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No more tick boxes…

I have lost count of the number of times I have had BME staff describe to me how they have watched White colleagues – whom they had welcomed, inducted, supported and helped to train – get promoted over them again and again. I have lost count of the number of time I’ve been told how “stretch opportunities” (such as acting up, secondments, and involvement in significant projects) which are the key to career progression have been filled by a tap on the shoulder followed by promotion. #SideBySide

Women are credited less in science than men

Revisiting citation justice (or yes, there appears to be bias in citation patterns). I recently I posted on citation justice and the need to be mindful of not just what papers we cite but also who we cite. I was gently nudged with a query - shouldn’t we just focus on the ideas? In an ideal world, yes! But our world isn’t perfect. Evidence suggests that all things being equal, men are cited more than women. See here: This is problematic bc citations are used in so many ways that affect careers - from hiring decisions, to retention decisions, to editorial appointments.

It’s time to act on racism in the NHS | The BMJ

In a joint BMJ and BMA investigation Zosia Kmietowicz found that medical schools are poor at recording students’ complaints of racial harassment (doi:10.1136/bmj.m420). It is sad to read that students are resigned to the likelihood that nothing will be done if they report a racial incident, so they don’t bother. Instead, they internalise the humiliation and prepare for a career where discrimination is commonplace, no doubt affecting their self esteem and their ability to perform. Action needed to close the attainment gap is in the gift of the GMC. To move things forward, the BMA has launche...

Cat Hicks: "You know what the most likely …" - Mastodon

You know what the most likely next career step in tech is for a woman my age? Leaving. It just really sits with me. When my friends leave. Which a lot of them have this year. Learning scientists like me study pathways. All opportunity is preconditioned by access. Trajectory comparisons are not full comparisons unless they include leaving. When we fixate on "getting in" and not fixing what's within, this happens. But every day, the future changes. I'm here for that.

Hiring in your network | LinkedIn

About the job Drive change to Victoria’s mental health and wellbeing system Cultivate more person-centred and compassionate care, treatment and support Inaugural Co-CEO roles: academic/clinical and lived experience About the organisation The Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing came into operation on 1 September 2022 as an independent statutory authority. Its formation was in response to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System. The establishment of the Centre is emblematic of a reformed mental health system. It brings people with lived experienc...

Cheryl Samuels en Twitter

Powerful delivery of Broken Ladders Report findings @shabnabegum76. Black women seen as too aggressive, Asian women seen as too passive. This is part of the reason for the concrete ceiling hindering career progression, when women are categorised this way. #womenleaders / Twitter

Data Reveals An Infuriating Reason Women Over 40 Are Held Back At Work | HuffPost Life

Researchers Amy Diehl, Leanne M. Dzubinski and Amber L. Stephenson surveyed 913 women leaders who work in higher education, faith-based nonprofits, law, and health care with open-ended questions designed to uncover the different types of bias they may have experienced in their careers. The findings, which are undergoing peer review at a journal, show that gendered age biases are still alive and thriving in many workplaces. What Diehl, Dzubinski and Stephenson discovered is that there is no mythical “prime” working age or “sweet spot” for professional women. Women under 40 in the study saw...

The true cost of science’s language barrier for non-native English speakers

Researchers whose first language is not English can spend around twice as long reading an English-language scientific journal article as native speakers. For a PhD student working on their thesis, that can mean spending up to 19 additional working days per year just reading papers. English is the language of science – but precision is tough as a non-native speaker These statistics, published today in PLoS Biology1, might not be shocking, researchers say, but it’s important to measure the effects of language barriers on the careers of academics who are not fluent in English. It “is the fir...

Are you really hiring on merit? A story about hiring senior management with Diversity and Inclusion - YouTube

This animation shows the cumulative effect of racism in senior management that is based on true stories of two fictional characters, Tom and Tim. Tom and Tim have the same ability. They got the same marks at university. Will they go on to have the same success in their respective careers? What happens if they were treated differently?

Women on verge of quitting IT | Information Age | ACS

However, the impact of poor performance, experiences of negative bias, burnout and a lack of leadership has many women working in IT unsure of their career path. Almost half (46 per cent) of those working in IT admit that have considered walking away from the industry in the past 18 months, while 33 per cent have thought about reducing their hours.

The Covid Pandemic And The Pandemic Of Ableist Media

“The disabled and elderly are the most likely to die from this virus.” I closed my eyes and beat back the desire to scream-cry at the news before me. It was March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had reached America, and the pandemic of Ableist Media was in full swing. I am in a unique position. I am both disabled and a professional communicator. Not only have I spent my entire life dissecting every conversation I’ve had or will have out of anxiety, but I have also decided to make a career out of it. In college I began taking media studies where my professors allowed me the opportunity to eval...

akareilly: "@klausfiend @mekkaokereke The…" -

Just look at the language around COVID-19. Politicians can say, without endangering their careers, that since only the elderly and disabled will die, you can all go back to normal. Parents who don’t vaccinate their kids would rather have dead kids than autistic kids. The word “disabled” is treated like profanity. Countries lauded for being friendly to refugees, like Canada, reject disabled immigrants.

Gender splits on MRFF research and what to do about it - Future Campus

The Department of Health reports Medical Research Future Fund gender split on grants from 2017 up to May. Chief Investigator applicants: 14 983 men and 14 512 women with funding rates for men and women both 25.7 per cent. The application split for clinical medicine and science: men CIs 1124 and women 749 – success rates were 20 per cent women and nearly 24 per cent men. 202-21 was the first year there were more applicants from women CIs: and by a substantial margin, 6491 men and 7566 women – funding rate was comparable The funded rate for men CIs: is higher in every age group expect ...

How the Victorian Education Department's historical child sexual abuse scandal was hidden for decades - ABC News

The story presented of Reynolds's career would soon be understood as a microcosm of the unravelling crisis of historical sexual abuse in the Victorian education system. It would reveal in granular detail the methods by which the Victorian Education Department had covered up the sexual abuse of children — methods that lawyers for survivors say have been identified in dozens of other cases.

The Latin America Early Career Earth System Scientist Network (LAECESS): addressing present and future challenges of the upcoming generations of scientists in the region | npj Climate and Atmospheric Science

Early career (EC) Earth system scientists in the Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) have been facing several issues, such as limited funding opportunities, substandard scientific facilities, lack of security of tenure, and unrepresented groups equality issues. On top of this, the worsening regional environmental and climatic crises call for the need for this new generation of scientists to help to tackle these crises by increasing public awareness and research.

xComedian London Hughes: ‘I made more money in one year in America than my whole life in Britain’

The Oxbridge lot are so boring. Like, I get it, hire your friends. But don't assume you know what the audience wants It wouldn’t be the last time that Hughes encountered blatant racism in her career. At a BBC radio gig, a producer asked her not to do “any Black material”. In 2013, after complaining to her co-agent that she wasn’t getting many auditions, he told her: “Black people just aren’t in this year.” They parted ways soon after. For the next five years, Hughes’s career reads like an endless game of snakes and ladders. One minute she’d be on the brink of breaking through, the next she...

Debunking Disability Employment Myths | Psychology Today

Myth: Disabled People Are Best Suited for Low-Skilled Jobs The Reality: Just like the general population, disabled people have a wide range of talents, skills, experiences, and educational backgrounds. A large-sample Canadian study indicated that college grades and graduation outcomes of disabled students are mostly identical to those of other students, and there is no reason to discourage them from pursuing challenging careers. In many countries—for example, Germany—the levels of educational achievement are higher for disabled people than for the rest of the population. This means that wh...

Promotions & diversity in the APS shows case for urgent reform

In our comprehensive research spanning 20 years and involving millions of data points, we examine promotions within the APS, focusing on gender, disability and ethnic diversity. In all of our work, we control for characteristics that might affect promotion and success in the public service. Even after accounting for these things, large discrepancies remain. The results on ethnic diversity are particularly unsettling: Public servants from NESB face lower promotion prospects throughout their careers, irrespective of when they migrated to Australia — or even if they were born in Australia ...

Baldur Bjarnason: "So, I generally don’t talk abo…" - Toot Café

So, I generally don’t talk about it but my dad throughout his career alternated between being a management consultant and a high-level manager in companies or institutions that employed thousands. Travelled a lot. First name terms with people who were apparently big name execs in Europe. The stories he tells are just horrific. Dysfunction everywhere. Inhumane decisions. Very little that anybody below the top-level execs could do about anything. And things seem to have only gotten worse.

New evidence shows how NFL discriminates against Black QBs

The NFL presents itself as America’s most cutthroat meritocracy. And yet evidence continues to show that teams screw up the single most important decision they make due to racial bias. From 2010 to 2022, teams were chronically underrating Black quarterbacks in the draft, a new statistical analysis from SFGATE shows. QBs selected in those drafts had four times better odds of reaching at least one Pro Bowl if they were Black. SFGATE’s analysis found a statistically significant gap between the rate that Black quarterbacks reached the Pro Bowl relative to their peers despite controlling for d...

service quality – Page 4 – The Sport Journal

Sport participation among Black student-athletes has steadily increased throughout the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) over the last two decades. The number of Black head coaches in Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) College Football, however, has remained stagnant and in many years declined (18). Research has stated that the presence of a defined glass ceiling, discrepancies among Blacks and Whites with regard to social capital (social mobility), and factors of intent and interest in becoming coaches have been integral in preventing many Black coaches from pursuing ...

The under-representation and experiences of elite level minority coaches in professional football in England, France and the Netherlands - Steven Bradbury, Jacco van Sterkenburg, Patrick Mignon, 2018

This article will examine the previously under-researched area of the under-representation and experiences of elite level minority (male) coaches in (men’s) professional football in Western Europe. More specifically, the article will draw on original interview data with 40 elite level minority coaches in England, France and the Netherlands and identify a series of key constraining factors which have limited the potential for and realization of opportunities for career progression across the transition from playing to coaching in the professional game. In doing so, the article will focus on ...

Calling for institutional reform by compensating early career researchers for diversity labor: Trends in Microbiology

Although institutions and funding organizations in the USA are implementing measures to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), people with marginalized identities disproportionately drive those efforts without reward and recognition in their careers; thus, they are minority taxed. While minority tax reform is essential at all levels, this article focuses on compensation for early career researchers (ECRs) at the graduate and postdoctoral levels.

Non-White scientists appear on fewer editorial boards, spend more time under review, and receive fewer citations | PNAS

Significance Empirical evidence suggests that non-White scientists experience various forms of inequality, creating barriers to their entry and participation in academic research. We contribute to this literature by examining disparities in i) editorial board representation, ii) time spent under review, and iii) citation rates. Using a dataset of 1,000,000 papers from six publishers over the past two decades, we find fewer non-White editors than would be expected based on their share of authorship. Moreover, non-White scientists endure longer waiting times between the submission and accepta...

End Workplace Abuse

Workplace abusers do NOT want their incompetence exposed. So they often put the focus on higher performers and position THEM as incompetent to control their own image and make sure they're not outdone. The tactic typically leaves victims with harms and losses — from anxiety, depression, PTSD, or suicidal ideation to loss of a job, career, confidence, social support, marriage, home, and even life. Visit hashtag#EndWorkplaceAbuse

(8) Post | LinkedIn

Recently, a colleague's daughter posed a question to her mother: "Why do black women frequently change jobs?" In an effort to provide a comprehensive response and dispel any misconceptions, I have written this post to shed light on the factors that may contribute to job mobility among black women Black women face unique challenges in the corporate world, often encountering discrimination and bias that hinder their career progression. Research has consistently shown that they encounter barriers such as lack of mentorship and biased performance evaluations, which negatively impact their upwa...

Achievement Relative to Opportunity: Career Hijacks in the Academy | Emerald Insight

Purpose This research investigates the impact of nonlinear career trajectories on female staff in the academy. It argues that assessment of “achievement relative to opportunity” is essential to the equitable positioning of women in the academy. Methodology/approach This qualitative study is based on extended structured interviews with 43 staff. Findings Men and women can experience career interruptions, deviations, and hijacks, but, in general, women experience more interruption, and the cumulative effect on their careers is greater. Practical implications The authors point to ways in wh...

ANU Policy Library - Guideline - Assessing achievement relative to opportunity (under review)

Achievements relative to opportunity: Assessing achievements relative to opportunity involves evaluating the quality and impact of the staff member’s achievement having regard to the applicant’s career stage and trajectory and taking into consideration the impact of relevant personal circumstances. This supports appropriate evaluation of achievements in relation to productivity, the ability to participate in certain types of activities, and the consistency of activities or output over the period of consideration.

Achievement relative to opportunity - Monash University

Achievement Relative to Opportunity (also known as 'Relative to Opportunity') is a positive acknowledgement of what a staff member can and has achieved given the opportunities available to them. It supports a more calibrated assessment of their performance. Achievement Relative to Opportunity acknowledges diverse career histories, a range of personal and professional circumstances and working arrangements. It is not about providing special consideration, diluting merit or lessening standards of performance. Applying Achievement Relative to Opportunity principles facilitates more equitable ...

ECU Intranet | Achievement Relative to Opportunity : Performance, recognition and career development : Our services : People and Culture : Professional Services : Staff

The principle of achievement relative to opportunity is an approach to assessing staff performance and achievement, such as in performance appraisals and academic promotion. It ensures an individual’s achievement is seen in the context of the opportunities available to them, and acknowledges that individuals have varying life experiences that impact on work and productivity.

Evelyn Mensah - Friends call me Evie en X

It’s not right that #racists within the #NHS are #racist with impunity. They NEVER seem to face any consequences and instead, they often advance in their careers⁉️ Quite extraordinary‼️🤷🏽‍♀️ / X

Full article: Reading internationally: if citing is a political practice, who are we reading and who are we citing?

Across multiple disciplines from communication science and political science to astronomy, research has pointed to gender citation bias, racialised citation bias and the regional tilt of many international journals towards authors based in a small set of countries, including the USA, the UK and Australia (e.g., Caplar, Tacchella, and Birrer Citation2017; Dion, Sumner, and Mitchell Citation2018; Trepte and Loths Citation2020). These citation patterns not only have an effect on the quality of research publications and the breadth of perspectives and insights circulating as contributions to kn...

Sex-Linked Bias in Chances of Being Promoted to Supervisor - Lisa A. Kramer, Steph Lambert, 2001

The literature addressing gender-based discrimination in promotion decisions has primarily focused on case studies of Fortune 500 companies or scenarios in which managers are asked to make simulated promotion decisions. Such studies are limited in both scope and generalizability. This research attempts to overcome these limitations by examining a large, random sample of female and male workers. Using survival analysis, we explore the period of time from the year of hire to the year promotion to supervisor is achieved. Avoiding bias that may be associated with analyses pertaining to a partic...

Black female managers overlooked for promotion - Personnel Today

BWIL surveyed 250 professional black women across a number of industries in the UK to compare their experiences with those of their non-black female colleagues. More than four in 10 (44%) of black women do not believe they are offered the same career advancement opportunities as their non-black female colleagues, the network found, while more than two thirds (68%) have experienced racial bias at work. Black women in senior executive or senior management positions were even less likely to believe they were offered the same professional development opportunities, with 33% and 31% respective...

Arnesa Buljušmić-Kustura en X

Because I have been speaking out against the genocide in Palestine…I have lost friends, colleagues, career opportunities, job offers, and my consulting contracts too. I’m a genocide survivor & educator. & I cannot wrap my mind around the fact people think I should be quiet. / X

Most NGOs not committed to racial equity, say staff of color | Devex

The report surveyed 150 people of color working in development across various organizations about their experiences in the sector. Just over three-quarters of those surveyed worked in the U.K., and the rest were based around the world. “Our report provides evidence for what we have known for many years now,” said Lena Bheeroo, lead author of the report and engagement and equity manager at Bond. “[People of color] are facing multiple barriers to career progression, with the odds stacked against them. For a sector that is working to champion people’s rights, fairness and equality, this is a...

Six Grandfathers Mountain: "@QasimRashid ⭕Expose the pas…" - Mastodon

#louisarmstrong tapes reveal how racism scarred his life Audio diaries tell of the #jazz giant’s anger over the #prejudice he faced “Hearing him in his own words – hearing hurt, hearing pain, hearing him curse – is going to be the first time many folks have ever experienced this side of Louis Armstrong. What’s important is that he is the one who left behind these tapes, so he really wanted this side to be known.

I receive invitations to apply for senior leadership positions in organizations at least once a week. These are BIG positions with wonderful salaries, power, and prestige.

I politely decline every time, because I'm not going to give higher education any passes to continue harming Black women. Some may say I'm not diplomatic or have lost my ambition. Others may say it's trauma talking. I disagree. I survived one multiyear brutal battle in my career, and for that, I'm grateful. No job is worth my peace. I want to see my son grow up. I want to retire on my terms. I want to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary. I hold a formal degree in higher education leadership and have the tried and tested experience to lead top universities and organizations. I will no...

Battling the “headwinds”: the experiences of minoritised academics in the neoliberal Australian university: International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education: Vol 33, No 9

Academics who identify or are identified with minoritised groups in society and teach marginalised subjects are particularly prone to experiencing individual and systemic bias and discrimination which harm their wellbeing and restrict their career advancement. These challenges can be likened to “headwinds” that they must constantly battle against, whilst those belonging to dominant social groups benefit from “tailwind” effects. We critique the framing of the “ideal” academic in the neoliberalised university and argue that it entrenches the marginalisation of academics from minoritised backg...

Full article: Racism and White privilege: highly skilled immigrant women workers in Australia

Skilled immigrant women represent a source of skills for the Australian economy. However, political and historical choices have formed and reinforced new emergent diasporic spaces in a country which remains marked by the British Empire’s heritage. Drawing on 31 qualitative interviews, this article focuses on the career journeys of skilled immigrant women from the UK, India, China and the Philippines in a White Anglo-dominant society. By marking and de-neutralizing the racialized nature of Australian working spaces, the study examines how racism operates within Australian working spaces. It ...

Why don’t Employee Resource Groups work? - a different approach to diversity

Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs, have been embedded into corporate cultures since the 1970s. ERGs, even though they are run well, are generally set up by volunteers within organisations. This happens because these individuals feel underrepresented and need a safe space where they can share their lived experiences. Due to ERGs being led by volunteers, more often than not they have a lack of, or no budget – meaning being able to run events can become difficult if they are unable to bring in external speakers, or provide tea and coffee to attendees. Volunteers are also doing this in addi...

Afcon 2023: Bouchra Karboubi on being a referee, police officer in Morocco and mother - BBC Sport - - Gmail

Growing up, Karboubi loved playing football but stopped because there was no organised women's football at the time. So, she decided to go into match officiating where she saw more opportunities as a referee. Karboubi faced resistance from her family in chasing her dreams, telling UN Arab Women, external in 2021: "I come from a small conservative town; therefore, it was difficult for my family to accept the fact that I wanted to pursue my career in sports." Her brothers were her biggest hurdle. They once found her assistant's flag and tore it up, leaving teenage Karboubi in tears but sh...

Universities Accord: early university offers won’t be made until later in Year 12. Is this a good idea?

The panel also noted they can favour students who already have personal or socioeconomic advantages, such as principals, careers counsellors or parents who can advocate for and write letters of recommendation on their behalf. This sort of incentivisation may prepare students for future challenges in their academic and career journeys. It does however favour the student who performs well under test conditions and whose life circumstances enable them to work consistently all year. It may also disadvantage those who already face challenges such as poor mental health, or those who are the f...

Professor Kerstin Sailer: ""It took me a while to recogni…" -

It took me a while to recognize that I am now a disabled academic,” says Kerstin Sailer, a sociology researcher at University College London. (...) But Sailer and others are a testament to the fact that long COVID need not signal a career dead end. With the right support, affected academics can still thrive. This is from an article in Nature Careers on the impact of #longCovid on academics, researched and written by the most wonderful Shi En Kim. 3/22/2024 22:19:54 Adrianna Tan: @thierna @samantha my wife, wh…" - dis...

Bích-Mây Nguyễn :verified:: ""Op-Ed: It's Time To Admit Tha…" -

Op-Ed: It's Time To Admit That Being Liked Is More Important Than Being Good At Your Job Whether we want to admit it or not, likability plays a huge role in our career trajectory. ESSENCE's business editor Jasmine Browley weighs in on why we need to have a real conversation about it.

Air Adam: "Despite her long and distingui…" -

Despite her long and distinguished career, Diane Abbott came to the notice of many in 2017 when she happened to stumble over some figures during a TV interview (it was later revealed that she has type 2 diabetes, and her schedule made it tough to control). From that point, everyone from commentators to people in the street took it upon themselves to disrespect and mock the intelligence of this Cambridge-educated Black woman. (cont.) #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #ukpol

The extra shift': The unpaid emotional labour expected of women at work

Emotional labour is the unsung, often unseen, job of managing other people's feelings. "It's not just the work that runs economies," explain Rose Hackman, the author of a 2023 book on the subject. "It's the work that runs families and communities. Emotional labour is manipulating the heart in order to have an effect on clients, customers, passengers, patients. It's what creates a feeling of safety and connection, meaning and belonging within a company." It's crucial – but also taxing, and often required. Women bear the brunt. To begin, they dominate careers that demand a huge amount of emo...

The Employment Disadvantage of Mothers: Evidence for Systemic Discrimination - Tanya Carney, 2009

When their need to provide care and their need for paid employment are equally important, mothers try to combine both roles, often through part time employment, or to stagger these competing needs by taking employment breaks. Using data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics of Australia (HILDA) Survey1 this article analyses the resulting detriments to the ability of mothers to continue career paths across the occupational spectrum. Analysis of this data is used to argue that employment disadvantage is generated by mothers' inability to conform to `ideal worker' behaviour and theref...

ERIC - ED606234 - Limiting Our Livelihoods: The Cumulative Impact of Sexual Harassment on Women's Careers, American Association of University Women, 2019-Nov

Sexual harassment has long been a significant problem for women workers. But with the emergence of the #MeToo movement, there has been a renewed public, cultural and academic focus on workplace harassment. "Limiting our Livelihoods: The Cumulative Impact of Sexual Harassment on Women's Careers" investigates the compounding impact of sexual harassment on women's economic security across their lifespan and career trajectories. This report examines the prevalence of harassment, women's experiences with sexual harassment and the cumulative impact on their economic security across the lifespan. ...

Elizabeth Tai | 戴秀铃 🇲🇾: "In South Korea and China, cele…" -

In South Korea and China, celebrities can be quickly ruined. I’m still very sad over the case of Zhang Zhehan who was a rising star when his career was extinguished over posing in a photo in front of the wrong shrine. And then Lee Sun kyun who committed suicide because, despite testing negative for drugs, felt that his illustrious career was completely ruined and his family bankrupted.

Embodiment of discrimination and overseas nurses’ career progression - Larsen - 2007 - Journal of Clinical Nursing - Wiley Online Library

Discrimination towards migrant workers may, at times, be experienced as ‘blatant racism’ or, in more subtle forms, as ‘aversive racism’. It is demonstrated how such discrimination may impact on the afflicted person's sense of self, suggesting a theoretical model of the embodiment of discrimination. Discrimination not only works at an interpersonal and institutional level, but is a form of ‘symbolic violence’ that may be internalized to affect the person's ‘habitus’; it can be resisted through meaning-making activity that explains and hence objectifies and embodies the experience in a way th...

Businesses | Free Full-Text | Examining the Impact of Gender Discriminatory Practices on Women’s Development and Progression at Work

Although there has been a worldwide cry for gender equity within organizations, gender discriminatory practices continue to be a challenge. Many women still suffer from gender discrimination and remain at the bottom of organizational structures despite their efforts to ascend. This paper seeks to examine the link between gender discriminatory practices and women’s skill development and progression within the workplace. The study espoused a quantitative approach. A questionnaire survey was self-administered online to 412 women through a convenient non-probability sampling method. Descriptive...

Upward Mobility and the African American Accountant: An Analysis of Perceived Discrimination, Perceived Career Advancement Curtailment, and Intent to Remain | Accounting and the Public Interest | American Accounting Association

Accounting studies related to minority issues have focused mainly on gender and public accountants. As a result, the purpose of this study is to investigate perceptions of discrimination and career advancement among African American accountants, the second largest minority group in accounting today, and reveal any differences between males and females. Although research on African American accountants exists, it does not empirically investigate male/female differences related to perceived discrimination (race and gender), perceived career curtailment, and intent to remain. To address this d...

Indirect Discrimination in Construction Organizations and the Impact on Women’s Careers | Journal of Management in Engineering | Vol 22, No 3

Over the last 20 years, equality legislation and positive action on diversity has increased awareness of the detrimental impact of sex discrimination and has begun to address harassment and inequality in many large organizations. While this may yield positive benefits for underrepresented groups working within the construction industry, it remains to be seen whether this legislative drive has overcome indirect forms of discrimination brought about by the ingrained culture and working practices of the sector. This paper explores the impact of indirect discrimination by systematically combini...

Determinants of career structure and advancement among Italian cardiologists. An example of segregation and discrimination against women? | European Heart Journal | Oxford Academic

Aims The aim of this study was to analyse the processes through which job, career and research-related choices are determined in Italian cardiology, focusing on characteristics such as productivity, gender and family. Methods and Results In June 1996, a questionnaire surveying individual and career-related data was mailed to all members (8000) of the Italian societies of cardiology. Returned questionnaires numbered 1715 (21·4% of the total mailed), 83% were completed by men and 17% by women. For both hospital and academic careers, advancement in rank was influenced by variables denoting pr...

Gender, ethnicity and career progression in UK higher education: a case study analysis: Research Papers in Education: Vol 35, No 6

This article uses case study interviews to examine women’s experiences in higher education. It focuses on career progression, support available for promotion and particular initiatives for staff retention. The findings suggest that whilst some progress has been made to support White and Black and minority ethnic women in their career trajectories, greater change is needed in order that inclusion is embedded within institutional frameworks and strategic plans. Furthermore, clearer evidence is needed by universities to demonstrate how they are meeting their legal equality requirements as spec...

Perceptions of career progress: the experience of Black and Minority Ethnic school leaders: School Leadership & Management: Vol 30, No 1

The article is based on data from in-depth interviews with 13 deputy or assistant head teachers who had taken part in ‘Investing in Diversity’, a leadership course, unusual in that it is designed for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) aspirant school leaders. This course is at present only offered in London and Leeds, but it is intended to ‘roll out’ to other regions in the future. There are two relevant contextual factors for the research: the growing ethnic diversity of the school and student population, which is not matched by an equivalent growth in the proportion of BME teachers and schoo...

Career progression among female academics: A comparative study of Australia and Mauritius | Emerald Insight

Purpose This paper aims to investigate the career experiences of female academics in a Western and in an Indian cultural setting in order to gain an in‐depth understanding of the factors contributing to their career progression. The paper also examines the factors such as national culture, gender stereotypes and leadership, work and family conflict, mentoring and informal networks that impact on the career progression of women academics in two different cultural settings, namely Mauritius and Australia. Design/methodology/approach Thirty in‐depth interviews from two universities were used....

I couldn't really speak about it' - a decision dividing the Women's Super League - BBC Sport

In November 2022 England striker Toni Duggan told BBC Sport: "I don't think women's football is ready for women to be pregnant." A BBC Sport study released in March found that a third of British female athletes from all sports said they delayed starting a family because of their sporting career.

Sexual harassment of PhDs linked to academia’s ‘leaky pipeline’ | Times Higher Education (THE)

Sexual harassment of PhDs linked to academia’s ‘leaky pipeline’ Women who encounter a high level of misogyny and sexual harassment during their doctoral studies are less likely to remain in academia after completing their PhDs, a new study has found. Researchers at the Danish Centre for Social Science Research (VIVE) surveyed more than 5,000 PhD students who started their programmes in Denmark between 2010 and 2018, combining the results with national employment data in order to determine the career impact of workplace harassment. Of the women questioned, 37 per cent reported experiencin...

11 things I wish I knew before speaking out about workplace bullying and harassment before I did:

1. It takes real guts. 2. Get used to feeling lonely. 3. Be prepared for people who will hate everything you do. 4. Don't expect anyone to get why you're putting yourself and your career on their line. They're too wrapped up in their own comfort.

How to be an ally in the workplace: 13 ways to do it |

Many trainings and articles about microaggressions focus on how you can intervene in the moment, which is a crucial part of allyship. But in addition to intervening, there are other important ways to support people who experience microaggressions, systemic inequities and other barriers to opportunity — and one way is through microafffirmations. In contrast to microaggressions, microaffirmations are little ways that you can affirm someone’s identity; recognize and validate their experience and expertise; build confidence; develop trust; foster belonging; and support someone in their career....

How to Foster an Ally Culture in the Workplace | BCG

Strong policies and programs that support DEI across the career lifecycle, from recruitment to retention and advancement, are critical to dismantling these systemic challenges. But, BCG’s research shows that in addition to these structural programs, a culture of allyship is required to foster inclusion. A study of over 5,000 Canadians finds that women, the LGBTQ2+ community, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) employees who have allies at work are 1.6 times less likely to perceive obstacles in their day-to-day environment and twice as likely to say their workplace is bias-fr...

Full article: Participatory research: working with vulnerable groups in research and practice

Participatory research and the involvement of disabled people in the research process is a central tenet of disability studies and, along with the social model of disability, was one of the two key concepts that underpinned the discipline when it first started to emerge in academia in the mid-1980s. Whilst Mike Oliver was later to take the basic ideas of participatory research and redefine them to prioritise a focus on emancipation and challenging the oppression and disadvantage experienced by disabled people, this was in part at least to be achieved through changing the social relations of...

Yappari: "@AnnaAnthro To me the question…" -

Q: “How did one of the most advanced economies in the world just fall down one day — and not be able to get up?” A: Demographics. Japan had an aging population and refused to let immigrants into the country in sufficient numbers to keep the economy humming. It also did not give women meaningful career opportunities. We should learn this lesson across the world and not repeat the mistake. Let in the refugees and aspiring young people to create diverse, creative, innovative economies. Provide opportunities to all.

Chris Pearce: ""a reminder that the wealth di…" -

a reminder that the wealth rapidly honing in on young people—even those that have worked hard and succeeded beyond all reason, and who are still unable to enjoy the comfort afforded by their peers' hidden family money. "the door a writer could step through to make a career 50 or even 20 years ago, the one opening onto a life where someone who works hard and does well could buy a house on the strength of that work alone, has been slammed shut."

Why Black Women in Leadership Face the Glass Cliff Effect | POPSUGAR Money & Career

The research shows that there are many obstacles for Black women both in attaining and retaining leadership roles. They report less access to mentors who can help facilitate their advancement, and if they do make it to leadership roles, often encounter the glass cliff phenomenon, she says. What's more, she adds, "these are long-standing trends in organizational settings and have not shown significant change over the last few years."

Competitive workplaces don’t work for gender equality

Ultra-competitive workplaces – places where employees battle against each other for rank, bonuses and promotions – are common in many high-status fields, including law and finance. But while having a highly competitive culture is, on its face, gender-neutral, it actually worsens gender inequality. That’s the key finding of our new study with colleague Ragan Petrie, published in the most recent issue of the ILR Review. As economists who study workplace diversity and career-family conflicts for women, we wanted to investigate how competition at work plays out in people’s lives. We couldn’t j...

Want to become a disability inclusive employer? Here are some suggested improvements

🔵 Optimise all job adverts using inclusive tools 🔵 Include an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) statement on your careers site 🔵 Find entry-level talent with disabilities 🔵 Create inclusive and informative careers site pages 🔵 Remove friction – make jobs easy to apply for 🔵 Make learning and development pathways accessible 🔵 Regularly seek feedback from disabled employees 🔵 Normalise workplace adjustments across the organisation This report details exactly how organisations can accelerate the attraction, recruitment and retention of disabled people to become an employer of cho...

White Anglo patriarchal possession in organizations: Unequal vertical career progressions among Anglo White & non‐Anglo White highly skilled immigrant women - Carangio - 2023 - Gender, Work & Organization - Wiley Online Library

Within the discussion of highly skilled immigrant women workers in organizations, dominant discourses continue to pay little attention to the gender/racial dimension in relation to career progression. Although research of skilled immigrant women has revealed important insights into how the intersection of gender, race, and class shape women's work experience, the White Anglo colonial male promotion practices inscribed on Australian organizations in relation to skilled immigration remain little researched in Australia. This article explores the differences between the career progressions of ...

Discrimination by avoidance: The underrepresentation of Indigenous Australians in leadership positions within the Australian Football League - Mahsa Khatibi, Gabriella Elgenius, Paul Turner, Justine Ferrer, 2024

This article explores the career development and underrepresentation of Indigenous Australians in leadership and management positions within the Australian Football League (AFL); it explains the continued underrepresentation as a case of ‘avoiding discrimination’. Using institutional theory, this research fills a gap in existing scholarship by contributing to understanding the mechanisms by which organisations avoid addressing underrepresentation and enforce discriminatory practices in three significant ways. First, organisations may claim equality and assume that the organisation is charac...

Vinicius Jr: How Real Madrid forward is leading football's fight against racism - BBC Sport

That a superstar for both the biggest club and national team in the world had reached the point of even considering his future at this stage of his career only highlighted how far the situation has developed. La Liga referred 10 racist incidents involving Vinicius to Spanish prosecutors last season, but little appears to have been done so far.

The Viral Underclass | Celadon Books

Having spent a ground-breaking career studying the racialization, policing, and criminalization of HIV, Dr. Thrasher has come to understand a deeper truth at the heart of our society: that there are vast inequalities in who is able to survive viruses and that the ways in which viruses spread, kill, and take their toll are much more dependent on social structures than they are on biology alone. Told through the heart-rending stories of friends, activists, and teachers navigating the novel coronavirus, HIV, and other viruses, Dr. Thrasher brings the reader with him as he delves into the vira...

Where Women’s Leadership Development Programs Fall Short | Harvard Business Publishing Education

In mingled confusion and exasperation, I (Heather) responded audibly, “Another one?!” By that time, I had already attended four leadership development programs and numerous professional development seminars, all designed explicitly for women. The bitter irony? This latest invitation arrived just three months after I received the “Emerging Leader” award from the American Academy of Medical Colleges’ Group on Women in Medicine and Science, a national recognition for a leadership initiative that I was already applying in my role as the founder of a DEI group for an International Medical Educat...

Em (is looking for work) :official_verified:: "A Word on the Myth of Meritocr…" -

A Word on the Myth of Meritocracy in the Tech Industry: As much as I’ve experienced sexism in tech (and yes there is a lot of it, it is “impressive” how much, I was not expecting how bad this would be before changing career back in 2018), I think I’ve experienced classism even worse. Classism is embedded in the tech industry, everywhere. From requiring expensive certifications or expensive degrees to even get an entry-level job, to expecting everyone to have a home lab and hardware capable of running any OS and software for hiring tests, to expensive conferences and events tickets whe...

Football management for black former players is 'all snakes and no ladders' - BBC Sport

Non-black players were 50% more likely to get into management than black players over a 30-year period, according to research commissioned by the Black Footballers Partnership (BFP). The report by three academics looked at off-the-pitch careers of around 3,500 former footballers who played in the Premier League or Championship between 1990 and 2010.

And these are just a few of my many experiences dealing with discrimination in my career.

❌"Please go home and fix your hair, dreadlocks are not professional' ❌"We will not hire you, because you will most probably be pregnant within a year' ❌"I do not believe this is your resume, do you really have a Bachelor degree" ❌" Wow your Dutch is so good, where did you learn to speak so fluently" ❌" Can you please cover up, tattoos are not appreciated here"

‘Just a mum’: pregnant women and working parents feel overlooked and undervalued in the workplace

I was told I wouldn’t want to return to work as I would be “clucky”. My career was severely impacted by my pregnancy, and I was forced to give up my team leader role.

Adrianna Tan: "I much prefer online presentat…" -

I much prefer online presentations to in-person conferences. Not only do I have much more control of my environment, I also don't need to have panic attacks in some weird conference room or venue (As an #ActuallyAutistic person who has had to do 'public speaking' for much of my career, despite it being against my 'nature', I've learned a lot of tricks to cope)

Ericka Simone: "Please God. Tell me this woman…" -

Please God. Tell me this woman did not say “I didn’t go to journalism school” while holding some of the top spots in journalism. I have had my own weird experiences with this woman. Especially when she was clout chasing on Clubhouse. Constantly invading black spaces, misquoting SEVERAL people. We’re going to have a talk about how white women are handed careers they are deeply mediocre at while POC struggle to get interviews. Because this is insane. From: @gwynnion

mekka okereke :verified:: "As previously mentioned, here'…" -

As previously mentioned, here's what Einstein had to say about segregation: "There is a separation of white people and colored people in the United States. That separation is not a disease of colored people. It is a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it." For the last 20 years of his career, Einstein declined almost all public speaking engagements, except those at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). This photo was taken at Lincoln University, an HBCU.

Jonathan Mosen: "I am saddened by the news of t…" -

I am saddened by the news of the death of blindness assistive technology pioneer David Holladay. Later in his career, David used his considerable skills tirelessly on Braille transcription tools that made Braille easier to produce and therefore more abundant.

Half of women in music experience discrimination, report finds - BBC News

Misogyny, sexual discrimination and harassment are still everyday problems for female musicians in the UK, a damning new report has found. It says that one third of women in the music industry have been sexually harassed at work, with many reporting it as a barrier to their career.

Black Aziz Anansi :vm:: "Everyday I have to prevent mys…" -

Everyday I have to prevent myself from getting on LinkedIn and railing against everyone for being a bootlicker but I'm not trying to totally sink my career.

As an ALP member, I don't know whether to laugh or cry hearing the government's ideas to tackle DV.

I was a protected person under an AVO for almost 3 years and hardly anyone knew about it. I had an AVO against an extremely violent former bf in late 2016 whilst I was actually working for a member of parliament as a staffer. My boss at the time and his chief of staff called me into the office, closed the door and wanted to know every detail about why this AVO hearing was coming up. I had to explain everything over again and again, which was highly embarassing for me and outright traumatising. After explaining every detail of the uncomfortable recollections of near death experiences, and...

Rod Faulkner: "Getting personal for a minute:…" -

Getting personal for a minute: If a company describes itself as "a family" RUN! It's a huge red flag. I'm 54 and am of the generation told to go to college, land a good job, work your way up "the ladder," and remain until you retire. I quickly discovered that is capitalist propaganda. During my 20-year corporate career, I experienced overt and subtle racism, and denial of career advancement opportunities. I witnessed inexperienced and untrained individuals be hired and promoted due to nepotism. I've witnessed folk sleep their way to being promoted. I've dealt with toxic bosses, i...

Megan Lynch (she/her): "I invite you to read my pinned…" -

I invite you to read my pinned toot about academic misconduct and how "seriously" UC took it, then contrast it to what it does to students engaging in peaceful civil disobedience with the objective of defunding genocide. I don't know how US higher ed comes out of this with its prestige intact. It really shouldn't, in my opinion. There has to be accountability from the most powerful. Screenshot of detail from linked article. " “You very rarely see thes...

Joan Westenberg: "Who says a profile pic needs a…" -

Who says a profile pic needs a smile? Not me. As a woman trying to build a writing career in the utter bullshit that is the tech world, putting on a friendly grin doesn’t feel right. It certainly doesn’t feel real. I’m not about coming off as unfriendly. Believe me, I've got a vibrant spirit and a wicked sense of humour. But too often, women feel squeezed into boxes - expected to soften our talent with feminine charm, pleasantness, and perpetual cheer.

Raph: "Full text of the resignation l…" -

Full text of the resignation letter of Lily Greenberg Call, the first Jewish Biden appointee to resign over the war in Gaza: #Israel #Palestine #Gaza Dear Secretary Haaland, I joined the Biden Administration because I believe in fighting for a better America, for a future where Americans can thrive: one with economic prosperity, a healthy planet, and equal rights for all people. I have dedicated my career to candidates who I believed would further this vision.

Jan C en X

This is the reason women don't report sexual harassment at work. They end up with no career. / X

Karlpybara🦥: "It’s so absurd how I went to s…" -

It’s so absurd how I went to school for 17 years, only to work for 6 years before having to go on disability. I had ambition, goals, dreams! Spent all my youth trying to figure out the right career for me, found it, then lost it. Why is life so unfair? The silver lining at least is that the career I chose gave me a job that ended up having a decent disability coverage; otherwise I would’ve ended up homeless.

slamp: "no #diversity /cc @cheukting_…" -

no #diversity /cc @cheukting_ho 5.4 % of GitHub users with over 10 contributions from our random sample are female. Among women who join the tech industry, 56% leave by mid-career, which is double the attrition rate for men. Source

Susan Larson ♀️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈: "#Sexy, #punk & featuring a you…" -

#Sexy, #punk & featuring a young #AntonioBanderas, #PedroAlmodóvar made his mark with this #campy #melodrama In his more than four decades of #career, #Spanish #director #PedroAlmodóvar has become one of the most #prominent and #unique #queer #voices in #world #cinema. #Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Entertainment #Movies #Representation #Culture

Rowland Mosbergen: "@toothFAIRy this is fire With…" -

With this paper we also claim our space in academia as early career researchers of colour who inhabit the margins of hegemonic social psychology. We join scholars around the world in calling for a much-needed disciplinary shift that centres solutions to the many forms of violence that are inflicted upon marginalized members of the global majority.


My experiences are not unique. ... Black physicists at all levels, undergraduate through faculty, face bias and racism that form powerful barriers to their careers and make it exceptionally difficult to persist, let alone thrive.


This is the price I pay for replying to MP Tim Smith. The racism is water off a ducks back. but DO NOT MOCK MY MAGIC CAREER CANNOT COPE 😭😭😭 😭😭


Two years ago today: the start of the end of my political career & a host of personal impacts that shameful reporting had on me. People will always do awful things. Bystanders who remained silent will always be the most painful. #sexism #misogyny #slutshamed #auspol


Ms Winch said she hoped her win would encourage the next generation of Indigenous voices to pursue a career in the industry. Via @HannahD15


“So careful what you do, everybody,” she says. “Because you might find yourself fucking over a little brown girl at the beginning of a career, when no one knows who she is and no one gives a fuck. She might turn out to be Thandie Newton.” I love her.


I've reached the stage in my career where I'm receiving invitations to speak about #EDI #Indigenization #Decolonization from the same institutions that also declined to interview me for TT positions... umm, let's unpack/unwind this with a meandering🧵


Thread: My first career. This has taken me a long time to get over because I still carry trauma and feel sick about it. Colleagues have been sharing their story and I’m adding my voice. We need to change the system.


“For Aboriginal journalists like me, when we begin our careers, we're expected to take a saw and hack parts of our soul and our lived experiences until they fall away just to get a bloodied foot in the door.”


This is article I wrote on Closing The IT Gap. As a kid II was always interested in IT but never had the opportunity to pursue it. I am trying really hard to encourage Our Mob to see IT as a great career option.


One of the biggest concerns for many from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, when it comes to higher education, is there’s a gamble involved. A big risk of both time & money, to HOPEFULLY gain the kind of opportunity to then have a solid career & financial stability.


A football legend in the top end, Keith Rogers talks to NITV News about the secret is to his lengthy career - one that sees him running around for the Ngukurr Bulldogs as one of their key players.

Race-Related Differences in Promotions and Support: Underlying Effects of Human and Social Capital

This study examined two alternative explanations for disparity in reported work-related experiences and outcomes between black and white managers: treatment discrimination because of race, and differences in human and social capital. Education and training, representing human capital, and racial similarity of network ties and proportion of strong ties, representing social capital, were used to predict whether human and social capital would mediate the relationship between race and the work-related experiences and outcomes under investigation. Results of a survey of black and white managers ...

Graduation: The surprising pitfalls of your passions

Students are graduating in the US this week, and the most common advice is 'follow your passions'. According to a Washington University study lead by professor Sapna Cheryan though, this seemingly innocent and uplifting message might be counterproductive, and relegate women to gender conforming jobs - that are not necessarily the best paid ones. In this short video, we look at commencement speeches, from Steve Jobs to Whoopy Goldberg, digging into the psychology of it, its gender and cultural undertones, and ultimately trying to discern what makes a good advice, in this day and age, for a f...

Feels like the right time for me to bring up a panel a former workplace/ media org asked me to do on "Indigenous identity" that changed my career and is part of why I stopped working in TV 1/9

Scars Of Racism: What Should Leaders Know About How Microaggressions Blight Black Careers

Racial microaggressions have blighted the careers of many Black employees leading to less fulfilled careers and mental anguish. Is correcting structural barriers enough or is it time for leadership to engage in actions that seek to address the trauma Black employees have suffered?

Black and South Asian women take two months longer to secure first job, research finds

While these women display higher levels of confidence about their career trajectory, they face barriers to progression and worsened mental health

Black People Who Follow This Common Career Advice Face Backlash From White Managers

Advocate for yourself is career advice we all hear. But for Black professionals, it's complicated, a new survey finds.

Very rarely is it as good as it seems': Black women in leadership are finding themselves on the 'glass cliff'

Kyra Kyles recalls the time early in her career when an abrupt staffing change at her communications job caused managers to look to her to fill a leadership role.

Class overtakes gender and race as career barrier | Business | The Sunday Times

Army veteran Kylie Reynolds tells of sexual assault and career that left her 'persecuted' and 'harassed'

Kylie Reynolds excelled as a female in the army. She says she would still be there today if it were not for years of hardship taking a toll on her mental health.

Marcia Ore en LinkedIn: Black Women Leaders Are More Ambitious But Less Supported At Work...

Extract-Frustratingly, Black women also ranked dead last in their experience of manager support-managers showing interest in their career, checking in on their...

I had an early morning convo with my hubs. If the oppressive system won't change, and I won't change my views against oppression, what does that mean for my career and future? #StopPlayingDiversity

Why are the Lebos destroying Coburg?': This is one of the racist slurs Hala has faced in her career

When a woman of Muslim faith in the public sector was asked by a colleague, "What are your cousins in the Taliban going to do next?" she was traumatised but decided to remain silent to avoid further discrimination. Here are just a few confronting examples of workplace racism allegations spanning more than a decade.

Career officer says racism is forcing him to quit Queensland Police service - ABC News

Your ethnicity determines how high you progress in your career in the #NHS

Looking for jobs in web accessibility? Both @a11yjobs and @a11ycareers tweet out job openings related to web accessibility. If you want the @a11ycareers account to share your accessibility-related job posting, tag it with the #a11ycareers hashtag.

How to Disrupt a System That Was Built to Hold You Back

In almost every industry, women of color receive less support, experience double standards, microaggressions, and unconscious bias. This kind of discrimination needs to be addressed at the institutional, organizational, and leadership levels. It is their problem to solve, and not ours. Nonetheless, when you are trying to excel inside of these environments, it's a lot to go up against. In this article, author Lan Nguyen Chaplin shares her personal story about fighting for her role as a tenured professor in academia. She provides readers with a handful of tools that she has developed over the...

NHS leaders - I've talked before about the stark contrast between minoritised & majoritised NHS career progression. These are just a few examples gathered this week. What are we doing about this? Please don't tell me about diverse interview panels, it starts way before that!

Yesterday I saw 2 posts of great 2 year NHS career progression. A B5➡️B6 nurse & an exec. It brought to mind all the minoritised people languishing in their roles for years, struggling or unable to progress because of the racist NHS system we work in. #nhsracism #snowywhitepeaks

Nobel and Novice: Author Prominence Affects Peer Review

Peer-review is a well-established cornerstone of the scientific process, yet it is not immune to status bias. Merton identified the problem as one in which prominent researchers get disproportionately great credit for their contribution while relatively unknown researchers get disproportionately little credit (Merton, 1968). We measure the extent of this effect in the peer-review process through a pre-registered field experiment. We invite more than 3,300 researchers to review a paper jointly written by a prominent author - a Nobel laureate - and by a relatively unknown author - an early-ca...

Goenpul woman Professor Aileen Moreton-Robinson @QAmity speaking TRUTH at @MelbWritersFest. Observe these careerist types for long enough and you'll find their work is usually repetitious/unoriginal. Their 'community work' is a mere performance that is almost always lucrative...

The level of exploitation of fullas who have been incarcerated is astounding and frightening. Don't make your career off breaking our backs, and dont use our stories to build bigger cages, or to justify the will of the coloniser.

I've been hired for 2 tenure track jobs and been on multiple committees, sent in more than 100 job applications, and done multiple interviews. Here is my thread üõ¢ of job market advice for early career academics based on decades of experience: 1. Get lucky.

A high-status 'gig economy': How we have failed our researchers

Within a week of giving birth, neuroscientist Natalia Egorova Brumley was holding her baby in one hand and typing a grant application with the other. She was trying to save her career.

Ten simple rules to host an inclusive conference

Conferences are spaces to meet and network within and across academic and technical fields, learn about new advances, and share our work. They can help define career paths and create long-lasting collaborations and opportunities. However, these opportunities are not equal for all. This article introduces 10 simple rules to host an inclusive conference based on the authors' recent experience organizing the 2021 edition of the useR! statistical computing conference, which attracted a broad range of participants from academia, industry, government, and the nonprofit sector. Coming from differe...

I saw my last patient a year ago today. I miss medicine greatly. Yet #LongCovid has taken me on the biggest learning curve of my career. Amidst all the suffering, I have discovered so much about chronic illness that I was never taught. 1/2

Women are Credited Less in Science than are Men

There is a well-documented gap in the observed number of scientific works produced by women and men in science, with clear consequences for the retention and promotion of women in science1. The gap might be a result of productivity differences2-5, or it might be due to women's contributions not being acknowledged6,7. This paper finds that at least part of this gap is due to the latter: women in research teams are significantly less likely to be credited with authorship than are men. The findings are consistent across three very different sources of data. Analysis of the first source - large...

Looked at my citations today for work and realised how many white auslit scholars have diversified their careers with my work but have never communicated with me beyond requests to give over my research for free. If we don't work together maybe keep my name out of your grants.

Attitudes to career disruption

A survey of researchers in Australia reveals that those applying for funding often leave career disruptions out of their applications, and that disruptions included in the applications are not consistently assessed.

Community voices: the importance of diverse networks in academic mentoring

Mentor relationships are crucial to retention, success, and wellbeing of women and underrepresented minority scientists in academia. A network of diverse mentors may support achieving long-term career goals, advancement, and retention of both mentors and mentees, thus enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Scars Of Racism: What Should Leaders Know About How Microaggressions Blight Black Careers

Racial microaggressions have blighted the careers of many Black employees leading to less fulfilled careers and mental anguish. Is correcting structural barriers enough or is it time for leadership to engage in actions that seek to address the trauma Black employees have suffered?

Black Professional Women face 'concrete ceiling' in career progression

Black Professional Women in England face an almost impenetrable 'concrete ceiling' when it comes to career progression, according to from The University of Manchester and Lancaster University.There are more than 1.2 million Black and mixed-race women of Black heritage in England, many of whom work in organisations in diverse sectors and of varyi...

55 years ago today, Muhammad Ali refused induction into the US Armed Forces. Ali sacrificed his career, his money, and his popularity to resist American imperialism. May we never forget this extraordinary act of courage and principle.

Why don't women advance through the corporate world like men do? Seven reasons why, and three women's stories

Decades of research point to why women are stalling out in their careers - here's how it plays out in real-life scenarios. One woman had a job offer rescinded after trying to negotiate a higher salary: 'It was the most painful experience,' she says

He made it a point in his career not to be classified as an R&B singer simply because he was a Black performer. This is precisely why we need to stop giving Doja Cat, SZA, Rihanna, and The Weeknd R&B awards and placement on the R&B billboard charts. They are pop artists!

FWIW bell hooks spent much of her career making her work so publicly accessible that it was often deemed insufficiently rigorous. For Black scholars, public accessibility is a red herring. And Black feminist scholarship is never easily accepted, on principle.

Reporting Sexual Harassment Shouldn't Be Career Suicide

Lisa Bowman lost her c-suite position after she reported sexual harassment, and now she's finding it challenging to land another job. Instead of alienating those who come forward, experts are now emphasizing that these employees should be appreciated.

The Diversity-Innovation Paradox in Science

Significance By analyzing data from nearly all US PhD recipients and their dissertations across three decades, this paper finds demographically underrepresented students innovate at higher rates than majority students, but their novel contributions are discounted and less likely to earn them academic positions. The discounting of minorities' innovations may partly explain their underrepresentation in influential positions of academia. , Prior work finds a diversity paradox: Diversity breeds innovation, yet underrepresented groups that diversify organizations have less successful ca...

I see more black people wanting to do nursing. And there's me telling them to save their sanity and go for a better paid career. The racism within in nursing turns my heart to ice I swear. There's no stopping the sheer evil I see in the doors of our healthcare system

As much as I celebrate Bend it Like Beckham, I still remember what my dad said as we walked out of the cinema 'that Jules, she will be famous. Jess will not'. Keira Knightley's career was launched by a queer coded desi film. That's white supremacy in action.

Is this not a direct reflection of the job market in America? #jobseekers #jobsearch #hiring #hr #careers #hiringmanagers

Is this not a direct reflection of the job market in America? #jobseekers #jobsearch #hiring #hr #careers #hiringmanagers... 14 comentarios en LinkedIn

I guess I've been on this app long enough to remember EVERY white woman journalist who bullied and demeaned Black women/non-binary journos, scholars, tech folks, etc while claiming harassment, only to go on to have very prestigious careers in legacy media....

A smooth career path for many academics. 🙏Susanne Täuber @MoriMahmoudi #bullying #whistleblowing #corruption

Dr Jin Russell: Fired up to get things right for our children

It's become especially important to me over my career as a paediatrician to learn how to be a good Treaty partner. - Dr Jin Russell.

Taking a stand in Baton Rouge

Photographer Jonathan Bachman was in Baton Rouge on Saturday covering the first protest of his career when he captured what has become for many the defining image of the Black Lives Matter rallies that have swept America this past week.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Jobs - DEI Career Board

DEI Career Board offers the top jobs available in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Search and apply to open positions or post jobs on DEI Career Board now.

White Coats, White Hoods: The Medical Politics of the Ku Klux Klan in 1920s America

, summary:, This article explores the medical politics of the second iteration of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. As eugenics gained a foothold in America at the turn of the twentieth century, the Klan embraced the latest in scientific racism to lend legitimacy to their cultural, political, and economic goals of white supremacy. Klan physicians in particular held a vested interest in preserving a racialized medical hierarchy and promoting reproductive surveillance in public health. By the 1920s, a symbiotic relationship developed between the organization and the medical profession. T...

That Harvard letter is why victims in academia don't talk. In a profession that thinks of itself as a religious calling, the people who inspired your career mean everything. As the ltr proves, if you say anything they will circle the wagons, and that circle will not include you.

Conference demographics and footprint changed by virtual platforms

Conferences disseminate research, grow professional networks and train employees. Unfortunately, they also contribute to climate change and present barriers to achieving a socially sustainable work environment. Here, we analyse the recent impact of transforming in-person conferences into virtual conferences on improving diversity, equity and inclusion in science and engineering conferences. Factors including cost, gender, career stage and geographic location were evaluated. Virtual conferences demonstrated a clearly discernable and, in some cases, orders of magnitude improvement across near...

Success Against the Odds: The Effect of Mentoring on the Careers of Senior Black and Minority Ethnic Academics in the Uk

This article explores the effect of mentoring on the career progression of Black and minority ethnic (BME) academics in senior roles in UK higher education institutions (HEIs). It draws on 37 interviews with BME academics working in HEIs in the UK and argues that whilst universities present a strong rhetoric of equality and diversity; this is not necessarily followed by specific policies and procedures which ensure a serious commitment to an equality agenda.

Gender, ethnicity and career progression in UK higher education: a case study analysis: Research Papers in Education: Vol 35, No 6

The relationship of race and gender to managers' ratings of promotion potential

The purpose of this paper was to examine the relationship of race and gender to managers' ratings of promotion potential for a sample of 1268 managerial and professional employees. Hierarchial regression analysis showed that controlling for age, education, tenure, salary grade, functional area, and satisfaction with career support, both race and gender were significantly related to promotion potential. Females were rated lower than males, and Blacks and Asians were rated lower than Whites. There were no interaction effects between race and gender.

Reflections on the labyrinth: Investigating black and minority ethnic leaders' career experiences

Black and minority ethnic (BME) employees appear to experience more difficulty reaching senior leadership positions than do their white counterparts. Using Eagly and Carli's metaphor of the labyrinth, our aim was to give voice to black and minority ethnic managers who have successfully achieved senior management roles, and compare their leadership journeys with those of matched white managers. This article used semi-structured interviews and attribution theory to examine how 20 black and minority ethnic and 20 white senior managers from a UK government department made sense of significant c...