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BFI Admits To Systemic Racism & Vows To Improve After Apologizing To ‘Four Lions’ Producer For Mishandling Discrimination Complaint

British Film Institute, one of the UK’s most powerful movie funding bodies, admitted to a filmmaker of color last year that it is “systemically racist” after apologizing for how it handled his long-running complaint over alleged discrimination.

UK failing to address systemic racism against black people, warn UN experts

“We have serious concerns about impunity and the failure to address racial disparities in the criminal justice system, deaths in police custody, ‘joint enterprise’ convictions and the dehumanising nature of the stop and (strip) search,” the working group said in a statement.

What Serena Williams's Birth Story Says About Racism in Health Care

“Serena Williams wasn't taken seriously after she gave birth & knew she had a pulmonary embolism. This speaks volumes about how little our society values and supports pregnant women & how significantly racism & sexism influence our health care system.” In fact, a 2016 report found that black college-educated mothers who gave birth in New York City hospitals were more likely to suffer severe complications than white women who never graduated from high school.

Death by racism - The Lancet Infectious Diseases

Due to a reckless and uncoordinated federal response, the USA remains the global epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic with over 3 million confirmed cases and 135 205 confirmed deaths. Black people and other marginalised racial groups are shouldering a disproportionate burden in the current pandemic. Blacks comprise 13% of the US population but roughly one quarter of COVID-19 deaths and are nearly four times more likely to die from COVID-19 compared to whites (94·2 vs 24·8 deaths per 100 000). Blacks across all age groups are nearly three times more likely than white people to contract COVID-1...

Hiring in your network | LinkedIn

About the job Drive change to Victoria’s mental health and wellbeing system Cultivate more person-centred and compassionate care, treatment and support Inaugural Co-CEO roles: academic/clinical and lived experience About the organisation The Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing came into operation on 1 September 2022 as an independent statutory authority. Its formation was in response to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System. The establishment of the Centre is emblematic of a reformed mental health system. It brings people with lived experienc...

Lidia Thorpe says 'systemic racism' led to a media pile on after her assault allegations | SBS NITV

Ms Thorpe said systemic racism led to her own allegations not being taken seriously. "It's been horrible," said Thorpe. "I became the perpetrator ... I became the subject of a media pile on that day, and it wasn't until a white woman stood up and said 'Yeah this happened to me too' that the media took notice. "I think that is a great example of the media landscape in this country, and that is systemic racism. "I was not believed, I was questioned. I was demonsied by every body. And you wonder why women don't speak out."

Elizabeth (no blue tick) Wymarra 😂 on Twitter

I watched the The First Inventors a collaboration between @Channel10AU & @NITV directed by the very deadly film maker @LarissaBehrendt - Loved the first episode wow & the whole production, story & Indigenous knowledge systems backed by science is so timely -well done everyone 👏🏾 / Twitter

Dana Morse on Twitter

You can’t ignore the difference between how a black and a white woman were treated when making allegations about sexual assault/harassment in the parliament. Yet another example of the systemic racism @SenatorThorpe has shone a light on time and again. #insiders / Twitter

The New Humanitarian | Flipping the narrative: The roots of the refugee protection system are colonial and racist

‘We need a movement where refugees lead the way, while true allies ensure that they are not taking power and agency away from people in the name of empowering them.’

Cat Walker en Twitter

Still going. The #NDIA has acknowledged CEO & leadership aware of systemic issue re: recognising multiple disabilities but refuse to address it until @NdisReview tells them to. In the meantime, here's my supplementary submission to the #NDIS JSC: #RoboNDIS / Twitter

Districts With Segregated Villages Have Similar Cities: Study

According to the study, other findings of which The Wire has reported on before, nearly 26% Muslims live in neighbourhoods that are more than 80% Muslim while 17% urban SCs live in neighbourhoods where 80% of the residents are SCs. The study, done by combining the Socio-Economic and Caste Census or SECC (2012) data and the data from the Economic Census (2013), noted that this pattern of segregation is very similar to how people belonging to SC communities live in rural areas. Its title is ‘Residential Segregation and Unequal Access to Local Public Services in India: Evidence from 1.5m Neig...

Against automated plagiarism – Iris van Rooij

Black women’s writings are systemically omitted from syllabi (…) Both soft and hard power within academia is afforded disproportionately to white people, especially men, and to those who are aligned with the current hegemony. Birhane & Guest (2021, p. 62)

Evictions skyrocket as rising rents squeeze low-income Americans | PBS News Weekend

So, for example, that's a family of four bringing in less than $25,000 in annual income. Or it's an individual senior or a person with disabilities who has a limited twelve to $15,000 a year income. So they have very little available to pay for rent and have enough money left over for all of life's other necessities. And it's people of color who are most impacted and most harmed by the housing market. Black, Latino and indigenous people are disproportionately extremely low income renters due to decades of systemic racism and ongoing discrimination in many systems. And so they are dispropor...

‘The Lucky Country’ Let Me Down: Australia’s Broken Disability Support System

In an ironic twist, I was working in the United States when I acquired my disability. After a brief but distressing experience with America’s healthcare system, I moved home, breathing a sigh of relief for being born in the “lucky country”; the home of Medicare, Centrelink and the NDIS. As someone who had never needed government support before, I thought that Australia provided robust social services to its people when they fell on hard times. I could not have been more wrong.

Disposable Human en Twitter

I was kinda hoping the Minister might be working to stop the system killing us, not putting the onus on us Seriously, this is all that is wrong with the Voice. It pathologises us as the problem. We aren’t “taking our lives” we’re being actively and systematically terminated / Twitter

How the health system makes us sicker

There are still many surgeons out there who still do the posterior operation, and whose patients might never find out that they could have avoided months of suffering, pain, and trauma. This is our health system, folks. It is not, for the most part, the system we fondly imagine – guided by evidence, data, and best practice. Instead, it is a festival of hubris, arrogance, ignorance, and bullying, that can’t be trusted to work in our best interests. We can surely do better. We must.

Evelyn Mensah, MBBS, MD, FRCOphth, FGCS en Twitter

Can someone explain this to me please⁉️ Why is it that perpetrators of #racism & #sexism in #NHS aren’t sanctioned but rather promoted⁉️ What is that⁉️🤷🏽‍♀️ Is it a special club we don’t know about⁉️🤔 Or is it designed to maintain the status quo of #systemic #racism & #misogyny / Twitter

Kathleen McElroy will stay at UT-Austin, rejecting A&M journalism offer | The Texas Tribune

In the days after the signing ceremony, she said, A&M employees told her an increasingly vocal network of constituents within the system were expressing issues with her experience at the Times and with her work on race and diversity in newsrooms, McElroy said. Behind the scenes, A&M spent weeks altering the terms of her job. After hearing about the concerns, McElroy agreed to a five-year contract position without tenure, which would have avoided a review by regents. On Sunday, she received a third offer, this time with a one-year contract and emphasizing that the appointment was at will an...

Indigenous Voice to Parliament is born from white appeasement

The grim afflictions plaguing Indigenous communities — whether it be the unacceptable rates of child mortality and removals, suicide, homelessness, incarceration or life expectancy — are the direct consequences of genocide and the unrelenting violence of settler colonialism. There is nothing passive or accidental about the past 235 years of systematic subjugation and oppression. Yet, I’m told by proponents for the Voice to Parliament that the apocalyptic state of our affairs can be reduced to the unintended byproducts of well-meaning governments.

Discrimination based on names is rampant, according to a study that found anglo job applicants are more likely to get a call back than Arabic, Indian or other ethnic names

Job applicants with surnames such as Habib, Huang, Papadopoulos or Singh are 60 per cent less likely to get a call back for a leadership role than those with English-sounding names such as Smith, Williams or Thornbury-Drummond. This is the finding of a two-year study by Monash University researchers, who sent more than 12,000 fabricated job applications to more than 4000 real advertisements for jobs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to investigate whether there was systemic – even if unconscious – discrimination against ethnic groups.

The Bird: "So am now appealing the 2nd di…" -

So am now appealing the 2nd disability rejection. For them to throw out data from 2023 because it was 'inconsistent with past results' and then say "may appeal if symptoms worsen.' Like, that was literally what 2023 data DID. PROVE SYMPTOMS WORSENED. The disability system's red tape is designed to kill us. And yet folks in power want to cripple it further and destroy all bills that could improve it. UGH. Just UGH. #NEISvoid

Accessibility Awareness: "Some people may be unable to u…" -

Some people may be unable to use a mouse, and instead rely exclusively on keyboards, or use assistive technologies such as speech recognition, head pointers, mouth sticks, or eye-gaze tracking systems. If a website is accessible only to mouse users, these people will be excluded. - TheBird: "The mass disablement of people…"

The mass disablement of people and normalization of mass death is not something we should accept EVER. So our justice movements must hold space for grief. There is healing in grieving together. To remember the fallen and those harmed by these oppressive structures. To cultivate our fierceness and determination. To plan actions to tear it all down. To build anew. Grief can be a powerful motivator as can anger when given the space it needs to breathe. It is the fertilizer for our growth towards a better way to be. Always be horrified by the mass death and disabling happening due to th...

According to a comprehensive study conducted by McKinsey & Company in 2022, an overwhelming 63% of diversity and inclusion leadership roles were occupied by White women.

While the presence of White women in DEI leadership may be seen by some as a testament to the progress we've made in addressing gender inequality, it also inadvertently casts a shadow on the very principles of DEI. In an ideal world, the diversity of decision-making individuals should reflect the diversity of those they represent. However, we live in a world where societal constructs and systemic biases skew these demographics. So, for me, the question arises: How can white women working in DEI encourage and facilitate broader representation and true equity? Will they? And how do we begin...

Ricki Tarr: "A lot of the time people assum…" -

A lot of the time people assume that if there was a problem women will just say something, but the reality is a lot of the time we feel uncomfortable about something or someone, and we're afraid it's just us, so we keep it to ourselves. 9 times out of 10 it's a pattern of abusive behavior, and the women just leave, because she's afraid to make a scene, and get persecuted. When we talk about misogyny being systemic, this is what we are talking about. Women are encouraged to keep quiet, and bad behavior continues.

bioluminescently: "I want to share this because v…" -

I want to share this because very often people outside of the domestic abuse survivor sphere, or who don't work with survivors, are unaware of the reality: this is the kind of thing solicitors and barristers say to their clients in family law cases in Northern Ireland, where the mothers have left their abusive exes and are trying to protect their children through the court system. TW for state violence and gaslighting.

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Beware the Prosperity Gospel of Tech Twitter. This whole system is algorithmically designed to make you feel bad about yourself and your progress. Measure only against your previous self. Don’t worry about people’s cars or houses, focus on you, then send the ladder back down. Avoid transactional networking. Trust people who want to help you and ask for nothing in return. The millionaire next door is not posting their rented supercar pics on social, they are quietly helping others.

These Women Warned Of AI’s Dangers And Risks Long Before ChatGPT – Rolling Stone

“There were no Black people — literally no Black people,” says Gebru, who was born and raised in Ethiopia. “I would go to academic conferences in AI, and I would see four or five Black people out of five, six, seven thousand people internationally.… I saw who was building the AI systems and their attitudes and their points of view. I saw what they were being used for, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, we have a problem.’”

Film camera departments operate on a system of who you know, so what happens when you're not a member of the in-group?

Well-intentioned policymakers have made many attempts to intervene over the past 50 years or so, focusing primarily on addressing gender imbalances using a “just add women and stir” approach. In Australia this is exemplified by the Gender Matters policy suite from Screen Australia, which aims to improve the number of women working behind the scenes, and the number of productions telling women’s stories. Yet while gender inequality is important, it certainly is not all that matters if the ultimate goal is a safe, equitable and inclusive workplace. Instead, we need to take a detailed view o...

SURVEY: 93% of welfare recipients say “mutual” obligations harm mental and physical health

A new report from the Antipoverty Centre and GetUp shows “mutual” obligations – the system of welfare compliance managed by privatised employment service providers at a cost of $4 billion a year – cause mental ill health, do not help welfare recipients find work and push people into further financial hardship.

World Cup: Matildas score TV rating record in semi-final loss to England - BBC News

The Matildas' semi-final defeat to England in the Women's World Cup has become the most watched television show in Australia on record. The game drew 11.15 million viewers at its peak on Wednesday as football fever gripped the host nation. Host broadcaster Channel Seven said an average audience of 7.13 million tuned in for the Sydney match. "The Matildas have rewritten the history books," said Seven's head of network sport Lewis Martin. The semi-final, which the Lionesses won 3-1, commanded the highest viewership ever recorded since the current rating system was established in 2001. So...

Bích-Mây Nguyễn :verified:: ""Fearful of risking their jobs…" - Med-Mastodon

Fearful of risking their jobs, jeopardizing state funding for their institutions, and further politicizing health care, Florida hospital leaders have been reluctant to speak out against a new law that requires them to ask about patients’ immigration status...the law targets marginalized people who already have difficulty navigating the health care system and will further deter them from seeking medical help. #healthcare #immigrant #immigration #hospitals

Rosie Williams en X

Refugees and asylum seekers employed to sort rubbish were systematically exploited and underpaid by one of the biggest recycling organisations in Victoria. / X

How The Foster Care System Continues The Stolen Generations

It’s become a commonly-quoted statistic that in the decade after Kevin Rudd‘s 2008 momentous apology for the Stolen Generations, the number of Indigenous children in out-of-home care doubled. This, along with a myriad of other forms of violence by the state, has become evidence that colonisation in this country never actually ended — it just evolved and manifested itself in practices and institutions we’ve come to accept and not question. And it’ll take an overhaul of the way we actually think about and approach justice to change that.

How the Victorian Education Department's historical child sexual abuse scandal was hidden for decades - ABC News

The story presented of Reynolds's career would soon be understood as a microcosm of the unravelling crisis of historical sexual abuse in the Victorian education system. It would reveal in granular detail the methods by which the Victorian Education Department had covered up the sexual abuse of children — methods that lawyers for survivors say have been identified in dozens of other cases.

Luis Rubiales kissing Jenni Hermoso unleashes social tsunami in Spain - BBC News

For many people, this is about how discrimination against women functions. It not just done by one person; it is done by a system.

Channel 4 News en X

I just didn't even want to be Black. Louise is one of many children who was in the care system but was sent miles away from her home and her siblings - experiencing racism and isolation. She is now working to highlight the damage that out of area placements can do.

Power analysis in health policy and systems research: a guide to research conceptualisation

Power is a growing area of study for researchers and practitioners working in the field of health policy and systems research (HPSR). Theoretical development and empirical research on power are crucial for providing deeper, more nuanced understandings of the mechanisms and structures leading to social inequities and health disparities; placing contemporary policy concerns in a wider historical, political and social context; and for contributing to the (re)design or reform of health systems to drive progress towards improved health outcomes. Nonetheless, explicit analyses of power in HPSR re...

Debbie Kilroy #FreeHer en X

In 25 years of data covered in our study, we found young ppl with a history of contact with the youth justice system died at a rate more than four times higher than those of the same age and sex in the general Australian population. Another reason to stop caging children #qldpol

The Latin America Early Career Earth System Scientist Network (LAECESS): addressing present and future challenges of the upcoming generations of scientists in the region | npj Climate and Atmospheric Science

Early career (EC) Earth system scientists in the Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) have been facing several issues, such as limited funding opportunities, substandard scientific facilities, lack of security of tenure, and unrepresented groups equality issues. On top of this, the worsening regional environmental and climatic crises call for the need for this new generation of scientists to help to tackle these crises by increasing public awareness and research.

Victorian Aboriginal truth-telling inquiry calls for major overhaul of justice systems - ABC News

In its most significant proposal yet, the commission has put forward 46 recommendations amounting to a sweeping overhaul of Victoria's child protection and criminal justice systems. It is the first time in Australian history a government will be forced to respond to a major reform agenda put forward by its own truth-telling commission.

Terra of the Night: "Something that few white peopl…" - Chaosfem

Something that few white people understand is the effectiveness of silencing Black voices with the implied threat of violence (whether physical or emotional) in situations of social discord. Many white people see Black silence as agreement or consent, when it's in fact an attempt at maintaining personal safety. See, I'm not gonna say shit about anything. Why? Because I fucking know what'll happen to me if I say fucking anything. And I don't have it within me right now to have that nightmare happen. White people, as a whole, need to seriously consider their place in that kind of a system.

These shocking stories explain why Spain’s women’s team want systemic change - The Athletic

After Spain were eliminated from the Women’s World Cup in 2015, senior officials from the country’s football association (RFEF) met with players before they headed home from Canada. It was the first World Cup that Spain had qualified for and an exit at the group stages was a disappointing outcome for everyone. What happened next might seem shocking but, to the players, it was just another example of the broken relationship and toxic attitudes they’d become used to living with. Soon after, they would come together to fight for change — just as we’ve seen happen this year. “I still remember...

Qasim Rashid, Esq.: "Today, tell your kids about Ru…" - Mastodon

Today, tell your kids about Ruby Bridges—the first Black child at all-white public elementary school in South. Today Ms. Bridges turns 69. 69. She's younger than both my parents. And more importantly, she's a reminder of the courage of our youth, of the ever present reality of systemic racism, and of the need to lead with anti-racism to counter this hate. Let us look to leaders like Ms. Bridges, and build that more perfect union for all people in this country—grounded in true Justice for all Photos of Ruby Bridges as a child and then as an adult today.

White people are still raised to be racially illiterate. If we don't recognize the system, our inaction will uphold it.

Take the Jackie Robinson story. Robinson is celebrated as the first African-American to break the so-called color line and play in Major League Baseball. While Robinson was certainly an exceptional baseball player, framing the story this way depicts him as racially special. The subtext is that Robinson was the first black athlete strong enough to overcome the barriers preventing blacks from competing with whites; no black athletes before him were skilled enough to do so. While this tagline elevates Robinson as an individual, it implicitly positions African-Americans overall as inferior. It ...

Ex-Minneapolis Cop Gets Jail Alternative For Beating Black Veteran

As much as they like to complain about how hard and dangerous their jobs are—it must be nice to be a cop. Imagine being tasked with enforcing the law, but also being able to rely on the legal system’s leniency when you commit crimes on citizens that citizens, especially Black people, would have suffered harsher penalties for, especially if they committed said crime in a police officer. Then you get to cry “blue lives matter” while completely ignoring the fact that cops are already treated like a protected class. For example, in May 2020, during civil unrest over the murder of George Floyd,...

:donor:: "There's this woman in a Sydney…" - Infosec Exchange

There's this woman in a Sydney conference who said that the only way to ensure we overcome algorithmic bias is hiring more women and more diverse people within it. No. NO. NO. There is no way we can overcome algorithmic bias juts by hiring more women and more diverse people within it. Increasing representation, especially of women and other marginalised groups, in tech is crucial, but hiring more women and diverse identities without restructuring the underlying system is nothing but a cosmetic change. It serves no one but the capitalist enterprise so that the biz appear progressive and in...

Companies are on the hook if their hiring algorithms are biased

Between 2014 and 2017 Amazon tried to build an algorithmic system to analyze resumes and suggest the best hires. An anonymous Amazon employee called it the “holy grail” if it actually worked. But it didn’t. After the company trained the algorithm on 10 years of its own hiring data, the algorithm reportedly became biased against female applicants. The word “women,” like in women’s sports, would cause the algorithm to specifically rank applicants lower. After Amazon engineers attempted to fix that problem, the algorithm still wasn’t up to snuff and the project was ended. Amazon’s story has ... - Sam: "The implications of being labe…"

The implications of being labeled a racist are so frightening that they resist any attempts to address even the possibility of any problems with their behavior. This is how you end up with the phenomenon of people joining progressive/leftist/democratic spaces who use all the right terminology and repeat all the same supportive phrases in public, but still end up acting on discriminatory and biased thoughts and speech in private. Racism is capital-'c' Complicated. Institutional racism. Interpersonal racism. Internalized racism. Structural racism. I have argued for a while now that we *al...

Joey Barton: Emma Hayes says women are used to 'systemic misogyny' following comments - BBC Sport

The realities are male privilege has always been at the centre of football in this country, Hayes said. "I feel that sport is the last place in society where that male privilege exists." When asked about Barton's comments in a news conference on Friday, Hayes did not name the former Manchester City and QPR player directly. "I don't expect any individual personality to understand their privilege. Nonetheless you only have to see scores of women across the internet or in the business - whether that's coaches, presenters, players - we're routinely used to dealing with systemic misogyny, bul...

The Persistent Problem of Colorism: Skin Tone, Status, and Inequality - Hunter - 2007 - Sociology Compass - Wiley Online Library

Colorism is a persistent problem for people of color in the USA. Colorism, or skin color stratification, is a process that privileges light-skinned people of color over dark in areas such as income, education, housing, and the marriage market. This essay describes the experiences of African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans with regard to skin color. Research demonstrates that light-skinned people have clear advantages in these areas, even when controlling for other background variables. However, dark-skinned people of color are typically regarded as more ethnically authentic or legit...

Disability royal commission: Mainstream school was the best place for my child with disabilities

As I reflect on the differing viewpoints around the disability royal commission’s recommendation to phase out special schools, I can’t help but think of my own journey through the education system with my son, Alex. I am a parent who has faced the choice of how best to educate my child with a complex and severe disability. Choosing the right education pathway is a significant decision for a parent, but when your child has developmental concerns or a disability, accessing the same quality inclusive education with supports as needed is paramount.

Black Women and Barriers to Leadership in ABA | Behavior Analysis in Practice

In recent years, anecdotal data have suggested an increase in the number of Black women in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). However, there does not appear to be a significant increase in the number of Black women in leadership roles within the field (e.g., clinical directors, heads of university and college ABA programs). Since the diversity of providers and leadership in the field is an important factor in effectively meeting the diverse needs of ABA consumers, the lack of Black women leaders in the field can be described as problematic. Identification of the potential barrier...

How poverty, not pain, is driving Canadians with disabilities to consider medically-assisted death - National |

In February, a 51-year-old Ontario woman who called herself “Sophia” chose to die, reportedly because she suffered severe chemical sensitivities and wasn’t able to find affordable housing that didn’t worsen her condition. Trudo Lemmens, a professor of health law and policy at the University of Toronto, says that whatever the intent behind Canada’s laws, the government has ignored the experiences of other countries and created a system rife with problems.

𝐿𝒶𝓃𝒶 :verifiedtrans:: "Here's a take that might get m…" - Universeodon Social Media

Here's a take that might get me cancelled, but hear me out. Saving money is a luxury expense. You can't expect people to live within their means when their means is below poverty wages. There is no budgeting oneself out of systemically enforced poverty.

Evelyn Mensah - Friends call me Evie en X

Can you imagine #systemic #racism *SO BAD* that occupational health tell you to leave or else the perpetrators of racism will kill you. Just imagine that‼️ / X

Full article: Reading internationally: if citing is a political practice, who are we reading and who are we citing?

Across multiple disciplines from communication science and political science to astronomy, research has pointed to gender citation bias, racialised citation bias and the regional tilt of many international journals towards authors based in a small set of countries, including the USA, the UK and Australia (e.g., Caplar, Tacchella, and Birrer Citation2017; Dion, Sumner, and Mitchell Citation2018; Trepte and Loths Citation2020). These citation patterns not only have an effect on the quality of research publications and the breadth of perspectives and insights circulating as contributions to kn...

An Examination of the Underrepresentation of Black Women in Senior Leadership Roles at Predominately White Institutions (PWIs): Exploring the Narratives of Mid-Level Managers

Black women are significantly underrepresented in senior leadership roles, particularly at predominately white institutions (PWIs). The purpose of this study is to examine the experiences of Black women at predominately white institutions who hold mid-level management roles and aspire to advance to senior leadership. This study details the experiences of five Black women who shared their stories of rising above racial and gender oppressions by overcoming stereotypes, understanding the value in mentorships and sponsorships, utilizing their systems of support and being empowered in their rela...

Discrimination exposure impacts unhealthy processing of food cues: crosstalk between the brain and gut | Nature Mental Health

Experiences of discrimination are associated with adverse health outcomes, including obesity. However, the mechanisms by which discrimination leads to obesity remain unclear. Utilizing multi-omics analyses of neuroimaging and fecal metabolites, we investigated the impact of discrimination exposure on brain reactivity to food images and associated dysregulations in the brain–gut–microbiome system. We show that discrimination is associated with increased food-cue reactivity in frontal-striatal regions involved in reward, motivation and executive control; altered glutamate-pathway metabolites ...

Taylor Lorenz: "Rite Aid’s AI facial recogniti…" - Mastodon

Rite Aid’s AI facial recognition system falsely and disproportionately identified women and people of color as likely shoplifters. Rite Aid employees acting on false alerts from the systems followed customers around stores, searched them, ordered some to leave and, if they refused, called the police to confront or remove them, at times in front of friends and family.

Major sports events and domestic violence: A systematic review - Forsdike - 2022 - Health & Social Care in the Community - Wiley Online Library

Increased rates of domestic violence (DV) have been associated with events such as public holidays, seasonal variations, disasters and economic crises. Sport is seen as gendered, exemplifying hegemonic masculinity and associated violence, with the link between sporting culture and violence against women well recognised. This paper reports on a systematic review of empirical research literature exploring the link between major sporting events and incidence of DV. We searched MEDLINE, CINAHL, PsycINFO, SPORTDiscus and Proquest Central databases from inception to December 2020 for quantitative...

Racism affected how we were treated over Horizon, says Post Office victims - BBC News

The seven people spoken to by BBC Newsnight worked as sub-postmasters during the scandal and say they were accused of false accounting, theft, or fraud due to data from the faulty Horizon IT system. One man from an Indian background said a member of Post Office staff told him: "All the Indians are doing it. They have relatives so they take the money and send it to them abroad". Another person of South Asian descent said: "It was like we were dumb because English wasn't our first language, that we struggled to make sense of basic accounting".

Yorkshire: Azeem Rafiq says Colin Graves' expected return has led to racist abuse - BBC Sport

Graves' previous spell was part of the period for which the club was fined for failing to address the systemic use of discriminatory or racist language. "I'm broken," said Rafiq, who revealed experiences of racism at the club. "I'm struggling to understand how we've got here. It's a mix of emotions - a lot of anger and frustration."

A reflection on extractive research: a commitment to uplifting marginalised voices and challenging structural inequality – Systemic Justice

For us, extractive research is characterised by the funding, commissioning, conducting, production, and dissemination of research or knowledge that fails to uplift, represent, or reflect the experiences of racially, socially, and economically marginalised communities. Instead, it often serves the income generation interests of academics, higher education institutions, and a lucrative knowledge-exchange industry, which prioritises the perspectives of public and private corporations, politicians, inter-governmental departments and agencies, and a growing NGO sector.

Why Do Nonprofits Struggle with Diversity?

Go to the bottom of almost any job description on any website of any well-meaning social sector organization and you will see it: some sort of statement about diversity and how “everyone is welcome.” However, just like diet pills that claim you’ll lose weight in your sleep in 10 days and keep it off, the statements don’t ring true. Still, they persist. There is this idea that has taken root in the sector. If you say you believe in and are committed to diversity and you put a statement on your website, then these two steps make you a diversity champion. Not true. And it’s also not enough ...

Evelyn Mensah - Friends call me Evie en X

HER HAIR FELL OUT‼️💔 Many #NHS colleagues bravely tell me their traumatic experiences of systemic racism. I find it particularly distressing to hear that racism's impact includes their hair falling out. Hair is integral to our identity & individuality. Racism is *unbearable* 😔 / X

Subject: This is Eugenics - The Report of the Expert Panel on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) and Mental Illness

With the adoption of Track 2 and access based on a mental health condition, the MAiD system in Canada is institutionalizing eugenic based violence against a Charter-protected group

Canada's MAID Law Faces Pushback From Disabled Activists | Teen Vogue

Says Peters, those looking for support are facing a system that says healthy people deserve suicide prevention, but disabled people don’t. The political pressure that activists have been able to exert comes from years of work and a growing societal acknowledgement, in Peters’s view, that more disabled people are being pushed into assisted suicide because of MAID. “The pile of these unusual, extreme circumstances is just getting larger and larger," Peters says. "And as large as it’s getting, we know, of course, that it’s really only a fraction of what’s happening out there, because we’re o...

Snowshadow: "Reference to MAiD When I read…" -

When I read these articles esp. when it says it is "discrimination" to deny applicants with mental health issues ,I am infuriated. Seems that it's cheaper and easier to just let people choose to die instead of giving a support system! "Time is ticking for government to decide on expanding medically assisted dying" #MAiD #MentalHealth #Death

D. B. Stuck: "A small town in Chile witnesse…" -

A small town in Chile witnesses the growth of discarded clothing appear in the desert nearby. Fast fashion is a horrible drain to the world's ecosystem. In time the mound of mostly man made fibers caught fire. An interesting story can be found here:

Dr. Lucky Tran :verified:: ""The able and the disabled are…" -

The able and the disabled aren’t two different kinds of people but the same people at different times. Those who ignore COVID because it disproportionately affects "the vulnerable" should understand: At some point in our lives, we are all vulnerable. A must-read about ableism, our broken medical system, and how COVID and Long COVID is making things much worse.

Nate Bowling (نيت بولينج): "Friends in academia, when folk…" -

Friends in academia, when folks like Rufo talk about "restoring color blindness" it's a rhetorical game. Colorblindness, when referring to people of equal qualifications, is coded language for the erasure of diversity, particularly the purging of Black people, from roles in elite institutions and the codification of the good old boys system along imagined and alleged 14th amendment grounds. You need to understand this and be able to clearly articulate it within your institutions.

Dan Lyke: "Happy New Year! As we go into …" -

Happy New Year! As we go into 2024, remember that the purpose of a system is what it does, and that we won't solve systemic failures by punishing individuals. And that, in the US, the underlying reason for policy is usually racism.

Advancing Antiracism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEMM Organizations: Beyond Broadening Participation | The National Academies Press

Individuals from minoritized racial and ethnic groups continue to face systemic barriers that impede their ability to access, persist, and thrive in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) higher education and workforce. Without actively dismantling policies and practices that disadvantage people from minoritized groups, STEMM organizations stand to lose much needed talent and innovation as well as the ideas that come from having a diverse workforce.

Narratives of academic staff involvement in Athena SWAN and race equality charter marks in UK higher education institutions: Journal of Education Policy: Vol 37, No 5

In line with other national higher education systems, the UK has, since 2005, taken a formalised approach to improving gender equality in academia in the form of the Athena SWAN charter mark; in 2016, an additional charter mark focusing on race equality (the REC) was introduced. This article, based on data from a multi-site case study exploring the experiences of those in UK higher education who are working on the charter marks, looks at how academic staff become involved in this work. Using a narrative analysis based on the conceptual tools of policy enactment, the article sets out a typol...

The banality of exclusion in Australian universities: International Journal of Inclusive Education: Vol 21, No 11

The systematic exclusion of asylum seekers from Australian higher education reveals much about present day Australia. This essay begins with a brief context and outline of the international refugee crisis and Australia’s reaction. Next, consideration is given to how this nation has identified itself historically and how it has behaved in recent times towards refugees. Australia’s values are then discussed in relation to those of Canada, a similar country in many ways. With this context established, this article then turns to examine the specific issue of access to higher education for young...

Battling the “headwinds”: the experiences of minoritised academics in the neoliberal Australian university: International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education: Vol 33, No 9

Academics who identify or are identified with minoritised groups in society and teach marginalised subjects are particularly prone to experiencing individual and systemic bias and discrimination which harm their wellbeing and restrict their career advancement. These challenges can be likened to “headwinds” that they must constantly battle against, whilst those belonging to dominant social groups benefit from “tailwind” effects. We critique the framing of the “ideal” academic in the neoliberalised university and argue that it entrenches the marginalisation of academics from minoritised backg...

Coloniality, institutional racism and white fragility: A wero to higher education | The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education

Coloniality in Aotearoa’s education systems has persisted by forcing Māori to assimilate into Western norms, tracking Māori into subordinate occupational roles, and constraining Māori self-determination. Through use of storytelling, we demonstrate how these trends carry on in present-day tertiary education settings. We also issue to colleagues and management in the tertiary education sector a wero (challenge) to inspect dimensions of white fragility. Our wero challenges colleagues to move beyond their pedagogical comfort zones by learning and incorporating Indigenous knowledges into their t...

“I need people to see how systemic racism behaves."

I would love for there to be more Black physicians because that can help to solve the problem,” she says in a video interview with Fortune. “But the other piece of it is we need physicians who are not Black to be able to adequately and competently care for Black people as well.”

As a black woman formerly in executive leadership, the role is challenging, and we later realize that systemic oppression is a disease with no relevant cure.

A wise man once told me that when you begin dismantling a system that wasn’t set up for you to WIN, expect adversity. But no one is there to help guide us when the odds don’t weigh in our favor and we’re forced to walk away from the assignment or purpose we were prepared to pursue.

Susan Larson ♀️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈: "#LGBTQ #advocacy #group #campa…" -

#LGBTQ #advocacy #group #campaignforsouthernequality files #federal #civilrights #complaint against #NorthCarolina's '#DontSayGay' #rules. The complaint alleges #publicschools are “#systematically #marginalizing LGBTQ #students in #violation of #TitleIX.” #Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #NorthCarolina #Education #Conservatives #Extremism #Fascism #Religion #RepublicanParty #Hate #Bigotry #Discrimination #Homophobia #Transphobia #ThePartyOfHate #EmptyThePews

U.S. Embassy Scam In Namibia? #Shorts #Africa

An embassy is here to help people. If you want to go on holiday to America, if you want to study, if you are an African, you can never be white. We can never be white. If you see on your system that a person doesn't qualify for the visa then why take them to the counter where they pay 3600 Namibian dollars for the visa and go to the next ocunter, and be denied a visa

Puneet Singh Singhal: "Australia: More spaces for whe…" -

Australia: More spaces for wheelchair taxis at ranks among new accessible transport requirements The ABC News recently heard hundreds of stories from people with disability who said Australian transport systems across the country had failed them and accessibility standards were not being enforced. #Accessibility #WeAreBillionStrong #DisabilityInclusion #DisabilityRights #Equity #SDGs #Transportation #a11y #HumanRights #Disability #Poverty #Technology

Pascale MTL: "University of #Alberta provide…" -

University of #Alberta provides new online course on #BlackHistory at no cost The free online course highlights the #history and accomplishments of Black Canadians. Called Black Canadians: History, Presence, and #AntiRacist Futures, the course will explore topics like #SystemicRacism and unconscious #RacialBias in Canadian institutions. #Canada #racism #education #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi

Muirén 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈♾️✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼: "To be European, or born of the…" -

To be European, or born of the Colonial Diaspora, is to be born into a racialized class hierarchy based on the so-called Enlightenment Era pseudo-science of phrenology/phenomic racialization—physical deviations from idealized European stereotypes—a deliberate system the majority deny exists. This Ponzi scheme of “whiteness,” its illusion of meritocracy, of European exceptionalism, of hyper-individualistic competition, and mutually assured failure for all but a few, is an appeal to vanity, subsidized by the blood sacrifice of Indigenous peoples of every continent. Orchestrated from behind...

Megan Lynch (she/her): "For a clue as to what #Inspira…" -

For a clue as to what #InspirationPorn is, just read the comments on the YouTube video. There's effusive praise for making the kid work over and over and over again and no critique for not actually giving a shit about accessibility for their son and the millions of other disabled people in the world. Inspiration Porn gives abled people warm fuzzies about the fact that they keep systemic ableism in place. #Ableism

Dave Rahardja: "Incredible douchebag move. Onc…" -

Incredible douchebag move. Once again underlining how the H1-B Visa program is weaponized by the (mostly tech) industry to exploit foreign labor.

Education Sciences | Free Full-Text | How Diversity Fails: An Empirical Investigation of Organizational Status and Policy Implementation on Three Public Campuses

Although diversity has been a guiding preoccupation in higher education for several decades, organizational diversity practice, i.e., what happens when colleges and universities implement diversity plans, is rarely a subject of inquiry. As a result, there is relatively little empirical understanding of why diversity has failed to significantly advance racial equity on college campuses. In response, this ethnographic, collective case study draws on interviews with 54 respondents, archival and organizational documents, and campus observations to interrogate diversity practice on three campuse...

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "@ddp How sad that to get abled…" -

How sad that to get abled people to care about this, it so often has to be framed in economic terms, rather than in terms of what it really means for the actual human beings who've been thrown to the wolves by systemic #ableism and capitalism in so much of the world's public health response.

Quin: "Sometimes I just sit here and …" -

Sometimes I just sit here and wonder how different my life would've been if I hadn't lost my vision as a kid. Obviously I'd have a totally different friend group, but I wonder about so many other things too. How would I have been in school? More social than I am now? Would I have ever made many of the bad choices I made in middle school if I hadn't been bullied for being blind? Would I still be a hacker? If so, would my skills be far better due to being able to use more tools/systems? (I think this one is incredibly likely). Fun way to play with your mind for an afternoon.

Rowland Mosbergen: "@libramoon @shekinahcancook @r…" -

It's systemic. Black people are about 7½ times more likely to be wrongfully convicted of murder in the U.S. than are whites, and about 80% more likely to be innocent than others convicted of murder, according to a new report by the National Registry of Exonerations. The already disproportionate risk of wrongful conviction, the Registry found, was even worse if the murder victim in a case was white.

Ika Makimaki: ""The Imperial Mode of Living r…" -

The Imperial Mode of Living refers, essentially, to the societies of the Global North that rely on large-scale production and consumption. This is what makes our rich lifestyle possible. Beneath this surface, there exists a structure by which the cost of our consumption is extracted from the lands and labour of the people of the Global South. Without the exploitation of others who pay the cost, the Imperial Mode of Living would be unsustainable. Lowering the standard of living for those in the Global South is a prerequisite for the workings of capitalism, and the power imbalance between Nor...

UC Access Now: "So similar to how UC operates.…" -

So similar to how UC operates. They'll try to paper over their systemic ableism with photos of you alongside the Chancellor, quotes in marketing & media of how great it is... ...and still put up barriers to accessibility. Because it was never their intention to dismantle ableism. "Google Used a Black, Deaf Worker to Tout Its Diversity. Now She’s Suing for Discrimination Jalon Hall was featured on Google’s corporate social media accounts “for making #LifeAtGoogle more inclusive!” She says the company discriminated against her on the basis of her disability and race."

10-Year-Old Black Girl Arrested For Drawing of Her School Bully

For decades, activists have sounded the alarm about the school-to-prison pipeline, one of the many insidious systemic issues young Black students face every day. As recent as last year, it was reported that Black children, especially Black girls, are more likely to be criminalized and experience severe punishment over simple schoolyard conflicts that could be quietly resolved in a principal’s office. With that said, two civil rights advocacy groups rightfully cried foul in a letter sent to the Honolulu Police Department, education department and the state attorney general’s office on Monda...

Shots In The Back, Children Tasered: DOJ Details Excessive Force By Chicago Police : The Two-Way : NPR

Fleeing, unarmed people shot in the back. Mentally ill men and women, not suspected of any crime, stunned by a Taser while they lay on the ground. People already detained or incapacitated who were beaten, with police accounts falsely describing the force as necessary. A 161-page report from the Justice Department details harrowing accounts of excessive force by the Chicago Police Department and highlights systemic failures that allow the violence to continue even as members of the public attempt to protest or report the brutality. The investigation was launched after the death of Laquan M...

Systemic racism still a barrier to Indigenous Australians' wellbeing

Pandemic Racism in Australia: A Systematic Review

Australia: People of African descent living under siege of racism, say UN experts

Africans and people of African descent are exposed to multi-faceted forms of racial discrimination, xenophobia and systemic racism in all spheres of predominantly ‘white’ Australia, says Catherine Namakula, Chair of the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent.

Institutional Racism and Its Social Costs | SpringerLink

This chapter discusses contemporary aspects of institutional racism, examining the systemic structures that perpetuate exclusion and racial inequality, and critically interrogating the policy environment that has shaped the discourse of race relations in Australia.

Racism in Australia: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis | Systematic Reviews | Full Text

Institutional racism in Australian justice systems ... | NIT

Systemic racism

Similarly, a Monash University study led by Indigenous Studies Centre Director and Palawa woman Professor Kyllie Cripps has found systematic racism within Australia’s justice system is linked to the deaths of 151 First Nations women.

Systemic racism persists in Victorian child protection system, Yoorrook Justice Commission hears | Victoria | The Guardian

Victoria Police chief commissioner sorry for force’s racist actions, ‘cover-ups’

As a result of systemic racism, racist attitudes and discriminatory actions of police have gone undetected, unchecked, unpunished or without appropriate sanctions and have caused significant harm across generations of Aboriginal families,” he said.

Institutional racism is at work in Australia. How does it affect Indigenous people? | SBS NITV

Institutional racism, also known as systemic racism, describes the existence of racism in the structures that make up modern society. It manifests when institutions, organisations and governments directly or indirectly discriminate against an ethnic group. It systematically disadvantages those groups and further marginalises them within society. We are not short on evidence of the institutional racism that is present in the criminal justice and law enforcement system. Criminal courts are home to a large proportion of white decision makers.

‼️*RACISM* Runs Rampant in NHS Disciplinary Procedures

Numbers don't lie! Since 2015, the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) reports published by NHS England has demonstrated systemic racism in the NHS. The aim is to improve on those figures in an attempt to create an equitable NHS for staff and patients. WRES indicator 3 is the “Relative likelihood of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff entering the formal disciplinary process compared to white staff”. These reports have been instrumental in revealing racial disparities within the NHS. Data highlighted in this Equality 4 Black Nurses blog are stark! Please note that an indicator value ...

Black Americans see biased system in Rittenhouse verdict | AP News

For many Black Americans, Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal on all charges by a Wisconsin jury on Friday confirmed their belief in two justice systems: one for white people and another for Black people. Rittenhouse, the two men he killed and the man he wounded were all white, but the case has been linked from the start to issues of race and the criminal justice system. Activists have previously pointed to differences in how police handled Rittenhouse’s case and that of Jacob Blake, the Black man who was shot by a white Kenosha police officer in August 2020, sparking protests in the city that b...

10 Times Asian Americans Took On Systemic Racism in 2016 | by Mark Tseng-Putterman | Medium

Getting to the Root of the Problem: Supporting Clients With Lived-Experiences of Systemic Discrimination - Amy Bartlett, Sonya Faber, Monnica Williams, Kellen Saxberg, 2022

For many marginalized people, coping with discrimination is not a temporary condition. Rather it is endemic to living in a discriminatory society and a source of ongoing stress. In this paper, we explore the need to provide people struggling to cope with the skills to tackle not just the personal consequences of discrimination, but also to understand and address the root causes of their pain, and specifically the ones that lie outside of themselves. We propose using the concept of social capital to bring greater awareness among clients, clinicians, and society in general about the need to p...

The Employment Disadvantage of Mothers: Evidence for Systemic Discrimination - Tanya Carney, 2009

When their need to provide care and their need for paid employment are equally important, mothers try to combine both roles, often through part time employment, or to stagger these competing needs by taking employment breaks. Using data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics of Australia (HILDA) Survey1 this article analyses the resulting detriments to the ability of mothers to continue career paths across the occupational spectrum. Analysis of this data is used to argue that employment disadvantage is generated by mothers' inability to conform to `ideal worker' behaviour and theref...

Racial discrimination and child and adolescent health in longitudinal studies: A systematic review - ScienceDirect

The association between racial discrimination and adverse health outcomes has been documented across an increasing body of evidence in recent years, although a close examination of longitudinal studies has not yet taken place. This review applied a life course lens in examining the evidence for a longitudinal association between racial discrimination exposure during childhood and adolescence, and later mental and physical health outcomes. Statistically significant associations with racial discrimination were most commonly reported for behaviour problems including delinquency and risk-takin...

The legacies of systemic and internalized oppression: Experiences of microaggressions, imposter phenomenon, and stereotype threat on historically marginalized groups - ScienceDirect

Previous literature has described how people of historically marginalized groups (namely people of color, women, queer and transgender people, people living with disabilities, immigrants, and people of religious minority groups) are likely to internalize negative, oppressive feelings about their identities (David, 2014; David, Schroeder, & Femandez, 2019). For example, studies have found that many women and people of color (and women of color, in particular) experience what has been labeled as imposter phenomenon, or the notion that they are not intelligent or adequate enough, despite evide...

Megan Lynch (she/her): "@ascentale A5. The inaccessibl…" -

A5. The inaccessible cycle racks at UC Davis damaged my health & were a catalyst for the formation of @ucaccessnow . We have not yet achieved inaccessible racks everywhere at UC, but they did ration a couple Sheffield racks @ a new bldg & installed a couple circle racks at an old building. I'm told that these were due to our work and that our work has started to turn some wheels in this systemically ableist bureaucracy. #BikeNite #UCAccessNow #Ableism #Accessibility @bikenite

What racism looks like

Trayvon Martin had traces of marijuana in system at time of death, autopsy reveals Louisville shooter Connor Sturgeon was star athlete but suffered 'multiple concussions' #SideBySide

Research Finds Evidence of Racial Bias in Plea Deals

A new study from Carlos Berdejó of Loyola Law School finds significant racial disparities in plea deals that suggest that prosecutors may be using race as a proxy for criminality. Recent studies on racial disparities in the criminal justice system have focused on arrests, initial charging, and sentencing, and they generally find that African Americans are more likely to be arrested and charged – and they receive harsher sentences – than white people. Fewer researchers have examined the plea-bargaining process, even though the overwhelming majority of criminal cases in the United States are...

How Racism in the Courtroom Produces Wrongful Convictions and Mass Incarceration

In recent years, police violence and militarization have been under a microscope. For many Americans, it is now frighteningly clear that police consider Black people suspects when sitting in their backyards, failing to signal, and simply going about many daily life activities — and that this racial targeting too often results in callous abuses, unjust imprisonment, and senseless killings at law enforcement’s hands. Tragically, policing is only one of many racial discrimination pitfalls in America’s criminal justice system, merely representing the first step in a deeply problematic process.

Disparate Racial Sentencing in lieu of Jones v. Mississippi — Harvard Undergraduate Law Review

However, the fourth, fifth, and sixth appeals were on account of the prosecutor, Doug Evans, engaging in racial discrimination during jury selection by way of peremptory strikes. The State was “relentless” in its efforts to strike Black jurors from the prospective jury pool: in the third trial, it used all 15 of its peremptory strikes against prospective Black jurors, then 11 strikes in the fourth, and five out of six strikes in the sixth [9]. Although the Supreme Court had previously ruled in Batson v. Kentucky (1986) that the use of peremptory strikes to remove a juror solely on the basis...

Over-policing of Aboriginal children in Australia: A system that criminalises Aboriginal children - Penal Reform International

For the 30-year RCIADIC anniversary, VALS spoke with Aunty Rosemary Roe, the aunt of G.J. Roe who died in custody in 1997, aged 11 years old. She described her nephew’s experience with police in Western Australia: This young lad was only 11. He actually was targeted too much in the last 6 months of his life… He had an older brother that… spent like 25 to 43 years of his life in and out of juvenile and adult detention centres… in the end, [the police officers] were treating the young boy identically as the older boy, and the last 6 months of his life was a total misery… Anything they could ...

If I am stopped by police, can I be sure it is not because of my race? | Racism. It Stops With Me

First Nations people in Australia are the most incarcerated people in the world, representing just 3% of the Australian population, but 29% of the prison population.10 Experiences of colonisation, dispossession, housing instability and trauma compound the likelihood that a person will encounter the criminal justice system. Research also shows that many Indigenous people are placed in custody for trivial offences and are less likely to be granted bail than non-Indigenous people.11 In reality, racial profiling by police is just one example of discrimination within and around the justice system.

Indigenous children 'grossly over-represented' in Queensland's juvenile justice system, report finds - ABC News

The report revealed while Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children accounted for 7 per cent of the total population of 10 to 17-year-olds in Queensland, they made up 45 per cent of young offenders in 2018-19.

Black Women Always Have Highest Expectations Placed On Them

I was very familiar with the system, as I had run it at a previous company. I knew it inside out, and I knew how to use it in such a way that our department would be very successful in resolving outstanding consumer debts. Another woman, who was white, also applied for the position. She had no experience with the system, and anything she did know about it, I taught her. She was not as proficient with it as I was, and she would likely require a lot of help if she were given the position instead of me. Even with that knowledge, management had us both go through the extensive interview proce...

Job discrimination faced by ethnic minorities convinces public about racism | Discrimination at work | The Guardian

Researchers believe they may have found the best way to convince the public that racism is a real problem and requires major change: tell them about an Oxford University study exposing discrimination faced by job applicants. A groundbreaking project exploring how better to boost public support for action against systemic racism tested which messages best move people towards a more anti-racist position. Reframing Race, a charity, tested dozens of arguments on almost 20,000 people and found highlighting research from 2019 showing ethnic minority applicants received less positive responses t...

Indirect Discrimination in Construction Organizations and the Impact on Women’s Careers | Journal of Management in Engineering | Vol 22, No 3

Over the last 20 years, equality legislation and positive action on diversity has increased awareness of the detrimental impact of sex discrimination and has begun to address harassment and inequality in many large organizations. While this may yield positive benefits for underrepresented groups working within the construction industry, it remains to be seen whether this legislative drive has overcome indirect forms of discrimination brought about by the ingrained culture and working practices of the sector. This paper explores the impact of indirect discrimination by systematically combini...

Dr. Damien P. Williams, Magus: "Some actual good news: After w…" -

Some actual good news: After way too long they're finally replacing "…a once widely used test that overestimated how well Black people’s kidneys were functioning…— all because of an automated formula that calculated results for Black and non-Black patients differently. …[while also] exacerbating other disparities…" Thing is, these algorithms and others like them, as well as the treatment decisions made From them, still form the framing and training data of a LOT of "AI" healthcare systems...

Job: "@Wolven I mention it because h…" -

I mention it because highlights your often-repeated point that ML is only part of the problem, but the source is the systemic racism/sexism/etc. already present wherever ML is applied.

Evelyn Mensah - Friends call me Evie en X

‼️THIS is what white privilege in UK NHS healthcare looks like. Meanwhile, Black & Global Majority doctors face systemic racism that targets with formal disciplinaries, MHPS hearings, GMC referrals & removal from register PLUS trauma for issues resolvable locally. #BeAntiRacist

Victoria government blasted for rejecting truth-telling inquiry’s key recommendations | Indigenous Australians | The Guardian

Victoria’s First Peoples’ Assembly and the head of the state’s Indigenous truth-telling commission have criticised the Allan Labor government for seeking more time to consider overhauling child protection and criminal justice systems. The government on Wednesday handed down its response to a report by the Yoorrook Justice Commission, which called for it to tackle systemic injustices experienced by First Nations people in the child protection and criminal justice sectors. The government accepted four of the 46 recommendations, while 24 are supported in-principle. But it has rejected three ...

How to be an ally in the workplace: 13 ways to do it |

Many trainings and articles about microaggressions focus on how you can intervene in the moment, which is a crucial part of allyship. But in addition to intervening, there are other important ways to support people who experience microaggressions, systemic inequities and other barriers to opportunity — and one way is through microafffirmations. In contrast to microaggressions, microaffirmations are little ways that you can affirm someone’s identity; recognize and validate their experience and expertise; build confidence; develop trust; foster belonging; and support someone in their career....

How to Foster an Ally Culture in the Workplace | BCG

Strong policies and programs that support DEI across the career lifecycle, from recruitment to retention and advancement, are critical to dismantling these systemic challenges. But, BCG’s research shows that in addition to these structural programs, a culture of allyship is required to foster inclusion. A study of over 5,000 Canadians finds that women, the LGBTQ2+ community, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) employees who have allies at work are 1.6 times less likely to perceive obstacles in their day-to-day environment and twice as likely to say their workplace is bias-fr...

What is allyship? A quick guide | Inclusive Employers

Allyship in the workplace is crucial for inclusion and equality. The most widely used definition comes from Nicole Asong Nfonoyim-Hara, the Director of the Diversity Programs at Mayo Clinic, she says “when a person of privilege works in solidarity and partnership with a marginalized group of people to help take down the systems that challenge that group’s basic rights, equal access, and ability to thrive in our society.”

Kenya’s wildlife conservancies make old men rich, while making women and young people poorer

One response to these challenges was the emergence in Kenya, around 2003-2004, of wildlife conservancies. These are areas of privately, group or communally owned land, leased for the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. In Kenya, these leases can be for as long as 25 years. But conservancies face their own challenges. Particularly because of how land is owned and who participates in the model. Our study in Kenya’s Mara ecosystem reveals that land-rich older men reap the biggest rewards, often at the expense of women, young people and the landless poor. This trend underlines a cha...

Pi-Cla: "@knittingknots2 Systemic racis…" -

Systemic racism against Indigenous folks is important to point out and shame because we of the settler class forget Indigenous people even still exist. We forget we are still living on *their* native land and the daily discrimination they face. Reading this passage in particular hit it home for me: > They said an ambulance driver stopped to let them use his phone, but refused to pick them up. The pair eventually convinced a truck driver to bring them to the town of Shelburne.

Space Wrangler: "@pa @mekkaokereke Lip service…" -

Lip service to an idea is wholly different than real action for change. My institution has embraced "DEI" yet when it comes to actual change when hiring new colleagues - old institutional racism rears its head in so many subtle, discriminatory ways. Many "good people" want to be seen as good but dont want to give the power they accrued from biased systems.

Dr. Emma L Briant🐕🇬🇧in🇦🇺: "This is what happens when a go…" -

This is what happens when a government believes it has absolute unchecked unconditional power: Chef Jose Andres says #Israel targeted his aid workers 'systematically, car by car' #gaza #WCK

Prof. Catherine Flick: "I'm really hoping you don't ne…" -

I'm really hoping you don't need me to tell you that using machine learning ("AI") systems to identify potential targets and then to suggest that they be targeted when at home with their family members, including children, is one of the most abhorrent, unethical, inhumane things I've ever seen. There is absolutely no excuse for developing these systems. Technology is never neutral.

Liana :v_trans: :v_kirb:: "I always think about how a lot…" -

I always think about how a lot of big open source software projects are surprisingly hostile and unwelcoming to newcomers and how everything in the ecosystem seems made to discourage people from participating. And if they somehow still do, it will likely go nowhere anyway. So when we wonder why so many things only have "just a guy" taking care of them, actually yeah that's part of the issue. How many people want to help but don't know how or are scared of looking stupid on one of those dumb mailing lists that people somehow still use?

Liana :v_trans: :v_kirb:: "I always think about how a lot…" -

I always think about how a lot of big open source software projects are surprisingly hostile and unwelcoming to newcomers and how everything in the ecosystem seems made to discourage people from participating. And if they somehow still do, it will likely go nowhere anyway. So when we wonder why so many things only have "just a guy" taking care of them, actually yeah that's part of the issue. How many people want to help but don't know how or are scared of looking stupid on one of those dumb mailing lists that people somehow still use?

attacus: "This piece is worth reading if…" -

This piece is worth reading if you’re in tech criticism or infosec/cybersecurity and are being asked for commentary on IoT and smart home devices. People aren’t foolish for using IoT or for wanting things to be easier in their homes. This tech makes positive and meaningful change for people of all kinds of abilities. It’s valid to worry about the privacy or security issues that IoT is riddled with, but don’t draw a direct line from there to blaming the user - some people have no alternatives that don’t involve giving up independent access to their own homes and lives. Everyone deserves to ...

Alex Von Kitchen: "I think it's really important …" -

I think it's really important for us trans women, especially us white ones, to learn about how womanhood has been used in other systems of oppression. The roles of white women in upholding white supremacy, richer women in class structures. These are patterns of behaviour that I don't think we should recreate We come to womanhood from a different place to cis women. This gives us a different perspective to build from in finding better ways to be women I've heard multiple cis women talk about learning about womanhood from the trans women in their lives Basically if you're a white trans wom...

Prof. Emily M. Bender(she/her): "Big Tech likes to push the tro…" -

Big Tech likes to push the trope that things are moving and changing too quickly and there's no way that regulators could really keep up --- better (on their view) to just let the innovators innovate. This is false: many of the issues stay stable over quite some time. Case in point: Here's me **5 years ago** pointing out that large language models shouldn't be used as sources of information about the world, and that doing so poses risks to the information ecosystem:

Local knowledge in climate adaptation research: moving knowledge frameworks from extraction to co‐production - Klenk - 2017 - WIREs Climate Change - Wiley Online Library

This review consists of a systematic assessment of climate change adaptation literature to elicit major trends, discourses, and patterns in how local knowledge is conceived. We report on conceptual and geographic trends within the literature, including the practice of assessing local knowledge against scientific benchmarks, and present results of a textual network analysis that illustrates overlap and co-occurrence among different characterizations of local knowledge. In critically assessing the dominant trends we draw special attention to problems associated with the extraction of local kn...

Meredith Whittaker: "I have a lot more to say, but …" -

I have a lot more to say, but I'll hold it for now and simply wonder aloud... Which BigTech clouds are the "Lavender" & "Where's Daddy?" AI systems running on? What APIs are they using? Which libraries are they calling? What work did my former colleagues, did I, did *you* contribute to that may now be enabling this automated slaughter? (Also, content warning. This is some of the sickest shit I've ever read.) ""Indigeneity is something that…" -

Indigeneity is something that actually provides #wellness to us. It's a wellness factor.” Eryn Braley & Jorden Hendry work to #decolonize healthcare in British Columbia. In a webinar they explain their approaches to tackling systemic #colonialism & #racism within the #healthcare system. They challenge mainstream narratives that frame #Indigenous identity as a risk factor for poor health instead of putting focus on colonization as the root cause of systemic inequity. htt...

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "This comment on an abled YouTu…" -

This comment on an abled YouTuber's video about a disabled person's van design is a good example of why I loathe Inspiration Porn so much. Abled people eat this shit up because it allows them to ignore systemic ableism (and other systemic oppressions) and simply chalk it up to some disabled people being "inspirational" and others just not being motivated enough. Abled people never need to examine the role they play in creating barriers and upholding them. #Ableism #VanLife

Vishal P. Singh 🏳️‍⚧️🇵🇸: "Unless you’ve actually witness…" -

Unless you’ve actually witnessed the inside of ICE detention centers don’t fucking come to me trying to argue Biden and his policies aren’t straight up xenophobic Nazi shit. You don’t know anything unless you’ve seen how shit goes down in those godforsaken places. I watched an immigration judge tell a Black woman that he knew she would be raped to death by government forces if she was deported to her home country, that he sympathized with her, and then he selected her for deportation as she burst into horrified tears. You people are Nazis. There’s no juries in those “trials.” No habeas co...

PM Press: "Lucy Parsons, Black anarchist …" -

Lucy Parsons, Black anarchist and worker's rights activist (described by the Chicago PD as "more dangerous than a thousand rioters") died on March 7th, 1942. Lucy fought tirelessly for the rights of the poor in the face of an increasingly oppressive industrial economic system.

Second energy firm wrongly received money from welfare payments under Centrepay scheme | Centrepay | The Guardian

Guardian Australia revealed last week that $700,000 had been diverted via the government-run Centrepay debit system from the pockets of more than 500 welfare recipients to the energy giant AGL.

Denials and prejudice: The manifest inequities in Australia’s visa system are unjustifiable, and must be rectified - ABC Religion & Ethics

Last year I attended the World Statistics Congress in Ottawa, Canada. I had the good fortune of meeting there a researcher from Colombia, who has developed a statistical procedure to produce high-dimensional data in poor resource countries. Their research was innovative and has been used by the United Nations in poverty estimation. They would be an ideal candidate for an ANU visiting fellowship — but it is highly likely that they would have their visa denied due to their lack of travel history, and country that issued their passport.

Tackling systemic racism and police violence, Victoria – Monash Lens

Australian police forces were brought into being to protect the interests of white settlers against the country’s first inhabitants whose lands and lives were being systematically taken away. This history has translated into contemporary patterns of over-policing and the world’s highest rate of incarceration. Jude McCulloch argues that contemporary styles of policing divide communities into "those to be protected, and those seen as a threat", and that this boundary is often demarcated by race.

Washington County has eliminated homeless encampments -

Washington County leaders say they have achieved what many communities throughout the country are working to do: eliminate homeless encampments. Using their share of the tri-county area’s Metro homelessness services tax, intended to fund supportive housing, shelter, eviction prevention and behavioral health care, they built a homelessness services system from the ground up.

There’s racial bias in our police systems. Here’s the overwhelming proof. - Washington Post

Audre Lorde said, "The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house."

As DEI initiatives are defunded across the country, I encourage people to see these acts as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rethink how we engage in sustainable equity work owned by the people who might benefit most from the outcomes of new systems and ways of operating. #NeverDefeated #StopPlayingDiversity

Australia’s double standards on human rights is keeping refugees and people seeking asylum on the brink of despair in Nauru and PNG - Amnesty International Australia

Amnesty International Australia urges the Labor government to end the years of abuse and ensure people’s human rights are realised, as a private members Bill is considered in the Senate this week calling for the transfer to Australia of all refugees and people seeking asylum who remain stuck in Nauru and Papua New Guinea for medical care. The Migration Amendment (Evacuation to Safety) Bill calls for an end to the suffering for approximately 150 refugees and people seeking asylum who remain stuck in Nauru and PNG. Some people have spent 10 years in Australia’s offshore detention system tha...

Severe ME: another woman being abused by the NHS is at risk

A young woman living with severe myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is being catastrophically neglected by an NHS hospital. Millie’s story in itself is shocking. Medical professionals appear to be ignoring official guidelines into the disease – going so far as to section her under the Mental Health Act, and limiting her mother’s visiting rights. There is a petition people can sign calling on the NHS to act. You can sign it here. However, Millie’s situation is made all the worse when you realise that she is at least the third woman the NHS has treated like this in the last month alone. Moreove...

UC Access Now: "@KidsData @pediatrics @edutoot…" -

Important semantic point: Disabled people's needs aren't "special" just because systemic ableism maintains systems that do not take us and the full spectrum of humanity into account. #Ableism #UCAccessNow #Healthcare

Broadwaybabyto: "When I was a teenager - my mom…" -

When I was a teenager - my mom’s pancreatic cancer was misdiagnosed as “anxiety.” The experience shaped my view of the healthcare system & the damage that bias, gaslighting and psychologizing illnesses can cause. Pancreatic cancer is among the most deadly cancers - and is almost always diagnosed too late. My mom had led a very healthy life with few medical setbacks until she suddenly presented with intense itching, bruising and some back pain. She was literally black and blue from scratching and completely unable to stop because of its severity. So she went to the doctor. The diagnosis?...

they/them might be giants ☭: "So much historic, excellent re…" -

So much historic, excellent reporting by Palestinian journalists in Gaza has gone virtually unrecognized by the Western mainstream. Journalists not only reporting on but living this genocide, bombardment, famine, hundreds of whose colleagues have been systematically murdered.

Women Don’t Need To Be Fixed, Organizations Need To Fix Their Systems

Tricia Rose explores systemic racial issues in her book, ‘Metaracism’ - ABC News — Tricia Rose

After providing a definition of the term ‘metaracism’, Tricia described a key realization that came from her extensive research: that policies that produce adverse outcomes for Black Americans have compounding effects. She encourages the use of systems thinking, rather than focusing on individual policies or actions, to better understand how we can break free of systemic racism.

gocu54: "I can't believe how igno…" -

I can't believe how ignorent people are about #Africa. I've heard everything from African is 1 language, totally not true to Africa is 1 country, its 54 countries and a continent, to everyone lives in mud huts and there are no cities and electricity. Made me laugh so fucking hard because seriously, that people don't know that all this is untrue shows how bad our education system truly is.

Dr. jonny phd: "To anyone in any position to a…" -

To anyone in any position to affect T&P criteria in their institution - heres a smoking gun demonstrating that using these indexes are not based on "rigorous, objective review criteria," but instead tools by which the commercial publishers prop up their system of profit extraction, stamping out free to publish, free to read journals while pocketing billions in public funding from their APC-driven prestige treadmill. Restricting the allowable journals to those indexed by Scopus and WoS serves no ones interests but the commercial publishers.

Em (is looking for work) :official_verified:: "A Word on the Myth of Meritocr…" -

A Word on the Myth of Meritocracy in the Tech Industry: As much as I’ve experienced sexism in tech (and yes there is a lot of it, it is “impressive” how much, I was not expecting how bad this would be before changing career back in 2018), I think I’ve experienced classism even worse. Classism is embedded in the tech industry, everywhere. From requiring expensive certifications or expensive degrees to even get an entry-level job, to expecting everyone to have a home lab and hardware capable of running any OS and software for hiring tests, to expensive conferences and events tickets whe...

pdx law grrrl: "New York’s prison system unfai…" -

New York’s prison system unfairly punished more than 2,000 people after tests of suspected contraband substances falsely tested positive for drugs. The flawed results were used to put them in solitary, halt family visits, and cancel parole hearings.

LittleAlex: "Today I was presented with a t…" -

It was expected to be lost and now I found it in the home of an old woman working with it in the late 1970s. She is pretty hardcore, too. She used to design circuit boards with this very system, back in a time when nobody did it (everybody was using paper) and there was not a single woman in this business. She told me she had to take her husband to companies because nobody took her seriously.

Evelyn Mensah - Friends call me Evie en X

Can you believe it‼️ 🥴Senior Leader called me "dangerous" for calling out systemic racism 🥴Apparently, speaking up for equity in the face of inequity is deemed “dangerous” 🥴Describing inequitable treatment as systemic racism in cases of ethnic health inequity is “dangerous”

Qasim Rashid, Esq.: "Short 🧵... My TL is full of c…" -

Short 🧵... My TL is full of conservatives who don't understand how Affirmative Action worked. Three points 1. The demographic that benefitted MOST from AA—more than Black, Latino, & Asians COMBINED—are white women. 2. AA was NEVER about accepting unqualified people, it was always about ensuring underrepresented qualified people ALSO had a fair shot at acceptance. Universities systemically discriminated against non-white applicants. AA required them to also consider non-white applicants. 1/2

Robert Reich: "What do these corporations hav…" -

What do these corporations have in common? Netflix Ford Tesla T-Mobile Duke Energy DISH Network Metlife Dominion Energy United States Steel In recent years, they all paid their execs more than they paid in taxes. This is what a corporate-rigged system looks like.

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD).

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD). The Howard government introduced “Harmony Day” on 21 March 1999, so that we don’t actually talk about racism like and with, the rest of the world. There is no harmony in the struggle to eliminate racial discrimination. Today the National Indigenous Youth Education Coalition (NIYEC) launched The School Exclusion Project Report. The report details the historical and systemic exclusion of First Nations children from an education because of race. Racism, in all forms, needs to acknowledged, identified and e...

Prison healthcare as punishment — the killing of Veronica Nelson - Overland literary journal

Aboriginal woman Veronica Marie Nelson passed away on the floor of a prison cell on 2 January 2020, after days of crying out for help. Three years later, a Coroner found that if she had received the healthcare she needed, she would not have died. The underlying logic of the carceral system is that certain people must be made to suffer to keep the rest of the community safe. It’s a maddening lie which has been repeated so many times that we’ve forgotten there are other ways to address harm.

I keep hearing mental illness is the key factor behind multiple innocent women, Women of Colour and People of Colour being killed over the weekend.

I keep hearing mental illness is the key factor behind multiple innocent women, Women of Colour and People of Colour being killed over the weekend. Sure its a factor, but this incident cannot be blamed on the behaviour of one individual actor, framed as the EXCEPTION. For the perpetrator to feel they could murder multiple women, WoC and PoC in broad daylight - its because this behaviour is part of a culture that is the NORM. It was no coincidence that women, WoC and PoC faced the brunt - merely another symptom, another consequence of a harmful system going unchecked. Blaming it on menta...

It's Going Down: ""Two major arms manufacturers …" -

In Peterborough, dozens of activists are picketing a Safran Electronics facility. Safran Group has an agreement with the Israeli government to provide it with telemetry equipment that will serve in the testing of its anti-missile system, as well as an agreement with Israeli weapons manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to make battlefield targeting technology."

Kobi LaCroix: "Learning how to work within a …" -

Learning how to work within a system that you can’t escape from does not entail recognizing that system as legitimate.

nullagent: "You know you're mutual aid pro…" -

You know you're mutual aid programs are on top of their shit when the government social workers start coming to you for resources and tips on navigating the state's systems. 🥴

Vincent Mousseau: ""Our mothers, unlike their whi…" -

Our mothers, unlike their white counterparts, had to try and make a home in the midst of a racist world that had already sealed our fate, an unequal world waiting to tell us we were inferior, not smart enough, unworthy of love. Against this backdrop where blackness was not loved, our mothers had the task of making a home. As angels in the house they had to create a domestic world where resistance to racism was as much a part of the fabric of daily life as making beds and cooking meals. This was no easy task, since internalized racism meant we brought the values of white supremacy into our h...

Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts

Devastated by the recent news of the 10-year-old Indigenous child who tragically died by suicide in statutory family policing / Out Of Home Care. This is a heartbreaking reminder of the urgent need for change in the child protection / family policing system.

‘Children won’t be able to survive’: inter-American court to hear from climate victims | Climate crisis | The Guardian

“We see how industrial activity is affecting our entire ecosystem,” he says. “But we also know that climate change is affecting our environment. It is a struggle and we are trying to make it visible in order to be heard.” Medina will be telling his story this week to a panel of judges in Barbados during the first part of a historic hearing on climate change by the inter-American court of human rights.

This no surprise - a daily lived experience by many BIPOC candidates.

This no surprise - a daily lived experience by many BIPOC candidates. I remember when I stopped using my full name on my resume and what a difference it made in getting callbacks alone. The algorithms are 100% to blame but they are not the root of the problem. I often say when we review market research, and this could be to support whether salaries are in line with the majority, or not - qualifications/requirements for potential positions; there is always a biase. The standard had to be decided on in order to create the comparatives in the first place. That is what we're up against. And w...

Stephanie Ortoleva: "To create more equitable #educ…" -

To create m ore equitable #education systems, policymakers must understand how #racism, #ableism, and #sexism intersect and negatively affect #Black #disabled #girls’ ability to attain an education. #DisabilityPolicy #DisabledAndCapable #WomenWithDisabilities #InclusionMatters #DisabilityJustice

Pascale MTL: "Perhaps we should also divest …" -

Perhaps we should also divest from universities and start reimagining how we obtain/share knowledge. “Cambridge’s Emmanuel College has severed ties with a philosophy fellow after his remarks on race and meritocracy sparked controversy. Nathan Cofnas faced backlash for suggesting that in a merit-based system, #BlackRepresentation would be limited outside of sports and entertainment.” #racism #BlackMastodon

Pascale MTL: "Perhaps we should also divest …" -

Perhaps we should also divest from universities and start reimagining how we obtain/share knowledge. “Cambridge’s Emmanuel College has severed ties with a philosophy fellow after his remarks on race and meritocracy sparked controversy. Nathan Cofnas faced backlash for suggesting that in a merit-based system, #BlackRepresentation would be limited outside of sports and entertainment.” #racism #BlackMastodon

Broadwaybabyto: "Disabled people are not ok. Th…" -

Disabled people are not ok. The pandemic has turned society against us (even more than before). People were quietly ableist before. Now they’re openly hateful. It was hard to access healthcare before. Now it’s impossible. It was lonely before. Now it’s a pit of despair It’s been an incredibly difficult 4 years for disabled and vulnerable individuals. We’ve had to endure terror of knowing we will be triaged out of medical care if system is overwhelmed, have DNRs forced on us & are witnessing aggressive expansion of medically assisted death We’ve watched as the world clamours to get “b...

Joe Cardillo (they/them): "As efforts to remove LGBTQ+ pe…" -

As efforts to remove LGBTQ+ people from public space by banning books, film, and TV continue at the local level, Williesha Morris's coverage of what's happening in Alabama's library system offers a picture that impacts nearly every US state (including mine, #NewMexico):

May Likes Toronto: "Some years ago, I made it past…" -

Some years ago, I made it past a round of layoffs. I started counting who got let go. At least 70% of them were POCs. Most of the 30% of white people were about to retire and packaged out early. Definitely not representative of the company's demographics. When I brought this up: - "I don't believe in affirmative action." 🤔 - "We even cleared the list with our lawyers!" 😑 - "But *I* am not racist!" 🙈 Honey, this is why it's called Systemic Racism.

NV Access: "Axe-Con virtual conference is …" -

Axe-Con virtual conference is coming up in under a week! Presented by @dequesystems this year's theme is "Building accessible experiences". We are very pleased to be a donation partner for the event, alongside @blackgirlscode and the Disability Visibility Project. More info on the event and register for FREE to attend #Axecon #Axecon2024 #Axecon24 #A11y #Accessibility

Muirén 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈♾️🍉✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼: "The suburbs were created as Fe…" -

The suburbs were created as Federally subsidized white reservations. Signaling the end of public good, they are unsustainable and cannot be redeemed by wrapping them in kente cloth because the racialized class hierarchy that invented suburbs is a Ponzi scheme. It only exists for a chosen few by extraction from what is for most, a deliberately engineered permanent underclass. Those who believe the myth, the white lie of meritocracy, of hyper-individualism, and act like white people’s ice is colder, do not work to end the system, but envy the oppressor and want equal opportunity to be just ...

Muirén 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈♾️🍉✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼: "European-Americans, shielded b…" -

European-Americans, shielded by the presumed innocence reserved for whiteness, have always claimed their generation is magically less white supremacist than generations before. They gaslight us by conflating basic, performative civility at the interpersonal level as the beginning and end of discussion about racism, as if being "nice" means you don't believe in white supremacy, or in any way seek to divest themselves the polite white supremacist culture that nurtures and empowers expression of race-based violence. Never seen is any mass movement among European-Americans to abolish whitenes...

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "The older I get, the easier it…" -

The older I get, the easier it is for me to understand how various interlocking systemic oppressions that pass for a society make people just snap one day.

Very distressing death in 2022 of an Aboriginal woman.

Very distressing death in 2022 of an Aboriginal woman. The sentenced 28 year old man beat his girlfriend, referred to by her cultural name Nyaparu, for eight minutes in Perth's CBD. Her death could not be directly linked to her bashing, hence the lesser charges. The man has been sentenced to four years in jail after punching his young girlfriend 40 times in the head. While much of the recent focus has been on the deaths of white women, there is an ongoing crisis across the country including the much higher proportionate incidence of FDV for Aboriginal women, and the consequent vital need f...

Missing, murdered and incarcerated Indigenous women in Australia: a literature review

This Week's Top Report is… Missing, murdered and incarcerated Indigenous women in Australia: a literature review ➡ “Many mainstream organisations, including ANROWS, have not given sufficient attention to the lives of Indigenous women who continue to be taken from their families and communities, nor sufficiently examined the failures of the systems that intend to keep them safe.” Claire Bevan, Jane Lloyd, Hannah McGlade, ANROWS hashtag#violenceagainstwomen hashtag#FirstNations Curtin University

Helen Czerski: "Just finisihed this & it's bri…" -

Just finisihed this & it's brilliant: Katalin Kariko's story of her life. She was convinced that mRNA therapies could work decades ago & did the foundation work, all while being ignored, never promoted & struggling for jobs. Today, millions are vaccinated with mRNA vaccines & she has a Nobel prize. It's a great story, and leaves a lot for the scientific system to think about. Highly recommended.

NatalyaD: "I have found a spare spoon to …" -

I have found a spare spoon to email the PALS team at the hospital to chunter about This Stupid Phonecall To The Deafie: The NHS Accessible Information Standard (AIS) has been in force since August 2016. Why in Feb 2024, 7.5 years later are we still still phoning deaf people, sending blind people print letters and demanding other disabled people e.g. with dementia/severe learning disabilities, answer fucking phonecalls. This is a systems failure which I am tired of.

NatalyaD: "In this call the caller "Numpt…" -

In this call the caller "Numpty" had SEEN the note saying "deaf, no phones" but phoned me anyway cos she had to do a pre-op questionnaire and she only knew of how to do this by phone. Even if Numpty is being stupid, she's also badly trained and let down by a system that doesn't say "Do X instead" or escalate to someone else instead. I must FOI to find out what the alerts look like cos in 2020 I was told allergy/safeguarding/comms/info alerts were all the same visual thing which is USELESS.

SabiLewSounds: "It doesn't matter where you la…" -

It doesn't matter where you land on the bipartisan "democracy" of the US and many other countries - this is a #colonialist and #capitalist mindset and we see proof of it in #Congo and #Palestine I fear for my life even if I survive today, even if I make rent, even if I get food I fear for my mother's life if I am too mentally unwell to function this system will execute her, she's old, brown, an immigrant, disabled - marked as useless to society We have worth

(PDF) Australian Media, Intersectionality, and Reporting on Violence against Women from Diverse Backgrounds

The media’s representation of VAW greatly influences government policy and service response to victims from diverse backgrounds. A number of organizations supporting women fleeing from domestic violence or reporting sexual abuse have issued guidelines for the media to report on VAW with increased sensitivity and fewer stereotypes and victim-blaming (Fileborn et al., 2019). “Media reporting is considered an important indicator of community attitudes and beliefs about VAW and thus a critical site through which to measure progress toward shifting social norms that reinforce or exacerbate it” (...

International Monitor: "Thirty years after the end of …" -

Thirty years after the end of the apartheid segregation system, South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa endorsed a law targeting hate speech and hate crimes. Read more here👇

Ben :bc:: "It's quite funny to me that th…" -

It's quite funny to me that the country's national state sponsored radio openly acknowledged daily that virtually everyone in the country is desperately unhappy at the moment and even runs features on how we might be able to artificially increase our happiness, even in the face of it all. Why has it been normalised for a whole country to be sad. If you were looking at it from a biological/ecological viewpoint you would say that system is malfunctioning, you'd then look for what was making it sick and fix it. Instead we're listening to the virus tell us what to do. Like a warped game of 'Sim...

Scott Campbell: "After a student was killed by …" -

After a student was killed by porros yesterday, students throughout the UNAM system have begun organizing protests and strikes against the existence of porro groups within the university. [Porros, briefly, are groups of youth paid and controlled by the university or political parties to attack their opponents.]

Not My Type: Automating Sexual Racism in Online Dating | Berkman Klein Center

A new book by Dr. Apryl Williams exposes how race-based discrimination is a fundamental part of the most popular and influential dating algorithms. “Not My Type: Automating Sexual Racism in Online Dating” (Stanford University Press) provides a socio-technical examination of the AI systems powering Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and other apps. Williams uses deep analysis of companies’ patents and technology to reveal how racism and romance are now inextricably linked through computer code. She also interviews more than 100 app users, exploring why online dating as a person of color is so fraught.

Dave Rahardja: "#Texas is losing Californian t…" -

#Texas is losing Californian transplants again. No surprise to me, as Texas politicans use Californians as rhetoric bait—at the same time boasting about how Californians are moving into the state to create the next Silicon Valley in Austin, while simultaneously scapegoating Californians as disgusting commie liberals invading their state, lumping them together with “illegal immigrants” in their xenophobic rhetoric. Not said in the article is the fact that Texas law is hostile to non-cis-het people, especially those with a uterus. You can’t pay me enough money to relocate to Texas (or any nu...

Texas Observer: "“We just can’t have a system t…" -

“We just can’t have a system that treats arrests more leniently than other ways of punishing your critics.” This week's top story: A small-town #Texas dispute that spiraled out of control has landed at the U.S. Supreme Court, with potentially widespread consequences.

Matt Haughey 🦣: "I wish I could tell my ten yea…" -

I wish I could tell my ten year old self reading Omni Magazine and sci-fi short stories that in 2024 shit will actually get a little weird, like that time solar flares caused our robot tractors to not plant seeds at the right time, jeopardizing our food system

Jeannette Ho: "“For Whom Is Campus to Be Safe…" -

“For Whom Is Campus to Be Safe?” “…For students and faculty exercising their right to academic freedom including the freedom to protest? Or for those who require a militarized system of surveillance and policing in order to feel “comfortable” in maintaining a status quo that has continued for far too long?”

Trauma then and now: Implications of adoption reform for First Nations children - Turnbull‐Roberts - 2022 - Child & Family Social Work - Wiley Online Library

Currently, Aboriginal children are significantly over-represented in the out-of-home-care system. Drawing on Aboriginal trauma scholarship and decolonizing methodologies, this paper situates the contemporary state removal of Aboriginal children against the backdrop of historical policies that actively sought to disrupt Aboriginal kinship and communities. The paper draws on submissions to the 2018 Australian Senate Parliamentary Inquiry into Adoption Reform from Aboriginal community controlled organizations and highlights four common themes evident throughout these submissions: (i) the role ...

Liliki: "Considering the way mothers ar…" -

Considering the way mothers are treated in this shithole country, I'm outraged to see all this bullshit celebration of mothers this one stupid day per year. Give us control of our reproductive system, safety from abusers, equal pay and maternity leave, for starters. No? Too extreme? Then fuck off. I have a bear to meet in the woods.

Verdant Square MD - DC - VA: "Hard on the heels of the #Mosb…" -

Hard on the heels of the #Mosby conviction, BPD promotes one of the cops involved in the in-custody death of Freddie Gray, which provoked the 2015 uprising that protested #policebrutality and #systemicracism. A message is being sent to Baltimore...

𝐿𝒶𝓃𝒶 "not the northern lights": "Capitalism as a system has no …" -

Capitalism as a system has no inherent bias toward increasing consumer spending. Capitalism rewards wealth *hoarding*. You win in capitalism when you *have* more and *spend* less. That includes spending less on labor. That is why pure free market capitalism will always trend toward economic stagnation. The last 80+ years of wage stagnation are a feature, not a bug. If they could legally pay you less, they would.

Our past creates our present: a brief overview of racism and colonialism in Western paleontology | Paleobiology | Cambridge Core

As practitioners of a historical science, paleontologists and geoscientists are well versed in the idea that the ability to understand and to anticipate the future relies upon our collective knowledge of the past. Despite this understanding, the fundamental role that the history of paleontology and the geosciences plays in shaping the structure and culture of our disciplines is seldom recognized and therefore not acted upon sufficiently. Here, we present a brief review of the history of paleontology and geology in Western countries, with a particular focus on North America since the 1800s. ...

Ageism Haunts Some Tech Workers in the Race to Get Hired | WIRED

Ageism is a longtime problem in the tech industry. Database startup RelevantDB went viral in 2021 after it posted a job listing bragging, “We hire old people,” which played off industry stereotypes. In 2020, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that IBM had engaged in age discrimination, pushing out older workers to make room for younger ones. (The company has denied engaging in “systemic age discrimination.”)

Adani mine could be 'causing environmental harm' at protected springs, say Queensland government officials in court case - ABC News

Adani's Queensland coal mine could be causing environmental harm to the nationally important Doongmabulla Springs, according to sworn statements by state Environment Department officials. The warnings follow a scathing assessment by federal science agencies that Adani's groundwater modelling, meant to provide an early-warning system to protect the springs, was "not fit for purpose".

Charlie McHenry: "#WTF is this? So now, those of…" -

#WTF is this? So now, those of us with compromised immune systems or other health concerns will be #Banned from #masking up? Seems like that’s a pretty heavy handed restriction of personal liberty as well as a significant lack of common sense. “North Carolina lawmakers push bill to ban most public mask wearing, citing crime” #Covid #Covid19 #LongCovid #PublicHealth Simone Hetherington, a speaker during public comment, urges lawmakers not to pass the masking bill during the state Senate Rul...

Charlie McHenry: "This is precisely why rejuvena…" -

This is precisely why rejuvenating the state hospital system and lowering the bar for involuntary commitment (with safeguards) is essential to battling rough-sleeping homelessness. “After brief housing, man's drug use results in him back on Portland streets” - See, the thing is a percentage of the unhoused are in serious drug addiction or mental health crises. These folks deserve better, namely housing and treatment in state facilities that are built and staffed to accommodate their needs. City shelters are never going to serve this population adequately, just not gonna happen. #Homeless #...

Systemic imbalance still exists - Practical Diversity and Inclusion

Rik :blackcat: 🇵🇸: "@nando161 Sada Social diligent…" -

Sada Social diligently observes the collective dissent voiced by numerous Meta employees, encompassing Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Threads, regarding the Meta company's complicity in the genocidal war against the Gaza Strip, its endorsement of the Israeli occupation, and its fueling of the "Lavender" artificial intelligence system used by the Israeli military to kill Palestinian individuals within the Gaza enclave.

Bích-Mây Nguyễn :verified:: "“The value is to promote healt…" -

“The value is to promote health, to care about a population, to promote health equity,” [Elisabeth] Benjamin said. “Suing people for medical debt or engaging in extraordinary collection actions is really anathema to all those values,” she said. “Forget about your ‘cancer-mobile’ or your child vaccination clinic.”

Puneet Singh Singhal: ""Ableism looks like calling pe…" -

Ableism looks like calling people 'inspiring' for navigating a system that is designed for exclusion, while doing nothing to hold the system accountable. - Carson Tueller

TetraLogical: "Read about Accessible design s…" -

Read about Accessible design systems: Get in touch at

Michael Downey 🇺🇳: "I am sad to not be able to saf…" -

I am sad to not be able to safely attend FOSDEM this year. There are so many people I want to spend time with. However, as is the case with hundreds or maybe thousands of us past attendees, our immune systems can't handle the risk of such a crowded event that makes no effort to implement a health and safety plan. SARS-CoV-2 viral load levels in Belgium this January were 43x what they were in July, as indicated by highly reliable wastewater sampling. Safe events can still happen: @phpledge

Sarah Matthews: "UK politics - Disability Actio…" -

UK politics - Disability Action Plan MOSTRAR MENOS Disability Action Plan - little to address the pressures from the increasing cost of living, challenges with the benefits system and the ongoing social care crisis #UK #politics #disability

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "Dear abled people: Every time…" -

Dear abled people: Every time you are asked to provide accessibility and resent "more work", use that feeling to reflect on how much more work it is for people WHO ARE DISABLED to do the work an ableist society requires for just about every interaction in our day (bureaucracy re disability/poverty, inaccessible communication/infrastructure/culture/events/school/work/hospitals/emergency response, etc). and join us in working for systemic change that will make it easier for all of us. #Ableism

Meta-phobic Megan Moved: "If you're curious as to how yo…" -

If you're curious as to how you join us in working for systemic change, there's some guidance here (although the details vary for different institutions, legal systems, cultures, countries). Platform disabled people and work with us. #Ableism #UCAccessNow

Puneet Singh Singhal: "Key Components of Independent …" -

Key Components of Independent Living: 1.) Self-determination and choice 2.) Accessible environments 3.) Support systems 4.) Inclusive education and employment opportunities

New Open Source Projects to Confront Racial Justice - Linux Foundation

Today the Linux Foundation announced that it would be hosting seven projects that originated at Call for Code for Racial Justice, an initiative driven by IBM and Creator David Clark Cause to urge the global developer ecosystem and open source community to contribute to solutions that can help confront racial inequalities.

Systemic racism: individuals and interactions, institutions and society | Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications | Full Text

Systemic racism is a scientifically tractable phenomenon, urgent for cognitive scientists to address. This tutorial reviews the built-in systems that undermine life opportunities and outcomes by racial category, with a focus on challenges to Black Americans. From American colonial history, explicit practices and policies reinforced disadvantage across all domains of life, beginning with slavery, and continuing with vastly subordinated status. Racially segregated housing creates racial isolation, with disproportionate costs to Black Americans’ opportunities, networks, education, wealth, heal...

Open Society Foundations Announce $220 Million for Building Power in Black Communities  - Open Society Foundations

Recipients of this set of investments range from emerging groups to more established forces for civil rights. Among them: Black Voters Matter, Circle for Justice Innovations, Repairers of the Breach and the Equal Justice Initiative. Some are fighting for an end to policing as we know it, and others are fighting for access to the ballot. Collectively, these organizations make up a vital ecosystem of justice, one that’s poised to harness the extraordinary energy of today and ensure it results in meaningful reform.


Status quo has always been built on a system of organized plunder while pretending there’s an inherent superiority in whiteness. Cultural shift happening now upsets them so b/c they’ve been able to freely engage in false histories & pseudosciences for so long thru use of force


What a joke. Rich, white, private school boys snort coke in front of cops and the magistrate jokes with them "haven't you heard of a bathroom?" and lets them off. Try tell me there is no injustice in our justice system.


Think how racist America’s healthcare system must be to treat black people worse now relative to white people than it did during slavery.


Use caution when describing barriers. Being Black is not a barrier for me. White supremacy is the barrier. Being female is not a barrier for me. Patriarchy is the barrier. Name the systems of power. These are the barriers.


@PenelopeFirshma @lishunter @WGinPolitics That is #intersectionality which is still about systems of disadvantage or discrimination #race #inequality


“Racism and anti-blackness have always operated and continue to operate under color of law.” We need to confront the fact SYSTEMIC RACISM exists in the courts in order to address it. Blackfullas aren’t locked up at higher rates because we are more *criminal*.


1 hour to launch! The Pathways to Politics Program for Women @Pathways_UoM is such an important part of the push for a political system that more fully reflects Australian society. We @Government_UoM @unimelb are proud to run this flagship program with the #TrawallaFoundation.


It is such a simple *hot take* by the media to quote elites saying that Indigenous incarceration is high because blackfullas commit more serious crimes! Stop feeding a toxic narrative! The Indigenous incarceration is high because, SYSTEMIC RACISM!


“21% of Republicans say the killings of unarmed Black people by police are a sign of broader problems in how police treat African Americans, while 55% of Republicans said the same in early June.” Who convinced so many Republicans that police violence wasn’t a systemic problem?


For all those who have been asking & patiently waiting, the @MelbLawSchool webinar on whether #BlackLivesMatter in our justice system is now up. #auspol @abcspeakingout @AnitaHeiss @HannahD15 @Roxy_Moore_ @CaruanaSteven @DebKilroy @AmyThunig @Craig_Foster


Chronic and acute stress significantly impairs executive functioning. We know that already. Racism is a chronic & often acute stress. Racial trauma can have a cognitive element which system weaponise to further ‘prove’ employees of colour who they harm are unfit.


@IndigenousX An ex-cop WA says police hounding and jailing innocent Indigenous to meet quotas. Brutality and systemic, shocking racism ingrained in WA Police. That's prob why they didn't worry about chasing up baby's whereabouts.


The death of baby Charlie, the trauma that the system continues to inflict on his mother is beyond heart breaking. Never a truer reflection of the ways the colonial legal system protects itself by denying any accountability or justice to Aboriginal people in so called “Australia


@Utopiana Considering a baby died in NT this year, whilst police took mum in to custody ... Isn't that indicative of systemic issues worthy of an inquest? Fucking awful.


@Utopiana That is a really tough read. The lack of investment in young Aboriginal children includes the systemic failure to support and protect Aboriginal families and to investigate the tragic deaths of Aboriginal babies. #heartbreaking


Straight up: had this kid been white, this would not have happened. Nor would the system be denying the family a chance at justice and closure.


Anti-Blackness is pervasive in academia, and physics is no exception. UC Berkeley physicist @CDBrownII details his experiences with interpersonal and systemic anti-Black racism and lays out actions that can start dismantling it


I don’t believe in D&I positions 1. It’s silo rather than a systems thinking 2. These individuals RARELY have the resources, autonomy or authority to do anything for substantive change 3. Burnout/through rate is high 4. I’m focused on changing an INDUSTRY, not one company


Gosh! Apparently women are deciding to have fewer children! Given the overwhelming support (not) they get from their partners, the govt, tax system, medical profession, employers, colleagues, financial system & just about anyone else you can think of, how come I am not surprised?


I have never thought the distinction we make betwn colonialism & enslavement is particularly useful esp. when thinking about Africa. Colonialism necessary entails enslavement. Whiteness likes to change terminology to disguise its continuing systems & give the illusion of progress


Shifting language is a great way to shift accountability & protect the white psychic equibruim. Once you realise these systems are fundamentally one & the same, then you can begin to see the game plan.


When we say #BlackLivesMatter this is what we’re talking about! We need help to break down systemic racism that continues to exist in Australia. This really is a disgrace and a reflection on how we are devalued in the “lucky country” #AboriginalLivesMatter


It's not the job of Black lawyers or traumatised families to change the system. It is the job of this country to do that. And if we want to see real change lets appoint Indigenous coroners. That's what real reform starts to look like. @GeorgeNewhouse #BlackLivesMatter


Aboriginal people are not the problem👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @Robyn_Oxley draws on her research about Aboriginal deaths in custody. No more legal system, we need a justice system #aboriginallivesmatter


Education is a system which advantages white, middle class students. It works to disadvantage students of colour and to perpetuate and protect whiteness and white privilege' p162


People in positions of influence need to encourage abolishionist perspectives in the context of justice. The moment you cancel the idea of abolishing prisons is the moment you cancel black lives. Reform in these systems will continue to kill.


And then when you finally believe, what will you do? I mean will you set fire to this joint to save us? Will you hand in your badge? Resign your job? Pull apart the colony? Tear down the very systems you benefit every single day from? Didn’t think so.


We learnt 230 years ago that white people will never let us live free. We forget this is a whole system, it’s not just about individuals. I am not waiting on any of them to emancipate me. My liberation will be found standing beside my brothers and sistas in the struggle


Whatever the DEMANDS for change are, they need to address *systemic racism* and *power* if we are serious about decolonising the colony and delivering accoutability. It has to be a collective movement, us against the system, not each other. #4corner


The *assumption of innocence* is now systemically eroded by COPS data systems, when they see a black face you are already under surveillance & likely searched for some sort of “crime”. #4corners


@NepePere @SteveHa09255868 There are massive social problems with aboriginal communities, moreso than any indigenous community I’ve ever seen. But this was done *to* them. Deliberately, systematically, by our ancestors. Us white people think anything that happened >1 generation ago is irrelevant


@NepePere @NovaPeris This is why we must stand with them to break systematic racism. It's not enough to put them front and centre when they are standing on rotten foundations. Anyone who isn't privileged can feel his deep pain. I hope he and his family are safe and well


So, Indigenous pple are systematically pursued & charged for cannabis possession yet these boys from a “good school” snort cocaine IN FRONT OF COPS yet get off AND the magistrate (also a “good school” boy?) tells them they should have used the bathroom!!! #SideBySide


The whole point of flattening the curve was some to buy time to boost hospital capacity but I’ve just seen that the govt built a “field hospital” to keep the largely Bla(c)k & POC tower residents out of the healthcare system


Money into these orgs (whilst vital now) continues to uphold a system where the govt doesn’t have to step up. COMMUNITY CARE DIRECTLY TO COMMUNITY is the best way to help. Nothing being taxed, no red tape, no one needing to monitor or track assistance. Just helping people 4/4


You’ve heard me rant about the NFP system being broken? Being unable to deliver & meet client needs usually to gov restraints etc but also, the government depends on informal orgs like churches & community groups to meet client needs where they fall short. The more we pour 3/4


I don't want to die, I am want to breath get out. I have no air, the windows don't open. My parents aren't here and now I have covid... I really don't want to die here' - resident in his early 20s waazn1 Upper middle class suburbs are NOT models of #abolition. Their peace and prosperity comes viaa the systemic exploitation and overpolicing of Black, Latinx and other vulnerable communities. That is not part of abolition. @equalityAlec @culturejedi @rwgilmoregirls @jaybeware Indigenous...


Class & Intelligence doesnt disqualify Black people from being victims of Racism. Its Systematic, & the Colonial education institutions cannot measure Black Excellence either, only Black fullas can do that.. ✊🏾🖤🔥 #FightThePower #BlackMindsMatter #BlackLivesMatter


The medical system violently mistreats before, during and after childbirth, ignores or underestimates our physical pain, and gives us less involved treatment plans, among other injustices. People are not “refusing” to be rested.


Agreed. Which is why people who can see systematic racism were so angry when Dan blamed the public housing towers and sent police to make things worse.


This is disgraceful. @GOP & ⁦@TuckerCarlson⁩ go berserk after ⁦@IlhanMN⁩ calls for dismantling “All Systems of Oppression.” The language they use in their attacks is so clearly racist, xenophobic, & anti-Muslim. They are part of the problem.


Dr @debbiebargallie: "Australians also need to understand that racism is not a single event – it is embedded in all Australian systems, institutions and workplaces."


“..Australians also need to understand that racism is not a single event – it is embedded in all Australian systems, institutions and workplaces..” A must read 👇👇👇


@SteveDoubleW @TaraTomahawk “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” had a profound impact on me in high school. Not because I was learning about the violence and displacement, since I was already familiar, but more so that I realized it was far more systemic and egregious than I’d realized or imagined.


We can keep chalking things like this (Jetstar, Ruby Princess, quarantine hotels) to unfortunate accidents or recognise we’ve massively underfunded public health, and the countries that are smashing the virus (SK, Taiwan) have extremely robust PH systems.


Racially biased' screening tool used in the child protection system places more Indigenous children in custody, critics say #ChildSafety #ChildWelfare #ChildProtection #Racism @LyndaJune1 @TurnbullVanessa @SNAICC @EddieMoore59 @amymcquire @AbSecNSW


This clip absolutely makes my heart ache, this man deserved & deserves better. Speaking out against these systems & individuals, & speaking up about personal experience, is so difficult. I am heart sore that we continue to see and experience these things in so many fields


Aboriginal people can fight to remove colonial statues AND fight to stop blak deaths in custody. They are not mutually exclusive in our fight to dismantle white supremacy & systemic racism


We're grieving for the families that have lost their homes and for what we've lost personally in the fires... I'm grieving for the plants, the animals, the birds.” Mogo's scattered Indigenous families are still grieving, six months after the bushfires. dmejiacanales I don’t know who needs to hear this but the police are not the friends of brown folks living in public housing estates. Oh no wait, you all needed to hear this. KathAlbury Hello fellow white peopl...


Quotas of Aboriginal staff, senior staff, board members etc is not THE solutuon.This places stress & onus on Blak people to dismantle white supremacy, systemic & structural racism.They cannot do this is if white ppl do not change their behaviour/attitude/actions


What's it called when you design society to explicitly devalue the lives of disabled people, to systematically make survival as a disabled human needlessly, cruelly, gratuitously difficult, and then you blame disabled people for ableds spreading COVID?


you have to say I’m not prepared to accept conditionality around the way I receive money, or that you shape my agenda.” Paddy Rodgers. Agreed but museums must also address the conditions they impose on BAME, LGBTQI+, Indigenous & working class communities sandyosullivan @FarmsGwendolyn @IndigenousXLtd There isn't one site that's an alternative, because no single Black org would have the audacity to speak for everyone, everywhere, on everything. Instead read the work by Black writers, look at @IndigenousX, & @AusLi...


Thread: My first career. This has taken me a long time to get over because I still carry trauma and feel sick about it. Colleagues have been sharing their story and I’m adding my voice. We need to change the system.


Some days are more in your face with the awfulness of the world than others, but don’t be mislead into thinking this isn’t a typical day. It is. The systems are rotten, not broken, they’re designed to act this way, and they’re rotting with our lives inside them. Cool cool cool.


Who the fk suspends a kinda kid?! ‘NSW Department of Education figures show seven out of 10 suspensions of kindergarten students in the four years to 2019 involved students who needed some kind of adjustment to accommodate their disability’ The system is rotting.


I expected maybe one person (Bjorn) to read that thread. I'm grateful for the kind comments. I should add this was 10 yrs ago. Sad to leave journalism but I got my dream of writing for TV drama. I'm not bitter towards SBS either. But the system is still broken.


All the narratives we tell ourselves about Australian fairness and the rule of law fly out the window in so far as the treatment of the Aboriginal families in the system, said Professor @mdavisqlder


While yes, there is a lot of performative work by businesses & individuals atm, and we need systemic change, I’m not going to forget that Maccas took away the franchises of racist Rob when #TooStrongForYouKaren was brought to their attention. I’m here for it. Keep going.


the beginning of entrenchment in the criminal justice system with some kids even ending up on remand. We should #raisetheage and support kids in ways that we know from evidence will actually help them. Kids should be in school not at court/locked up. 2/


CLOSE THE GAP: Professor Dr @mdavisqlder, pro-vice-chancellor @ILC_UNSW, tells @juliepower of the @SMH that the child protection system needs a complete overhaul to stop Aboriginal children being removed from family, culture and country. #CloseTheGap


Fighting bias in tech is more than knowing how to evaluate content we consume. It’s dismantling the industry’s systemic inequity in how content is produced. Hiring & coding practices reflect values. “Do you believe people of color are your customers?“ @IjeomaOluo @safiyanoble


Black lives matter, this includes our blak babies in out of home care! When we are advocating the importance of dismantling systemic racism and capitalism it also includes the process of dismantling the child protection system that does in fact, create greater harm than good.


If Black lives really mattered in Australia, every cog of the child protection system would be reformed to stop Aboriginal children being removed from family, culture and country. Spot on @mdavisqlder


“If black lives really mattered in Australia, every cog of the child protection system would be reformed to stop Aboriginal children being removed from family, culture and country.” Reforms to child protection covering Aboriginal children needed


Our investigation...revealed a 16-year history of systematic failures to adequately review the suitability of the carers, conduct quality standard of care checks and thoroughly examine allegations of child abuse within the out of home care setting.


Systemic racism is acting surprised that your own institution is racist, put on a forum for Black ppl to air grievances, promise all sorts of initiatives around “addressing” racism then 2 weeks later promoting yet another white woman to a leadership position👀🤯


Racism is often positioned as mental illness because it aligns with the always a hero/victim, never the villain narrative THIS ENABLES WHITE FOLX TO DISTANCE THEMSELVES FROM “RACIST INDIVIDUALS” WHILE CONTINUING TO BENEFIT FROM THE SYSTEMS OF WHITE SUPREMACY See video below 👇🏾


thanks to @UTSSocialImpact for the yarn! here's the link to the article I spoke briefly about. one big lesson: it is so important that you back impacted blak families & communities. these systems can't carry justice, but their vision does.


Life as a blak woman Being told to ‘tone it down’ as fragile white people can’t deal with the truth By people who actively uphold systemic racism The reason why you’re speaking up in the first place 🙄


Let's redistribute the power back into our communities': Justice advocates Teela Reid and Larissa Behrendt discuss grassroots solutions to systemic problems. #ThePoint


We have to be as ambitious as we possibly can over the next 10 years to see the real change because we've waited long enough.” Plan to keep Aboriginal Australians out of jail, as Indigenous leaders hope change will come. via @isabellahiggins drcbond 12 Aboriginal kids removed from their families and placed in *care* with these perpetrators between 2004-present. How is it that the Dept fails to notify police of the sexual assault? I mean isn’t this abt the time they had that whole intervention 🤔


If you marched in the BLM Rallies & returned to your workplaces & are silent about systemic racism against Blak people. You are complicit in upholding racism. You are part of the problem. You are not an ally. Do not match with us again.


The family of Warlpiri man Kumanjayi Walker who died after allegedly being shot by a Northern Territory police officer has called for major changes to address systemic problems in the police force.


1) Racism cannot be talked about as just an Individual act - its a System, a System that is backed up by Credible data and statistics. If Racism wasnt Systematic, Indigenous people wouldnt be less than 4 per cent of this Continents population

Very insightful

This is why #diversity and #representation matters. It literally shapes the #what and #how as it pertains to every facet of life, with the education system being key among many. I can't but wonder how many physicians innocently misdiagnose patients of colour because they have not been trained beyond the white paradigm.

If We Treated Teachers Like Pro Athletes - Key & Peele

Boyd Maxwell and Perry Schmidt report on the latest developments in the exciting world of pro teaching on "TeachingCenter." About Key & Peele: Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator. Subscribe to Key & Peele:    / @keyandpeele   For more original...

Systemic change needed to increase women in construction: report

A new report for the Victorian Government has found women in trades and semi-skilled roles in construction experience high rates of discrimination and lack

At times devastating, always powerful: new SBS drama Safe Home looks at domestic violence with nuance, integrity and care

Safe Home attests to the ways violence is insidious and ingrained in systemic structures of power.

Are New Zealand's marine heatwaves a warning to the world?

As seas around Aotearoa heat at an unparalleled rate, scientists are starting to understand what it might mean for marine ecosystems

I am reflecting on the meeting with @UKRI_News. How Black and marginalised people continue to be excluded from co-creation and only exploited as study subjects or asked for free/underpaid labour. How the system maintains itself. These words resonate deeply.

#ParentsNext drove women into deep poverty. Listen to our intervention at the UN Poverty is not a choice, it is a direct result of systemic failure We welcome the end of the punitive #ParentsNext program @DjirraVIC @humanrightsHRLC @AmandaRishworth

Academics of colour in elite universities in the UK and the USA: the 'unspoken system of exclusion'

This article explores the experiences of academics of colour in elite universities in the UK and the USA. Drawing on interviews with 34 respondents and using a critical race theory perspective, the findings indicate that academics of colour experience racism in the White space of an elite university. To counter the racism they experience, they develop 'safe spaces' in which they find empathy and support from other academics of colour. A key finding from the study suggests that despite having negative experiences in elite universities, academics of colour have contradictory feelings about th...

Push for a Royal Commission into 'robo-NDIS'

The Royal Commission into Robodebt heard significant revelations about the series of failures that led up to the illegal tech-based scheme. Robodebt involved the use of an algorithm to average out a welfare recipient's yearly income using data from the tax office cross-matched with income reported to Centrelink. If the system identified a discrepancy, a "please explain" notice was sent to the recipient, with the onus placed on them to prove the debt didn't exist. The system was found to regularly incorrectly match this data and create debts that were inaccurate or did not exist at all. Th...

Typical behaviour of a #racist #system The panel concluded "When it came to assessing the merits of behavior allegations against #white employees, the senior member of staff was *SLOW* to move to #formal measures. In the case of the #Asian woman, she moved fairly *SPEEDILY* 1/n

BFI Admits To Systemic Racism & Vows To Improve After Apologizing To 'Four Lions' Producer For Mishandling Discrimination Complaint

EXCLUSIVE: The British Film Institute, one of the UK's most powerful movie funding bodies, admitted to a filmmaker of color last year that it is "systemically racist" after apologizing for ho...

AI expert Meredith Broussard: 'Racism, sexism and ableism are systemic problems'

The journalist and academic says the bias encoded in artificial intelligence systems can't be fixed with better data alone - the change has to be societal

Dr. Ruby en Twitter: "Remember that Sewell report published in 2021 (knighthoods awarded to two authors)? Do you remember that it claimed there was no systemic or institutional racism in UK? Do you know it was never rejected despite being flawed? Listen to the canaries! 2/2

Multicultural Framework Review Must Acknowledge Systemic Racism

The Department of Home Affairs has announced a long overdue review of the Multicultural Policy Framework and the Kind Enterprises submission on the draft Terms of Reference has explicitly request that this review include the glaringly obvious omission of systemic racism and racial discrimination in

Farming our way to starvation: Unsustainable food systems

This two-part series will explore the untenable status quo of global agriculture and aquaculture practices and systems.ÔøΩ There are dry fields with a dusty haze as far as the eyes can see in one ...

Millions of Australians live with a disability, but dental care remains out of reach for many

Millions of Australians live with a disability, yet a costly private dental system is leaving thousands languishing on public waitlists while those who can afford to go private struggle to find someone who will treat them.

Robert's tap water is so bad not even a filtration system could make it suitable for drinking

Residents in Wowan say their non-potable water is bleaching clothes, rusting cutlery and corroding toilets. The local council says a desalination plant is too expensive but is looking at other options.

All the #systems (#GMC, #NMC, #NHS Trusts et al) should note that #CoxvNHSE is a *landmark case* that sets a president for ⤵️ 1️⃣ Complaints of #racial #discrimination And 2️⃣ #Whistleblowing detriment *ALL* the #systems should note....

Unconscious bias training is 'nonsense', says outgoing race relations chair

Civil rights stalwart Colin Prescod says term risks avoiding real conversation about racism and systemic behaviour

Regional Health Project investigation launched by ABC to uncover stories of troubled rural health system - ABC News

UK failing to address systemic racism against black people, warn UN experts

Working group of experts on people of African descent calls for halt on use of joint enterprise and strip search

Digestive system infection by SARS‚ÄëCoV‚Äë2: Entry mechanism, clinical symptoms and expression of major receptors (Review)

Besides causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), SARS‚Äëcoronavirus 2 (SARS‚ÄëCoV‚Äë2) also harms the digestive system. Given the appearance of numerous cases of SARS‚ÄëCoV‚Äë2, it has been demonstrated that SARS‚ÄëCoV‚Äë2 is able to harm target organs such as the gastrointestinal tract, liver and pancreas, and either worsen the condition of patients with basic digestive illnesses or make their prognosis poor. According to several previously published studies, angiotensin‚Äëconverting enzyme II (ACE2) and transmembrane serine protease II (TMPRSS2) are expressed either singly or in ...

Modern day lynching of a 13-year-old child & the guy was FUCKING released 5 days later with charges dropped. I guess he pulled the "I feared for his life" bullshit. This is the American justice system! I don't feel safe living in this country anymore! 🤬🤬🤬 #JusticeForSinzaeReed

Big Nonprofit Hospitals Expand in Wealthier Areas, Shun Poorer Ones

Despite lucrative tax breaks for serving needy communities, many large systems focus growth on higher-income neighborhoods.

REDcycle's collapse is a serious problem but plastic recycling is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound

The collapse of Australia's largest soft plastics recycling scheme is further proof that plastic recycling is a broken system. If we are to meet our new plastic waste targets, systemic change is urgently needed, writes Anya Phelan.

Victoria Police privacy practices criticised after revelations personal information is being misused

Privacy specialists say Victoria Police needs to improve its systems to prevent sensitive information being wrongly accessed by employees, after the ABC revealed 178 officers have faced complaints about the misuse of a key database.

My Life Is in My Caregivers' Hands': Disability Advocate Alice Wong's Vision for a New Approach to Health Care

Alice Wong shares her story of a life affected by sudden medical crises and her road to recovery in a health care system that she believes can - and must - be changed for the better.

The state moved Isabella from paedophile to paedophile. She says 'nobody was paying attention'

More than 700 people from around the country have come forward with concerns about Australia's failing child protection system. These are their shocking claims.

Report shows 69 children known to Queensland's child protection system died in 12 months

A report finds 69 children who were known to the child protection system died between 2021 and 2022, an increase from 53 children the year before.

Pregnancy during the pandemic, the ordeals of migrant women

Pregnant migrant women, facing social isolation and removal of familial support systems, found support from new resources

Ady moved to Australia for a better life. It took him years to realise his employer was exploiting him

Migrant wage theft is running rife in Australia under a system that threatens to deport those who speak out, a new union-led report has found.

Victoria's child protection system is creating 'new stolen generation', Aboriginal leader says

Condemnation comes as the state's truth-telling inquiry, the Yoorrook Justice Commission, prepares to hold hearings on the subject

To those asking, I'm not an internal candidate for the dept chair position. Why would I want to be slaughtered by a system that allows people to kill WOC w/ policies that aren't real? Why should I be held to standards of professionalism when policies don't work?

Zombie' wage deals have hurt Australians for years. Here's how new laws could finally end your wage pain

If you wanted to hold back Australian wages you would design a system pretty much like the one we have today. But how did that come about and can new IR laws make a difference? Peter Martin explains.

Today @crystalam and I are going to court for charges for the #BlackLivesMatter protest in 2020. Whatever the outcome is today just know that this is and has always has been about stopping our people from being killed by the system. That's what matters the most.

If an "inquiry" into the police force finds "systemic racism" yet there is no *accountability* for those who perpetrate it, such as losing their jobs. Then the "inquiry" is a rubber stamp for racism - it doesn't matter how many recommendations you promise to implement.

Racial inequality hard-wired into housing system in England, study finds

Researchers found black and minority ethnic people more at risk of homelessness and racist treatment from landlords

Despite the royal commission's powers, media still faces jail and fines if they identify witnesses under state control

Australians who have been silenced by secretive guardianship and trustee systems will this week give their accounts of life under "state control" to the Disability Royal Commission. Their stories will no doubt be shocking, and it's crucial they're heard, writes Anne Connolly.

Disabled people aren't chronically online because it's our first choice. Disabled people are chronically segregated from society courtesy of inaccessibility, rampant ableism, rigged systems, productivity culture, etc. It's time to realize disabled people aren't the problem.

This week in the colony: systemic abuse of Blak kids revealed at the Banksia Hill child prison, a 13 yr old was mauled by a police dog and a QLD superintendent is being investigated for alleged racism. The war that started in 1788 continues through systemic racism. Treaty = peace

I had an early morning convo with my hubs. If the oppressive system won't change, and I won't change my views against oppression, what does that mean for my career and future? #StopPlayingDiversity

Graph of complex system of social interactions

Inicia sesión o únete ahora para ver publicaciones como esta y mucho más.

Asked in an interview yesterday how I cope with my trauma as an adult & I could honestly say it's not my history that leaves me an insomniac, it's the ongoing violence of these systems, the lack of supports for our families & the silence we are met with when we call for justice.

Systemic racism in the workplace dehumanises Black colleagues

HR rewired Managing Director, best-selling author, and vlogger Shereen Daniels reveals how she became a driving force for racial equality

The geoscientist fighting for universities to confront systemic racism

Christopher Jackson felt obligated to speak out against racism in UK institutions, but a lack of support left him disillusioned with academia.

To say you support MAiD bc you support autonomy also conveniently overlooks its history. It ignores the abuse, coercion & deaths of disabled ppl & elders at the hands of carceral institutions, families & guardians. It dismisses the role systemic racism plays in healthcare.

Meet the First Nations business talents poised for big things

Indigenous Australians are rising the ranks of the business world, bringing vital First Nations knowledge systems with them

I don't quite have the words to express myself. But there is something so disturbing in regard to online survival fundraising. Many of us are marginalized people, people who have historically and systemically been harmed by violent systems and institutions of whiteness.

i think there is a far greater price to be paid for our silence around racial violence. so much respect for @drcwatego, standing up to seek justice in an unjust system.

Further evidence that #Victoria's #police oversight system is broken. Files obtained by @AgeInvestigates show @VictoriaPolice and @IBAC failed to investigate complaints of #domesticviolence cases involving police perpetrators #vicpol #PoliceOmbudsmanNow

Prison is where Clinton learnt to paint. It's also where he drew his last breath

Clinton Austin was the second Aboriginal man to die in custody in Victoria in the space of a month. His twin brother is calling for changes to the justice system.

Indigenous matriarchs call for changes to self-identify systems of Indigenous identity

A group of Indigenous matriarchs is calling for post-secondary institutions and other organizations to stop allowing non-Indigenous people to self identify as Indigenous. A demonstration took place at the University of Saskatchewan Friday afternoon with a group of Indigenous matriarchs calling for change. The Indigenous women organizing the event were a part of the group [...]

How to Disrupt a System That Was Built to Hold You Back

In almost every industry, women of color receive less support, experience double standards, microaggressions, and unconscious bias. This kind of discrimination needs to be addressed at the institutional, organizational, and leadership levels. It is their problem to solve, and not ours. Nonetheless, when you are trying to excel inside of these environments, it's a lot to go up against. In this article, author Lan Nguyen Chaplin shares her personal story about fighting for her role as a tenured professor in academia. She provides readers with a handful of tools that she has developed over the...

Deadly combination': unpicking race's role in three separate tragedies

Their beaming faces and traumatised parents graced countless news bulletins. Did 'systemic racism' in Australia's health system play a part in the deaths of Amrita, Hiyaan and Aishwarya?

I feel sad for Black Lives Matter activists in the US right now. Your efforts are amazing. You started a global movement and fought back against the evil whites supremacist system. Activism isn't perfect and is flawed.

The wicked problem of B(A)ME degree award gaps and systemic racism in our universities

The independent regulator for higher education in England, the Office for Students (OfS), set new national targets in late 2018 to achieve equality of opportunity in higher education by tackling degree award gaps. The sector response to this was to measure degree award gaps between B(A)ME students and white students in their higher education institutions. Analysis of degree award gaps using quantitative methods has revealed an "unexplained gap". We argue that the existence of this "unexplained gap" is evidence of "systemic racism". However, the factors influencing a degree award and their a...

Chatting w/a friend last night, we agreed that one of the biggest scams of the contemporary era is convincing millions of people that they have the exact same mental health struggles (anxiety/depression) for wholly personal, and not systemic/structural, reasons. Good one. 10/10

Yesterday I saw 2 posts of great 2 year NHS career progression. A B5➡️B6 nurse & an exec. It brought to mind all the minoritised people languishing in their roles for years, struggling or unable to progress because of the racist NHS system we work in. #nhsracism #snowywhitepeaks

Racial Discrimination in Face Recognition Technology

The application of face recognition technology in the criminal justice system threatens to perpetuate racial inequality.

One big problem is no one cares about disability rights until they personally become disabled and finally realize how intentionally broken and punishing systems are (medical, gov, society). But it took me decades of being disabled to know that I was AND what was really going on.

So Optus created an unauthenticated API to the customer database and then exposed it to a test system. But they so no human error was involved and blamed it on a sophisticated attack. A breakdown...

We can talk the talk, but we're not allowed to walk the walk': the role of equality and diversity staff in higher education institutions in England

This article draws on interviews with 41 equality and diversity staff in higher education institutions in England who were not members of the Race Equality Charter (REC). It uses the concept of Whiteness and White privilege to argue that within the framework of White normative practices, the role of equality and diversity staff are used as a smokescreen to perpetuate a system of White privilege. Higher education institutions who are not members of the REC do not invest in such initiatives to protect their own White interests. Rather, they give the appearance of addressing equalities under t...

Capitalism and extreme poverty: A global analysis of real wages, human height, and mortality since the long 16th century

This paper assesses claims that, prior to the 19th century, around 90% of the human population lived in extreme poverty (defined as the inability to access essential goods), and that global human welfare only began to improve with the rise of capitalism. These claims rely on national accounts and PPP exchange rates that do not adequately capture changes in people's access to essential goods. We assess this narrative against extant data on three empirical indicators of human welfare: real wages (with respect to a subsistence basket), human height, and mortality. We ask whether these indicato...

Ableds don't realize that there are little to no social safety nets for when you become chronically ill. They think if it happens to them or their loved ones they'll be supported. In reality we have a system built on denying care/support whenever possible #KnivesOutSpoonies

My Minor Thesis findings are now published 'It can be questioned the degree to which nursing curriculum is working towards a health system that is 'free from racism' if only four learning objectives across 31 universities explicitly identify racism'

7/ Again, how THE FUCK is it ok for everyone else to make money off people with disabilities, living in abject poverty on the edge of homelessness, hungry and cold? I've been through unfair systems and this is by far the most grotesque.

8/ What strikes me as particularly revolting, is that WE KNOW and HAVE KNOWN for decades, that lifting people out of poverty leads to vastly better health & community outcomes. More independent, productive, & 'less of a strain' (if you want to go down that road) on the system.

The Medical Journal of Australia refused to publish an article highlighting systemic racism, based on weak allegations of a potential defamation case. That's erasure. And when we do dare speak out, much like Caitlin Moran did this week (3)

According to Need

In less than five years (between 2015 and 2019) the rate of homelessness doubled in Oakland. Reporter Katie Mingle has a simple question with a complex answer: "What are we doing about all of it?" The way homelessness has exploded here over the last decade, you'd think there was no system in place to address

my apologies to the "show some respect" crowd but when you point out that she was a grandmother all I'm thinking of is how my own grandmother died unable to speak the language she was raised with due to the colonial schooling system ✌️

I don't know who needs to read this, but they are systematically removing disabled people's access to public life while creating more disabled people. No one wins in this scenario.

Yesterday my mums partner had a critical health incident in her back yard. Ambo took an hour. She did CPR and he was hanging on for abt 30 min. He died before ambo arrived. Tas health system is broken if no responders when life threatening.

Some of you will build a platform and use it thinking you need to "save" mob, instead of using that platform to tear down systems and fight against racist structures (that YOU continue to benefit from). And I'm not just talking to the settlers...

GPs are essential in managing chronic complex illness for sick and disabled people, but that isn't recognised in our health system. Or what happened when my GP had a baby.

Just want to let abled folks know how much our system keeps disabled people in poverty. The "affordable" housing development I'm on a mailing list for has a *minimum* income that is lower than what most people get on SSI/SSDI income. #DemolishDisabledPoverty

NT Police Hunting for Child that the system has failed

This is the NT Police searching for an alleged abducted (rescued) child, who was taken away from a violent episode at a visitation at Catholic Care Darwin, in which the child, mother and support lady

As this thread does an excellent job of laying out, Sweden systematically embraced euthanizing their elderly population in order to keep their hospitals from becoming strained by Covid-19. Patients were denied access to care, or even given morphine instead of oxygen.

In other words, Canada is allowing non-terminal disabled ppl to be euthanized for no other reason than agreement the system is failing them in regards to housing, support, etc Rather than FIXING those gaps in support, they're coaching patients that perhaps life isn't for them.

Part of the reason disabled folks seem so DESPERATE when we're begging folks to get this pandemic under control is because we know what happens next is a more systematic extermination of the "burdens" on the overtaxed healthcare system. Don't believe us? Take a look...

It's a blatant form of discrimination. Disabled ppl w heightened risk will lose their jobs (even MORE than already), stay unemployed (even more), be prosecuted for truancy (even more), drop out of higher ed (even more), and... also die (even more). It's gross systemic ableism

Why "they can just go to a homeless shelter" fundamentally misunderstands how the shelter system works. üßµ/1

Hoping to create a free directory of groups or orgs who truly advocate for disabled folks within the medical system...if any exist. If you or someone you know has had firsthand experiences with such a group, please send recommendations for any country. My DMs are open. Thanks!

In the countries of the South, most people are victims of the system, whereas in the North, the majority are its beneficiaries. Both know it perfectly well, although often they are either resigned to it (in the South) or welcome it (in the North).

NDIS participant Mitchell Pearce dies after months in hospital waiting for disability accommodation

The family of a disabled man who died after spending more than four months in hospital waiting for accommodation describe the NDIS and aged care system in Australia as "broken".

Our Mother is dying. Country is disappearing. Entire ecosystems in this country are becoming extinct at a faster rate then any where else in the world. We are the first and original land defenders. It is time for First Nations to lead on climate action! Abolish ecocide‚úäüèæüíö

Full-time clinical/academic medicine would've "self-cared" me to death. I cured my burnout by leaving the system that was unapologetically burning me.

I beg of you all, please STOP calling the justice system (and everything it entails, eg: bail laws, etc) is working EXACTLY as it is intended. When you call it broken, you are ignoring & negating the deliberate design to entrap and kill some of us & that is dangerous

why yes, Labor really did just release a report to say that Aus ecosystems face collapse due to climate crisis and then double down on their support for new coal mines a few hours later

Building a Guaranteed Income to End the "Child Welfare" System

It is time for policemakers to reimagine and dismantle the child welfare system. This Article provides background on disparities in the child welfare system and argues that policymakers have used the child welfare system to police poverty and regulate Black families. It asserts that poverty presents a significant risk factor for neglect of children, that poverty should be the focus of policymakers, and discusses economic empowerment through Mother's Outreach Network.

The overrepresentation of the white ethnoclass in knowledge producing institutions helps sustain the myth that only the West has science and the Rest has culture and (false) belief systems only worthy of studying ethnographically.

Philosophers need to recognize and take responsibility for the way they not only reproduce systemic ableism, but expand and worsen its effects. 1/18

Can't stop thinking of Mr Bugmy because I know of so many cases where Aboriginal men are continually denied parole with expectation that they will die of "natural causes". The violence of this system is designed not to shock yet we have to be shocked!!

Women are Credited Less in Science than are Men

There is a well-documented gap in the observed number of scientific works produced by women and men in science, with clear consequences for the retention and promotion of women in science1. The gap might be a result of productivity differences2-5, or it might be due to women's contributions not being acknowledged6,7. This paper finds that at least part of this gap is due to the latter: women in research teams are significantly less likely to be credited with authorship than are men. The findings are consistent across three very different sources of data. Analysis of the first source - large...

Their beaming faces and traumatised parents graced news bulletins nation-wide. Did 'systemic racism' in Australia's health sector play a part in the deaths of Amrita, Hiyaan and Aishwarya?

I'm done with therapy. The system is broken. Therapists aren't properly trained to work with disabled people experiencing issues like chronic pain, marginalization, oppression, and eugenics. The tools they get traumatize and invalidate us, enforce capitalism and toxic positivity.

I'll never not be mad that Black kids as young as 10 are denied bail for minor offences and my ex molested 3 kids, plead guilty and gets to stay on bail until he is sentenced. Make it make sense. Tell me the system works. I dare you.

Unsure who needs to hear this, but your positive experience with the police does not outweigh the fact that the entire colonial criminal punishment system in this country was built upon a bedrock of white supremacy and institutionalised racism and it's killing some of us

It has taken nine years to be seen and heard by the WA government and it is time to look at the justice system and police that failed me, my Dad and my Charlie Boy. - Tamica Mullaley

Ngalaya is deeply concerned about systemic racism at Legal Aid NSW

Following the 7.30 Report allegations, Ngalaya is concerned for the wellbeing of First Nations staff working within Legal Aid NSW.

The state moved Isabella from paedophile to paedophile. She says 'nobody was paying attention'

More than 700 people from around the country have come forward with concerns about Australia's failing child protection system. These are their shocking claims.

Perspective | Listen to Black women. They are outraged, tired and they are right.

Youngkin's public health chief wants to investigate whether systemic racism exists. Black women are busy working to dismantle it.

@Ryan_W2012 This observation is not specific to medicine. The US education system is mainly individual paid, and seems designed for people with wealth. Other countries do this differently.

Disabled people being 'systematically ignored' on climate crisis, says study

Governments not listening to people with disabilities despite them being at high risk, say researchers

The Global South doesn't have "weak" political-economic, education, & healthcare systems. It has systematically weakened institutions due to centuries of colonialism & decades of structural adjustments led by international financial organizations such as the World Bank & IMF.

@DjirraVic prioritises advocating for the rights of Aboriginal women, speaking up to keep women's voices and experiences of FV, incarceration, racism, child removal in front of white Aus to achieve systemic change.

@PaperWhispers I have mixed feelings about data in this space. Many times it is used as a way to ask to change the system to take into account cumulative and subtle discrimination, when I think it should be used to demonstrate the progress of real changes to the system.

I sincerely believe that addressing systemic ableism is the key to our collective futures. When every form of marginalization is meant to disable you so that discarding you is automatically justified, you must take that tool from the oppressor.

What if y'all stopped saying how inspiring disabled people are for overcoming the systemic hurdles you refuse to dismantle

Isn't it something that Johnny Depp just used the legal system to silence Amber Heard for writing an op-ed about how men use institutions to silence women

The truth is out: Britain's immigration system is racist, and always has been. Now let's fix it

All parties, including my own, have been complicit in making bigoted laws. Acknowledging this is the first step to rectifying it, says Labour MP Diane Abbott

The 31 year old disabled woman in Ontario who chose Medical Assistance in Dying because she couldn't get proper, accessible housing has put her application on pause after relocating... the system is still so broken that she's still considering going ahead. Heartbreaking.

Much of the evidence aired in the past five weeks of hearings suggest the system was stacked against Veronica from the start.

@HannahntheWolf I've been so supportive of MAiD, but seeing how it's now being granted in cases when people just need access to safe housing or medications not covered under the public system is horrific. Young people being granted death instead of the tools they need to survive. It's horrific.

First sorry day as a kinship carer so I feel like I know the system more intimately than I previously did. Here's what I've learnt:

We need to recognise the bravery of formerly incarcerated children who have spoken out against the cruelty of prisons, detention centres, watch houses, and acknowledge those lives lost to the system. Knowing how many young mob are exposed to this system hurts. @amnestyOz

England's care system is failing children. This new overhaul is based on a middle-class fantasy

A new review passes the buck for children's care on to the 'community', says social worker Rebekah Pierre

Senators call for exoneration of 12 Indigenous women who endured 'systemic inequality' in Canada's criminal justice system

In a report released Monday, Senators Dawn Anderson, Yvonne Boyer and Kim Pate call for an exoneration of 12 Indigenous women, who they say have endured a pattern of discrimination, inequality and violence within the criminal justice system

As someone who's been in America 14 years and gotten their high school diploma, bachelors, JD, and been admitted to the bar here, but still has no path to citizenship beyond marriage, I am tired of xenophobic people pretending America's immigration system is a free for all

Remote NT community not told about $5m contract to fix uranium in water supply

Laramba residents have no details of when treatment system will be ready and are forced to pay for bottled water while they wait

Today I have seen pressure injuries I've not seen in ten years. What is happening to the health system right now?! (For the new players, pressure injuries can be a sign of neglect)

Once again wondering when people are gonna realise talking about it won't solve shit. The "There needs to be a debate", "it's important to have a conversation" lines are a scam. These militant conservatives don't want to talk, they want to preserve a murderous prejudicial system.

People calling me a crazy, angry Blak woman. I am all of these things, and proud of it. Yesterdays protest wasn't about right and left, it was about right and wrong. This country's immigration detention system is designed to be dehumanising. We should be angry about that.

As a disabled person I do not want your pity; if you have to feel something when you see disabled people's struggles, feel anger that the support systems to help us live the lives we want, either don't exist or are so chronically underfunded they might as well not exist.

Oprah Winfrey's Documentary, 'The Color of Care,' Explores The Racial Inequalities In The Healthcare System

The death of Gary Fowler led Oprah Winfrey to executive-produce her documentary The Color of Care to uncover the structural racism embedded within the U.S. healthcare system.

**sigh**, oh look, another one. Systemic exclusion of disabled people from employment isn't fixed by the individual supports of NDIS in a few short years! Oh no!

Waking up to Marginalization: Public Value Failures in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Data science education is increasingly becoming an integral part of many educational structures, both informal and formal. Much of the attention has been on the application of AI principles and techniques, especially machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics. While AI is only one phase in the data science ecosystem, we must embrace a fuller range of job roles that help manage AI algorithms and systems - from the AI innovators and architects (in CS, Math and Statistics) to the AI technicians and specialists (in CS, IT and IS). Also, it's important that we better ...

Our public policies systemically underfund disability supports to ensure a life of poverty is inevitable. Our pandemic rhetoric of "living with COVID" without any protections translates to "death by COVID" for those with disabilities. All b/c ableism tells us they're disposable.

I've been trying to get affordable housing in my city since 2019. It's now been 3 years. The system for affordable housing does not prioritize disabled people. Meaning I've been low priority even when I had no income. If I didn't start working, I would have chosen MAID by now.

Navanita Bhattacharya en LinkedIn: 2022-CEO-Survey-Report-FINAL.pdf In January 2022, InterAction conducted its fifth-annual survey to assess perceptions of the changing global development and humanitarian operating ecosystem, how non-govern- mental organizations (NGOs) are responding, and where t...

In January 2022, InterAction conducted its fifth-annual survey to assess perceptions of the changing global development and humanitarian operating ecosystem...

The fact that there are ads on Australian television asking people to sponsor Australian children to afford basic school supplies might invite people to consider that maybe the system isn't working as it should.

Identifying and dismantling racism in Australian perinatal settings: Reframing the narrative from a risk lens to intentionally prioritise connectedness and strengths in providing care to First Nations families

Introduction The perinatal period is a time when provision of responsive care offers a life course opportunity for positive change to improve health outcomes for mothers, infants and families. Australian perinatal systems carry the legacy of settler-colonialism, manifesting in racist events and interactions that First Nations parents encounter daily. Objective The dominance of a western risk lens, and conscious and unconscious bias in the child protection workforce, sustains disproportionately high numbers of First Nations infants being removed from their parents' care. Cascading medical...

I don't talk about this enough so here goes. When you push against a system and it is an unjust system, you must prepare yourself mentally for the isolation and resistance that comes with that.

THIS üëáüèΩüëáüèΩüëáüèΩüëáüèΩWe recall asking @Utopiana about running a few years ago- the answer included the words "no fucking way", "corrupt systems" and Molotov cocktails. Thank you @SenatorThorpe for yr integrity, yr fearlessness and yr ability to rattle old colonial cages and inspire‚úäüèΩ

When people say "there's no good cops" it doesn't mean people with good intentions don't become cops but that the system actively discourages and punishes ethical policing by removing those few people.

This is essential reading. It dispels the idea that events such as the My Lai Massacre were "isolated incidents" carried out by a few "bad apples" rather these sort of atrocities against Vietnamese non-combatants was pervasive and systematic.

In Bucha, Russian troops killed civilians both randomly and systematically. They sought some people out, like local officials, activists or men of military age. They killed others on the street for various reasons and sometimes no reason at all.

White feminism is a practice and belief system anchored in "the accumulation of individual power rather than the redistribution of it". It "replicates patterns of white supremacy, capitalistic greed, corporate ascension, inhumane labor practices and exploitation" KOA BECK

I dont know who needs to hear this but ppl need to be careful when asking Indigenous ppl about what their pronouns are. It can be culturally disrespectful to dif 1st Nation groups.Who may not recognise other pronouns in their cultural kinship & Indigenous Knowledge systems

I've been following the #DisabilityRC inquiry on ADEs and the Supported Wages System via @WWDA_AU @inclusionoz @dana_advocacy @bluntshovels I am furious that non-disabled people are still willing to perpetuate discrimination this blatant. #LowPayNoWay #EqualPayEqualRespect

Mum dedicated her life to protecting others. In Australia's aged care system, she received no such sanctuary

My mother picked a particularly inhumane epoch in Australian politics to get sick. When it comes to aged care, something has to give

I see more black people wanting to do nursing. And there's me telling them to save their sanity and go for a better paid career. The racism within in nursing turns my heart to ice I swear. There's no stopping the sheer evil I see in the doors of our healthcare system

if you need me I'll be screaming forever about how non-US healthcare systems also abuse & abandon a whole lot of sick people even as they're praised for being "better" than US system. harms of additional financialization in US are unique, abandonment of complex patients is not.

Low wage growth in Australia didn't happen by accident - it's the system working as intended | Richard Denniss | The Guardian

The cops who did this have now been cleared of any wrongdoing, if you're wondering how our "justice" system is going.

Allison Bernard vanished nine years ago. What came next is an uncomfortably Australian story

The reaction to the young mother's disappearance is a tragic example of the systematic disregard for Indigenous women, advocates say

Inside the BBC Staff Exodus: Women of Color Are 'Exhausted' From Fighting a Broken System

At least 15 women of color have left the BBC in the last year saying they are "exhausted" from fighting a system that "is not systemically built to support anyone who is different," a Variety inves...

It is my pleasure to call out a system that allowed ignorant people to wave diversity like a banner. The system slaughtered people like lambs. Voyeurs witnessed violence and did nothing to help. It's not vengeance. It's justice. There's a difference. #StopPlayingDiversity

Israel arrested over 9,000 Palestinian children since 2015, say monitors - some younger than 10. Groups report: ▪️ Israel is only country systematically trying children in military courts. ▪️ Most common charge: stone throwing, punished by up to 20 years. #PalestinianChildDay

Quarry sites dating back 2,100 years reveal world-scale trading system on Mithaka country

Ancient sandstone quarry sites, believed to be the largest in the southern hemisphere, are on track for national heritage status.

This goes back to Albo's comments the other day about education being our best weapon against disadvantage. It's a nice platitude, but if you can't access education without being advantaged, and the ALP won't commit to fixing our punitive welfare system, then it's meaningless.

Tw: eugenics , MAID , euthanasia | Amu System en Patreon

Publicación oficial de Amu System

I'm at a point where I'm trying to figure out how to find helpful s*icide resources for myself and other high risk friends because we have all hit every possible breaking point. We're going to be untangling the trauma of systemic & community abandonment for the rest of our lives.

You don't have to be perfect but we are all interconnected, and high risk people have been abandoned by the system and by most of our wider communities. Ask yourself how you can make choices that protect us. Don't be resentful that you have to do this. We just want to stay alive

Single mother of three Zara, who works full time, in tears on phone to @LBC @mrjamesob saying she has to keep her kids warm with hot water bottles and jumpers and can only afford one meal a day. She eats their leftovers. "The system isn't working for people like me"

ICYMI: GMC continues to target minoritised doctors when system failures are to blame. In this case an Asian consultant has been sanctioned for not reading notes that were not available to him. It is farcical and racist.

Day 1, 17th public hearing of the #DisabilityRC today. Aus gov't established it to "enquire into violence, abuse, neglect& exploitation of people w/disability". Evidence has been consistently horrifying, revealing multiple 'support' systems governed by discrimination & neglect üëá

The Disability Pandemic

The pandemic has been a brutal reminder that disabled people don't matter. Living through this, as a disabled person with a wonky immune system, has been a reminder that my life doesn't matter to most. Where I do matter is in my disability community, the community of folks at such risk of this deadly disease who have rallied and worked together to protect ourselves.

New Zealand universities and other tertiary education settings can be quite toxic and unhealthy...They focus on success rather than learning, on outcomes rather than engagement...The fault lies with how these educational systems are run

As a disabled person I'm supposed to carve out room for myself, to "fix" systems that actively bar me, and somehow I'm supposed to make those fixes palatable to people who are ableist. I'm not supposed to give them any labor, it's on my shoulders to make something inclusive.

Indigenous Child Removal: Fixing a Broken System

In a previous life I was a child protection worker. I understand how hard it is because I've walked the journey.

Questions for healthcare, policing and justice systems: Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

Introduction by Croakey: A forthcoming coronial inquiry into the death of 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker must address important questions for healthcare,

Tweetpost: Power and discrimination 1. This is about how power operates in societies & systems across the hierarchies of caste, gender, sexuality, ableness and class. This is a distillation of the wisdom and insights of several brilliant women whose work I have read recently.

People think it's all in the past': push to reform system taking Aboriginal kids from families

Indigenous children make up 41% of all kids in out-of-home care in NSW, while changes recommended three years ago have been ignored

Chris is one of the few people to escape the Public Trustee system. The ordeal cost him $1 million

When the Public Trustee is given the keys to your life, speaking out publicly is illegal, and it can block you from trying to regain your freedom. Four Corners went to the Supreme Court to reveal the hidden ordeals of those who have escaped the system.

A week after my sister Adele's death.....we had a meeting with the DON of Doomadgee Hospital & the doctor.....I said "Adele died due to systemic racism"....the doctor got offended and called me a racist!! Dr Murphy then stormed out #4corners

Mortality rate for Black babies is cut dramatically when Black doctors care for them after birth, researchers say

Citing systemic racism, they say more work needs to be done to understand what they found.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: when it comes to disability access and support, I'd rather a hundred people be able to game a lax system than a single disabled person be denied what they need by a gatekept system.

A framework for operationalising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander data sovereignty in Australia: Results of a systematic literature review of published studies

Background Racial health disparities are only likely to be meaningfully improved by tailoring public health and clinical interventions to the specific needs of Indigenous people and their communities. Accurate tailoring relies on the availability of high-quality Indigenous-specific data. The potential benefits of increased availability of Indigenous data need to be balanced by efforts to ensure those data are collected and used appropriately. This paper identifies characteristics of Indigenous Data Sovereignty (IDS) principles and considers a framework for operationalisation. Methods A P...

Cosmopolitan Brands: graduate students navigating the social space of elite global universities

Drawing on Pierre Bourdieu's analysis of the competition for economic, social and cultural capitals within educational fields, this article reports empirical research from 49 in-depth interviews with graduate students at four elite universities in the USA and the UK. It argues the brands of elite global universities work to reproduce social and cultural capital for a small cohort of elite students, and by doing so perpetuate and reinforce systems that privilege a select few. By drawing upon student narratives, our findings demonstrate the cosmopolitan nature of elite university brands. Thes...

Women are "hardworking", men are "brilliant": Stereotyping in the economics job market

Academia faces increased scrutiny because of its gender imbalance. This column uses machine learning methods to analyse gendered patterns in the text of reference letters written for candidates for entry-level positions in the economics job market. The findings reveal that women are systematically more likely to be praised for being hardworking and at times less likely to be praised for their ability. Given the time and effort letter writers devote to supporting their students, the authors suggest this gender stereotype is likely due to unconscious biases.

We need to dismantle racism in universities

Academic institutions and the research community play a role in perpetrating and maintaining institutional and systemic racism.

The Mutually Reinforcing Cycle Of Poor Data Quality And Racialized Stereotypes That Shapes Asian American Health

The Asian American health narrative reflects a long history of structural racism in the US and the complex interplay of racialized history, immigrant patterns, and policies regarding Asians in the US. Yet owing to systematic issues in data collection including missing or misclassified data for Asian Americans and practices that lead to indiscriminate grouping of unlike individuals (for example, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Bangladeshi) together in data systems and pervasive stereotypes of Asian Americans, the drivers and experiences of health disparities experienced by these diverse groups rema...

Hi, I'm here to remind you, many of us are fighting systems designed to wipe us out. I'm disabled, high risk, multiracial, multiethnic and reconnecting Indigenous. I'm living in poverty, can't work, fighting for disability, it's taking months, with no end date yet.

How a 28-year-old is fighting against 'divisive' anti-racism training

Chloé Valdary, a 28-year-old from Brooklyn, has done away with unconscious bias training, segregating co-workers by race, and placing blame on abstract "systems."

Simran Jeet Singh en LinkedIn: NFL to eye diversity efforts in wake of Flores suit

How systemic racism stays embedded. 1. We see our racism. 2. Let's do a diversity assessment. 3. Let's recommend policy changes. 4. No accountability...

White Supremacist Infiltration of US Police Forces: Fact-Checking National Security Advisor O'Brien

What the available research says about systemic discrimination in law enforcement as well as links to racist and white supremacist ideology.

Academics of colour in elite universities in the UK and the USA: the 'unspoken system of exclusion'

This article explores the experiences of academics of colour in elite universities in the UK and the USA. Drawing on interviews with 34 respondents and using a critical race theory perspective, the findings indicate that academics of colour experience racism in the White space of an elite university. To counter the racism they experience, they develop 'safe spaces' in which they find empathy and support from other academics of colour. A key finding from the study suggests that despite having negative experiences in elite universities, academics of colour have contradictory feelings about th...

Under capitalism, individual triumphs are used to ignore systemic failures and when systemic failures are exposed, individual actors are blamed to keep the system at large in tact.

Systems are designed by, and favour the privileged, but deliver services to the least privileged amongst us. #SystemicRacism

Black Lives Matter

We are the party that prides itself in standing on the right side of history. If we mean that, we cannot remain silent as our fellow Americans are senselessly murdered. Doing so is to be complicit in deliberate and systemic violence against Black Americans that our country has perpetuated for centuries. It is not enough ... BLACK LIVES MATTER Read More »

NHS 'riddled with racism' against ethnic minority doctors

Ethnic minority doctors describe a toxic work culture as a BMA survey finds systemic discrimination.

The beheading of a diplomat's daughter shows how badly Pakistan is failing its women

Few cases of femicide make headlines in Pakistan, but the beheading of an ambassador's daughter promises to test a legal system activists say has repeatedly failed victims of violence and needs urgent reform.

Just Invisible

If you are homebound/bedridden and you live in the community, then the healthcare system treats you as if you do not exist. People who are homebound and/or bedridden have extensive and systemic...

Promotion decisions as a diversity practice

Proposes that the promotion decision-making process contributes to the differential advancement of women and men in organizations. Compares the actual promotions of 13 women and 16 men at a company known for its diversity practices. Finds that bosses are more hesitant to promote women and require them to demonstrate personal strength and to prove themselves extensively before they get a promotion. Men are less likely to have promotions accounted for in terms of familiarity with job responsibilities and are more likely to have a high level of comfort with the boss as a reason for promotion. ...