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Achievement Relative to Opportunity: Career Hijacks in the Academy | Emerald Insight

Purpose This research investigates the impact of nonlinear career trajectories on female staff in the academy. It argues that assessment of “achievement relative to opportunity” is essential to the equitable positioning of women in the academy. Methodology/approach This qualitative study is based on extended structured interviews with 43 staff. Findings Men and women can experience career interruptions, deviations, and hijacks, but, in general, women experience more interruption, and the cumulative effect on their careers is greater. Practical implications The authors point to ways in wh...

ANU Policy Library - Guideline - Assessing achievement relative to opportunity (under review)

Achievements relative to opportunity: Assessing achievements relative to opportunity involves evaluating the quality and impact of the staff member’s achievement having regard to the applicant’s career stage and trajectory and taking into consideration the impact of relevant personal circumstances. This supports appropriate evaluation of achievements in relation to productivity, the ability to participate in certain types of activities, and the consistency of activities or output over the period of consideration.

Achievement relative to opportunity - Monash University

Achievement Relative to Opportunity (also known as 'Relative to Opportunity') is a positive acknowledgement of what a staff member can and has achieved given the opportunities available to them. It supports a more calibrated assessment of their performance. Achievement Relative to Opportunity acknowledges diverse career histories, a range of personal and professional circumstances and working arrangements. It is not about providing special consideration, diluting merit or lessening standards of performance. Applying Achievement Relative to Opportunity principles facilitates more equitable ...

Achievement relative to opportunity - The University of Auckland

Achievement Relative to Opportunity is an evaluative concept enabling fair and equitable assessment of a staff member’s achievements given the opportunities available to them. It is particularly pertinent to staff whose personal circumstances, such as carer responsibilities, health and disability, cultural or community obligations and unforeseen personal events have a significant impact on their workplace participation.

ECU Intranet | Achievement Relative to Opportunity : Performance, recognition and career development : Our services : People and Culture : Professional Services : Staff

The principle of achievement relative to opportunity is an approach to assessing staff performance and achievement, such as in performance appraisals and academic promotion. It ensures an individual’s achievement is seen in the context of the opportunities available to them, and acknowledges that individuals have varying life experiences that impact on work and productivity.

Achievement relative to opportunity: beyond academic promotion | SAGE

Achievement Relative to Opportunity (ARtO) is an equity enabler, essential to the equitable positioning of women and diverse talent in academia. Most higher education institutions apply ARtO to Academic Promotion, yet few organisations have embedded ARtO across the employee lifecycle. The sector is still grappling over how to apply ARtO in recruitment, performance review, and other talent management practices. RMIT investigated the application of ARtO beyond academic promotion to other areas of the employee lifecycle, specifically recruitment.