Unfair Office: Why more men get promotions at work than women – Firstpost

Why is there a disparity in promotions? In an interview, Sandberg said, “We promote men based on potential and women have to have already proven it to you. You can’t prove you can be a manager until you’re a manager.”

Nine non-threatening leadership strategies for women

When all else fails, wear a mustache so everyone sees you as more man-like. This will cancel out any need to change your leadership style. In fact, you may even get a quick promotion!

More Responsibility at Work But No Promotion? Do This...

For example, if you’re an Administrative Assistant who has been put in charge of the entire people operations of your department. Instead of “Administrative Assistant,” go with “Head of People Operations” as your title. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing. Don’t shy away from using a title that honestly reflects your duties.

Organizational Racism in Hiring and Promotions Is Perpetuated by the Black Candidate Trope

Subjective criteria associated with likability still figure strongly into the hiring process, usually couched in the organizational language of "culture fit” and expressing a desire for candidates who are similar to the employer. Similarity plays a significant factor in this equation: more often than not, someone considered a “good culture fit” is someone “I’d want to grab a beer with,” someone “like me.” Who is the “me” in this scenario? According to research on Fortune 500 companies, the majority of organizational hiring managers and leadership are white men. It is no surprise that a cy...

Nonprofits So White: New Report on Lack of Inclusion Offers Strategies - Race to Lead

Nonprofits in this country are failing on their diversity and inclusion efforts, even as their missions address social justice and fairness issues, according to a new report of more than 5,000 workers in nonprofits. “The sad — but unsurprising — truth is that people of color and whites have a different set of experiences in nonprofit organizations. This gap in how professionals experience their workplaces — whether they receive mentorship, are granted promotions, or face microaggressions — is partially reflected in what we call the ‘white advantage,’” write Frances Kunreuther and Sean Thom...

Determinants of career structure and advancement among Italian cardiologists. An example of segregation and discrimination against women? | European Heart Journal | Oxford Academic

Aims The aim of this study was to analyse the processes through which job, career and research-related choices are determined in Italian cardiology, focusing on characteristics such as productivity, gender and family. Methods and Results In June 1996, a questionnaire surveying individual and career-related data was mailed to all members (8000) of the Italian societies of cardiology. Returned questionnaires numbered 1715 (21·4% of the total mailed), 83% were completed by men and 17% by women. For both hospital and academic careers, advancement in rank was influenced by variables denoting pr...

Gender, ethnicity and career progression in UK higher education: a case study analysis: Research Papers in Education: Vol 35, No 6

This article uses case study interviews to examine women’s experiences in higher education. It focuses on career progression, support available for promotion and particular initiatives for staff retention. The findings suggest that whilst some progress has been made to support White and Black and minority ethnic women in their career trajectories, greater change is needed in order that inclusion is embedded within institutional frameworks and strategic plans. Furthermore, clearer evidence is needed by universities to demonstrate how they are meeting their legal equality requirements as spec...

Broken Ladders Report: Our thoughts

Locked out of progression: 28% of women of colour (compared with 19% of white women) reported that a manager had blocked their progression at work, and 42% reporting being passed over for promotion despite good feedback (compared to 27% for white women). #SideBySide

Nine Tips for Being a Male Ally at Work

To address bias against women at work, and have brave conversations about topics such as equal pay and equitable hiring and promotion, men who hold positions of power—normally white, cisgendered men—need to use their influence, knowledge, and resources to support folks who identify as women, people of color, and marginalized communities. Allyship is important in making sure that everyone is not only invited to the table but is also heard, acknowledged, and recognized for their contributions. Being an ally is by no means easy. Would-be male allies may struggle to identify subtle forms of se...

Competitive workplaces don’t work for gender equality

Ultra-competitive workplaces – places where employees battle against each other for rank, bonuses and promotions – are common in many high-status fields, including law and finance. But while having a highly competitive culture is, on its face, gender-neutral, it actually worsens gender inequality. That’s the key finding of our new study with colleague Ragan Petrie, published in the most recent issue of the ILR Review. As economists who study workplace diversity and career-family conflicts for women, we wanted to investigate how competition at work plays out in people’s lives. We couldn’t j...

Why racially marginalised women hide their identity by 'code-switching' to act 'white' at work - ABC News

The participants reported that "leadership models used for assessing talent in Australian organisations were inherently biased towards what the Diversity Council refers to as more masculine Western or 'Anglo' leadership styles which value extroversion and self-promotion". This, the report said, "has the effect of inadvertently excluding culturally diverse women from consideration for senior roles". It found 83 per cent of participants reported experiencing pressure to act, look, and sound like existing leaders (who are most likely to be white men) and 69 per cent reported having to "act w...

White Anglo patriarchal possession in organizations: Unequal vertical career progressions among Anglo White & non‐Anglo White highly skilled immigrant women - Carangio - 2023 - Gender, Work & Organization - Wiley Online Library

Within the discussion of highly skilled immigrant women workers in organizations, dominant discourses continue to pay little attention to the gender/racial dimension in relation to career progression. Although research of skilled immigrant women has revealed important insights into how the intersection of gender, race, and class shape women's work experience, the White Anglo colonial male promotion practices inscribed on Australian organizations in relation to skilled immigration remain little researched in Australia. This article explores the differences between the career progressions of ...

Public service discrimination must be eliminated

In a recent analysis, economists Robert Breunig, David Hansell and Nu Nu Win studied promotion prospects across the Australian Public Service. Their data source is extraordinarily detailed, comprising essentially every public servant over a 20-year period, from 2001 to 2020. With more than 100,000 public servants each year, the dataset runs into millions of observations. Although the data are de-identified, the researchers know whether each public servant is from an English-speaking background or a non-English-speaking background. Let’s call these categories Anglo and non-Anglo for simplic...

mekka okereke :verified:: "@meena @JoBlakely @Oaktag @ada…" -

@meena @JoBlakely @Oaktag @adambkaplan * By month 13, I start talking to the woman about promotion * Woman is genuinely shocked. Still feels out of depth. Lists her shortcomings * I share objective data and subjective peer reviews with the woman: eg, all her peers think that she's clearly performing at the next level, everyone in the company considers her the go-to person on topics X,Y, and Z, she leads the team or company on important metric X2, changed the way devops does thing X3, etc 4/N


What’s concerning to me, is that residents of the apartments in Melbourne translated health information into languages understood by tenants. Why weren’t these resources already developed? We’re 4 months into a pandemic and access to info is vital. It’s health promotion 101

Race-Related Differences in Promotions and Support: Underlying Effects of Human and Social Capital

This study examined two alternative explanations for disparity in reported work-related experiences and outcomes between black and white managers: treatment discrimination because of race, and differences in human and social capital. Education and training, representing human capital, and racial similarity of network ties and proportion of strong ties, representing social capital, were used to predict whether human and social capital would mediate the relationship between race and the work-related experiences and outcomes under investigation. Results of a survey of black and white managers ...

White nurses 'twice as likely' to get promoted as black and Asian colleagues, report finds

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said its study suggests racism is "endemic" in health and care - with black and Asian nurses more likely to be overlooked for promotion.

Menial Tasks, Slurs and Swastikas: Many Black Workers at Tesla Say They Faced Racism

African-American workers have reported threats, humiliation and barriers to promotion at the plant. The automaker says there is no pattern of bias.

Black women are in 'survival mode' at work-and company diversity efforts 'fall short'

A new report found that Black women aren't thriving in the workplace because they're not being tapped for their skillsets or supported for promotions.

Asian American attorney says she was passed up for promotions because of her race in federal lawsuit

An Asian American attorney based in Darien, Connecticut, has launched a federal lawsuit against her former employer for allegedly discriminating against her due to her race and sex. Michelle Lee, who worked at Darien-based Portfolio Advisors for about 15 years, claims she received "racialized comments" and "repeated sexual remarks and advances" from colleagues at the firm. "It's not right that a different standard applies to me as an Asian American woman I felt excluded and less than others, no matter how hard I worked or what I put up with," Lee, a Yale Law School graduate, said in a statement.

NHS managers - the next time you give someone a project/provide stretch opportunities & exposure/tap someone on the shoulder for a promotion, ask yourself if that's in keeping with your Trust strategy to increase diversity at senior levels...

omg. i cannot with the "accessible" event advertisement or promotion where no one is wearing a mask.

Black women are in 'survival mode' at work-and company diversity efforts 'fall short'

A new report found that Black women aren't thriving in the workplace because they're not being tapped for their skillsets or supported for promotions.

Recently I sat on a promotion panel as an external observer for which I had to read about 100 applications. Here are my takeaways üßµ: 1/

Women are Credited Less in Science than are Men

There is a well-documented gap in the observed number of scientific works produced by women and men in science, with clear consequences for the retention and promotion of women in science1. The gap might be a result of productivity differences2-5, or it might be due to women's contributions not being acknowledged6,7. This paper finds that at least part of this gap is due to the latter: women in research teams are significantly less likely to be credited with authorship than are men. The findings are consistent across three very different sources of data. Analysis of the first source - large...

Hey kind humans: I have a bit of "start up $" left, and I was hoping to spend it on books about disability by disabled authors. Would you please share your recs? Self promotion encouraged. Sharing books you know I've read is fine, too (other people should see your rec!) ❤️

How the Best Bosses Interrupt Bias on Their Teams

Companies spend millions on antibias training each year in hopes of creating more-inclusive-and thereby innovative and effective-workforces. Studies show that well-managed diverse groups perform better and are more committed, have higher collective intelligence, and excel at making decisions and solving problems. But research also shows that bias-prevention programs rarely deliver. So what can you, as an individual leader, do to ensure that your team is including and making the most of diverse voices? How can one person fix what an entire organization can't? Although bias itself is devilish...

Guide Dogs has launched an internal investigation after its Vic CEO Karen Hayes appeared in promotional material endorsing the re-election of Josh Frydenberg. "The board had no prior knowledge of the distribution of this material and does not endorse it." #auspol @theage

@stephondoestech @molly0xFFF I led the development and architecture of a greenfields financial product for a client ( agency job). Customer was happy. My bosses were happy. My Tech peers were happy. Shortly after I was scored 1/5 for "Architecture" on annual review. Denied promotion. I quit soon after.

Fort Lauderdale police chief fired over minority-first practices in hiring and promotions, report says

The city of Fort Lauderdale has fired its police chief Larry Scirotto, who has been in office for less than a year, following allegations of discriminatory practices for promotions.

A framework for operationalising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander data sovereignty in Australia: Results of a systematic literature review of published studies

Background Racial health disparities are only likely to be meaningfully improved by tailoring public health and clinical interventions to the specific needs of Indigenous people and their communities. Accurate tailoring relies on the availability of high-quality Indigenous-specific data. The potential benefits of increased availability of Indigenous data need to be balanced by efforts to ensure those data are collected and used appropriately. This paper identifies characteristics of Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDS) principles and considers a framework for operationalisation. Methods A P...

The relationship of race and gender to managers' ratings of promotion potential

The purpose of this paper was to examine the relationship of race and gender to managers' ratings of promotion potential for a sample of 1268 managerial and professional employees. Hierarchial regression analysis showed that controlling for age, education, tenure, salary grade, functional area, and satisfaction with career support, both race and gender were significantly related to promotion potential. Females were rated lower than males, and Blacks and Asians were rated lower than Whites. There were no interaction effects between race and gender.

Promotion decisions as a diversity practice

Proposes that the promotion decision-making process contributes to the differential advancement of women and men in organizations. Compares the actual promotions of 13 women and 16 men at a company known for its diversity practices. Finds that bosses are more hesitant to promote women and require them to demonstrate personal strength and to prove themselves extensively before they get a promotion. Men are less likely to have promotions accounted for in terms of familiarity with job responsibilities and are more likely to have a high level of comfort with the boss as a reason for promotion. ...

No more tick boxes...

Roger Kline writes about his review suggesting how to create fairer outcomes for promotion of disabled, female and black and minority NHS staff