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UK failing to address systemic racism against black people, warn UN experts

“We have serious concerns about impunity and the failure to address racial disparities in the criminal justice system, deaths in police custody, ‘joint enterprise’ convictions and the dehumanising nature of the stop and (strip) search,” the working group said in a statement.

Every element of Banksia Hill was failing - New report scathing of WA youth prison

It is a self-perpetuating cycle because the young people's isolation increases their anxieties, anger and frustration and sometimes they act out negatively to themselves and others, he said. "When staff respond to these incidents, this often leads to more and longer lockdowns. The help these young people need and the effective rehabilitation they require are exactly the types of interventions - education, programs, recreation, training, family reconnection and general health and mental health - that have been most heavily impacted by staffing shortages and increased lockdowns."

Murder of Botham Jean

Still armed with a handgun but no longer wearing a body camera, Guyger walked to Jean's apartment, supposedly believing it was her own and failing to notice any signs that she was on the wrong floor, including a distinctive red doormat outside the apartment.[10] Attempting to unlock the door, she noticed it was ajar.[11] She entered the apartment and found Jean, who was sitting in his living room eating ice cream, unarmed.[12][13] Guyger fired her handgun twice at Jean, striking him in the chest.[14] She would later testify that she believed him to be an intruder,[15] and that she feared he...

SA Police investigating death of woman in 'disgusting and degrading circumstances'

Police are investigating how an Adelaide woman with cerebral palsy was allowed to die in "disgusting and degrading circumstances", and have declared her death a major crime. They say Ann Marie Smith died on April 6 of severe septic shock, multi-organ failure, severe pressure sores, malnutrition and issues connected with her cerebral palsy after being stuck in a cane chair for 24 hours a day in her Kensington Park home for more than a year.

Bluesky strained its relationship with Black users

Jack Dorsey-backed app building toward decentralization, Bluesky strained its relationship with Black users after failing to moderate threatening comments toward a Black woman, who had previously played a prominent role in bringing more people of color to the app.

Bans on abortion and gender-affirming care are driving doctors from Texas

But at 15 weeks, she was too far in her pregnancy to have an abortion unless her life was clearly in danger. Medically, Shamshirsaz knew what the right course of action was, but legally, there was nothing he could do. He sent her home, telling her to return if she developed a fever or chills. When a few days later, the woman came back, she was in severe danger. She had developed septic shock, a condition that involves extremely low blood pressure, mental confusion and, in some cases, organ failure and death. They cared for her in the intensive care unit for two weeks. Shamshirsaz said the...

Students with disability 'failed' by inadequate teacher aide qualifications, training - ABC News

Cara Hohenhaus spent more than four years working as a teacher aide, but said when she started in the job she felt like she was "thrown in the deep end". On her first day she was asked to change feeding tubes, despite having no training on how to do that.

Berejiklian’s Optus hides “review” into mass hack - The Klaxon

It had earlier emerged Berejiklian and Maguire had been in a secret multi-year relationship, which Berejiklian had failed to disclose while awarding millions of dollars of grants to projects in Maguire’s electorate of Wagga Wagga. Remarkably, Optus appointed Berejiklian to a senior role — with an undisclosed salary — just months later, announced on February 11, 2022, while the ICAC probe was ongoing.

Brian Hawthorne: "@BlackAzizAnansi The people us…" - Infosec Exchange

@BlackAzizAnansi The people using the fediverse (software that supports ActivityPub) seem to be doing reasonably well at supporting a diverse group of *white* people from the perspective of gender identity and sexuality, marginally okay for differently abled people, not doing especially great insofar as diversity of nationality (except for people from Germany, USA, UK, and Canada), and really failing in terms of BIPOC. I don’t know about other people, but my plan is: 1. Follow every black, indigenous, or person of color who I encounter here and boost their posts. 2. Defer to BIPOC when the...

mekka okereke :verified:: "🙏🏿Lord, grant me the confide…" -

🙏🏿Lord, grant me the confidence of a techbro podcast handing out "Go woke, go broke" advice, where the techbros are: * The SPAC king that destroyed so much of his investor's wealth * The dudes responsible for the Twitter fail that destroyed their investors' wealth The dudes currently setting potential world records of wealth destruction through their bad ideas, dispensing wisdom about how other people's ideas might cost investors money.🙂🙃 "Woke" means Black people.

Equity in Cricket report: Discrimination 'widespread' in English and Welsh cricket - BBC Sport

In a damning 317-page report called Holding Up A Mirror To Cricket, the ICEC concluded that: "Structural and institutional racism" continues to exist within the game. Women are treated as "subordinate" to men at all levels of the sport. There is a prevalence of "elitism and class-based discrimination" in cricket. Black cricket has been failed and the ECB must develop a plan to revive it. Many who experience discrimination do not report it because of a distrust in the authorities. Umpires regularly ignore abuse and dismiss complaints in both the professional and recreational games. "There r...

Christopher Mackay

Those of you using cutesy font/display settings in your usernames — cursive, flipped, reversed order, or rotated/upside-down letters — please understand that this is aggressively hostile to users of screen reader software, which will announce each character in exhaustive, technical detail. Please don’t do this. It becomes a massive speed-bump in their timelines. If failing to use alt tags on images is passively bad, this is actively bad. #accessibility #Mastodon

BBC loses another senior diversity chief - Voice Online

The BBC has been blasted by accusation of a dwindling commitment to diversity when The Voice reported on plans to axe Black and Asian community programmes on local radio. However, following uproar from The Voice’s campaign the scrutinised corporation reversed their decision. In March 2022, The Voice reported how the BBC failed to employ a Black person in a senior commissioning role.

Public sector technology is failing the public interest

In the preface to the Report of the Royal Commission into the Robodebt Scheme, Royal Commissioner Catherine Holmes reflects on how she was startled at the ‘myriad’ of ways the scheme failed the public interest.

Pluralistic: Why they’re smearing Lina Khan (14 July 2023) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

A quick refresher. In 2017, Khan – then a law student – published Amazon's Antitrust Paradox in the Yale Law Journal. It was a brilliant, blistering analysis showing how the Reagan-era theory of antitrust (which celebrates monopolies as "efficient") had failed on its own terms, using Amazon as Exhibit A of the ways in which post-Reagan antitrust had left Americans vulnerable to corporate abuse: The paper sent seismic shocks through both legal and economic circles, and goosed the neo-Brandeisian movement (sneeringly dismissed as...

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2013: Case Study: Karoshi: Death from overwork

Karoshi is a Japanese word meaning death from overwork. This term has been used since the 1970s. In 1978 there was a report on 17 karoshi cases at the 51st annual meeting of the Japan Association of Industrial Health. Karoshi is not a pure medical term but a sociomedical term that refers to fatalities or associated work disability due to cardiovascular attacks (such as brain strokes, myocardial infarction or acute cardiac failure) aggravated by a heavy workload and long working hours. The phenomenon was first identified in Japan, and the word is now adopted internationally. The media have f...

Etienne / Tek: "Sex Workers Took Refuge in Cry…" -

Sex Workers Took Refuge in Crypto. Now It’s Failing Them. Banks and payments companies have long penalized sex workers. Many thought crypto would be a solution, but now exchanges are dumping them too. - TheBird: "I wrote this essay in Septembe…"

I wrote this essay in September 2022, but it is very relevant today, and probably always will be. "Curiosity, Creativity, Compassion, and Cooperation are the 4 C’s of human nature. A fifth C is the darker side of our nature: Control." The essay discusses Paulo Freire's discussion of what dialogue is, how essential dialogue is for liberation, and how we must use problem-solving education to help us learn from each other and cooperate in finding solutions. An excerpt: "To be conscious requires us to critically think, but to critic...

Extreme weather displaced 43m children in past six years, Unicef reports | Global development | The Guardian

'This is absolutely a conservative estimate, and possibly just the tip of the iceberg for some climate impacts,” said Verena Knaus, the Unicef lead on global migration and displacement. “Climate is the fastest-growing driver of child displacement yet most policies and discussions about climate finance fail to consider or prioritize children.' ” Extreme weather displaced 43m children in past six years, Unicef reports 10/29/2023 10:17:44 We don't need a hydrotherapy poo...

Ontario man applying for medically-assisted death as alternative to being homeless | CityNews Toronto

A 54-year-old St. Catharines man is in the process of applying for medical assistance in dying (MAiD), not because he wants to die, but because social supports are failing him and he fears he may have no other choice. Amir Farsoud lives with never-ending agony from a back injury years ago. He tells CityNews at its worst he is “crying like a 5-year-old and not sleeping for days in a row.” Farsoud also takes medication for depression and anxiety. He describes his quality of life as “awful, non-existent and terrible … I do nothing other than manage pain.” But Farsoud said his quality of lif...

Football Association Diversity Code: Clubs collectively fail to meet any recruitment targets - BBC Sport

Former Chelsea defender Paul Elliott, co-founder of the Diversity Code, added: "The code was never going to be an overnight solution, but it was a landmark moment for English football to collectively work together to drive meaningful change. The introduction of mandatory disclosure is the next step in this journey." Chief executive of anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out Tony Burnett said mandatory diversity reporting is a "step in the right direction" but believes sanctions should be introduced for clubs that fail to meet targets. "Now is the time to be bolder," he said. "We would urg...

Performative contortions: How White women and people of colour navigate elite leadership roles - Glass - 2020 - Gender, Work & Organization - Wiley Online Library

How do non-traditional leaders negotiate their entrance and inclusion in elite leadership roles? This study explores the intentional strategies used by non-traditional leaders to obtain and sustain elite leadership positions. While previous research has documented the barriers that limit the advancement of White women and people of colour, this study extends our understanding to the deliberate, intentional strategies outsiders use to negotiate their entrance to and inclusion in elite leadership roles. We use Bourdieu’s concept of habitus and Puwar’s bodies out of place perspective to analys...

Is B.C. failing the disabled? | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s source for arts, culture, and events

“On the one hand, Canadians like to think of ourselves as a fairly caring society still, more or less,” Prince told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview. “We do have universal public health insurance, more or less, HandyDarts”¦we’ve cut curbs in sidewalks, we’ve got ramps in bars, and we do a lot of things to help people with a lot of impairments and disabilities. But beyond those, there is still quite a consistent pattern of discrepancies and inequalities between Canadians who have significant mental or physical disabilities and those of us who do not.” According to Prince, unemploym...

Unit 18 prison staff were 'watching movies' the night Cleveland Dodd attempted suicide - ABC News

Prison officers inside the notorious Unit 18 youth detention facility were "resting or watching movies" on the night Cleveland Dodd was found unresponsive in his cell, WA Corrective Services Minister Paul Papalia has admitted. The 16-year-old died in hospital last month, a week after he tried to take his own life while detained in the Unit 18 youth wing within Perth's maximum-security adult Casuarina Prison — becoming the first recorded child to die in WA detention He said there had been "serious failures" on the night, including staff not carrying radios and Cleveland not being placed on...

Melissa Sigodo en X

The Met police’s approach to tackling racism and failure to accept the term institutional racism despite it being spelled out in Baroness Casey’s report. / X

215 bodies found buried behind Jackson, Mississippi jail

Gretchen Hankins, who is white, held a picture of her son, Jonathan Hankins, 39. Mary Moore Glenn, a Black woman, held a picture of her son, Marrio Moore, 40, and Betterstem Wade held a photo of her son, Dexter Wade, 37. They were shocked to learn their relatives had been buried behind the jail. Crump and his co-counsel, Dennis Sweet, are demanding to know why officials failed to investigate their deaths and did not try to find the next of kin, as opposed to burying them in a pauper’s grave near a dirt road by the jail work farm.

Kydia Music: "Being rude at someone for the …" -

Being rude at someone for the (usually) honest mistake of failing to provide Alt Text on an image is UNACCEPTABLE. But someone simply requesting/reminding you to provide Alt Text is not them being rude or passive-aggressive or “performative allyship.” 🧵 1/

Yorkshire: Azeem Rafiq says Colin Graves' expected return has led to racist abuse - BBC Sport

Graves' previous spell was part of the period for which the club was fined for failing to address the systemic use of discriminatory or racist language. "I'm broken," said Rafiq, who revealed experiences of racism at the club. "I'm struggling to understand how we've got here. It's a mix of emotions - a lot of anger and frustration."

Why I left my megachurch (Based in Petaling Jaya, KL) Religion

Then it got infinitely worse. This speaker was then subsequently revealed to be a sex offender and rapist with victims coming out and speaking about his crimes after his death. In light of this shocking revelation, the church did nothing. There was no distancing, no apology for previously venerating him to the level of an actual saint. And no public statement of any kind. They just pretended like nothing happened. That failure was sickening for me, and I had to leave a place I called h...

Project MUSE - Stories We Tell: Unpacking Extractive Research and Its Legacy of Harm to Lumbee People

Extractive research "talks over" Indigenous peoples, silencing our voices by taking both knowledge and materials away from our communities for colonial projects that erase and devalue our identities. Left unanswered, such research can bloom into disinformation that undermines tribal sovereignty. Lumbee people, who are Indigenous to the southeastern United States, have been subjects of extractive research for more than a century. Extractive researchers have subjected Lumbee people to pseudoscientific methods of inquiry and arms-length guesswork, and they have failed to acknowledge expertise ...

A reflection on extractive research: a commitment to uplifting marginalised voices and challenging structural inequality – Systemic Justice

For us, extractive research is characterised by the funding, commissioning, conducting, production, and dissemination of research or knowledge that fails to uplift, represent, or reflect the experiences of racially, socially, and economically marginalised communities. Instead, it often serves the income generation interests of academics, higher education institutions, and a lucrative knowledge-exchange industry, which prioritises the perspectives of public and private corporations, politicians, inter-governmental departments and agencies, and a growing NGO sector.

The Failure of the DEI-Industrial Complex

There’s a big, poorly kept secret in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) industry: the actual efficacy of an uncomfortably large proportion of our “flagship” services, talking points, and interventions — unconscious bias training, racial sensitivity workshops, the “business case for diversity,” resume anonymization, and the like — is lower than many practitioners make it out to be. Unconscious bias training rarely changes actual behaviors and has little impact on explicit biases. A meta-analysis of hundreds of prejudice-reduction interventions found few that unambiguously achieved t...

Why Do Nonprofits Struggle with Diversity?

Go to the bottom of almost any job description on any website of any well-meaning social sector organization and you will see it: some sort of statement about diversity and how “everyone is welcome.” However, just like diet pills that claim you’ll lose weight in your sleep in 10 days and keep it off, the statements don’t ring true. Still, they persist. There is this idea that has taken root in the sector. If you say you believe in and are committed to diversity and you put a statement on your website, then these two steps make you a diversity champion. Not true. And it’s also not enough ...

Was Claudine Gay a victim of the glass cliff phenomenon?

The recent resignation of Dr. Claudine Gay as Harvard University's first Black president after less than one year has led some to question whether she fell victim to the "glass cliff" phenomenon. The glass cliff refers to appointing women and minorities to leadership roles during crises when the risk of failure is high (Ryan and Haslam, 2005). My recent literature review on black women leaders' experiences outlined that they frequently deal with "hyper-surveillance" once elevated to prominent positions (Rosette and Livingston, 2012). Despite exemplary credentials, black women must overcom...

RRAPP | Unconscious Bias Training Doesn't Work

Unconscious, individual bias is a big problem, but unconscious bias training is not solving it,despite the catchy name; these trainings fail to acknowledge group dynamics and structural racism. There is no evidence that knowledge about bias results in behavior change. and the design of unconscious bias training does not inspire the type of self-reflection that would be needed to affect behavioral change. Lastly, the approach itself does not have clearly defined tools and techniques nor robust evaluation mechanisms to gauge outcomes.

Dr Ruth DeSouza (FACN) en X

“Why should we celebrate representation when our community members who come to hold such platforms of authority–that have historically been denied to us–fail to use them to uplift the voices of other marginalized people?” / X

Mighty Sisserou 🇩🇲: "For a lot of Black, Brown, and…" -

For a lot of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples it doesn't take long to get to the realizations: "Holy shit zionism is racism." "Holy shit zionism is colonialism." "Holy shit zionism is imperialism." because we are affected by those issues. It's no surprise that the white masses fail to move on this when most of them have such a shallow understanding (if any) of racism, colonialism and imperialism. Consequence of that lack of understanding, is it becomes very easy to implant doubt.

Dan Lyke: "Happy New Year! As we go into …" -

Happy New Year! As we go into 2024, remember that the purpose of a system is what it does, and that we won't solve systemic failures by punishing individuals. And that, in the US, the underlying reason for policy is usually racism.

StillIRise1963: "" 'This is absolutely a conser…" -

'This is absolutely a conservative estimate, and possibly just the tip of the iceberg for some climate impacts,” said Verena Knaus, the Unicef lead on global migration and displacement. “Climate is the fastest-growing driver of child displacement yet most policies and discussions about climate finance fail to consider or prioritize children.' ” Extreme weather displaced 43m children in past six years, Unicef reports 2/7/2024 12:43:32 Carrie Shanafelt: The discourse about Tracy Chap…" -

Susan Larson ♀️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈: "Pro-#Trump #DomesticTerrorist …" -

Pro-#Trump #DomesticTerrorist #hired #man to #shoot #Democrats after #failing to #win local #election. #DemetrioTrujillo says that #SolomonPeña, a #Republican #candidate for local elections in #Albuquerque, #NewMexico, hired him to carry out #driveby #shootings at the #home of #Democrats after his #defeat. #Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Conservatives #Extremism #Fascism #DomesticTerrorism #RepublicanParty #ThePartyOfHate

Liberty University broke safety laws for years, government asserts - The Washington Post

Liberty failed to warn the campus community about gas leaks, bomb threats and people credibly accused of repeated acts of sexual violence — including a senior administrator and an athlete — according to the report, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post. Two people familiar with the conclusions, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the confidential nature of the document, confirmed the findings.

The Vice Media Collapse Was Entirely The Fault Of Incompetent, Fail-Upward Brunchlords | Techdirt

the real culprit often isn’t that journalism isn’t profitable, it’s that U.S. media is predominantly run by utterly incompetent individuals who fail upward into positions of power.

Steve Gollschewski appointed acting Queensland police commissioner as advocates warn sexism in police service needs to change - ABC News

During last year's commission of inquiry into police and domestic violence, it was revealed the police response to call-outs was often mishandled and women were not believed due to a culture of misogyny, racism and sexism. Under outgoing Commissioner Katarina Carroll's watch, the inquiry also found "that a failure of leadership" allowed this toxic culture to fester.

STEM diversity blockers need strategic fix: review

A myriad of government programs have failed to address the structural diversity barriers in Australia’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields over the last decade, according to an outside review.

Broadwaybabyto: "Can we please stop telling dis…" -

Can we please stop telling disabled patients to “try harder”? You may think it’s an innocent remark but it’s positively dripping with disdain and ableism. Disabled patients are trying as hard as well can - and if we are unable to do something (especially in healthcare settings) it’s often an accessibility issue. Demanding we “try harder” just shifts the fault to us - when you should be looking at how you can include us and make things more accessible. Stop telling us we are failing - and ask us how YOU can do better to include us. #Disability #DisabilityRights #Ableism

Puneet Singh Singhal: "Australia: More spaces for whe…" -

Australia: More spaces for wheelchair taxis at ranks among new accessible transport requirements The ABC News recently heard hundreds of stories from people with disability who said Australian transport systems across the country had failed them and accessibility standards were not being enforced. #Accessibility #WeAreBillionStrong #DisabilityInclusion #DisabilityRights #Equity #SDGs #Transportation #a11y #HumanRights #Disability #Poverty #Technology

Muirén 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈♾️✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼: "To be European, or born of the…" -

To be European, or born of the Colonial Diaspora, is to be born into a racialized class hierarchy based on the so-called Enlightenment Era pseudo-science of phrenology/phenomic racialization—physical deviations from idealized European stereotypes—a deliberate system the majority deny exists. This Ponzi scheme of “whiteness,” its illusion of meritocracy, of European exceptionalism, of hyper-individualistic competition, and mutually assured failure for all but a few, is an appeal to vanity, subsidized by the blood sacrifice of Indigenous peoples of every continent. Orchestrated from behind...

Scholars to study why $365M DEI investment into STEM failed to diversify engineering | The College Fix

Despite 20 years of investment, women make up only 20 percent of engineering students and tenure-track faculty

Putting diversity to work: An empirical analysis of how change efforts targeting organizational inequality failed | Emerald Insight

The purpose of this paper is to critically explore why a diversity agenda in favor of equal opportunities failed despite apparent organizational support and commitment to diversity.

Diversity, Inc.: The Failed Promise of a Billion-Dollar Business - Pamela Newkirk - Google Libros

An award-winning journalist shows how workplace diversity initiatives have turned into a profoundly misguided industry--and have done little to bring equality to America's major industries and institutions.

Most Australian workplaces are failing to achieve diversity: study | SBS News

There are calls for a more effective framework to go beyond workplace quotas and one-off training modules after a new study has found that many are taking the wrong approach when it comes to implementing diversity and inclusion.

Education Sciences | Free Full-Text | How Diversity Fails: An Empirical Investigation of Organizational Status and Policy Implementation on Three Public Campuses

Although diversity has been a guiding preoccupation in higher education for several decades, organizational diversity practice, i.e., what happens when colleges and universities implement diversity plans, is rarely a subject of inquiry. As a result, there is relatively little empirical understanding of why diversity has failed to significantly advance racial equity on college campuses. In response, this ethnographic, collective case study draws on interviews with 54 respondents, archival and organizational documents, and campus observations to interrogate diversity practice on three campuse...

Zecharias Zelalem: "#Hatespeech #religion #Ethiopi…" -

#Hatespeech #religion #Ethiopia THREAD: I know the adjustment period, where half of our Mastodon posts are about Twitter is long past...but my Globe and Mail story on war crimes published last week highlighted major failures of the social media giants including X & Facebook (what's new?) & their refusal to moderate dangerous speech in non English languages. For non Amharic speaking friends, this thread should be revelatory of the sort of inflammatory material going viral in Ethiopian circles.

This is bullshit. Half my family work in this school and it's nothing like this.

This is bullshit. Half my family work in this school and it's nothing like this. Community says LIARS! We've seen this before, media whipping up public outrage to shut down services and drive us off the land. Last time this kinda rubbish kicked off Australia ended up with military going into communities and forcing lands into 99 year leases in the name of "saving the children". No more! Sisi Baressa Frazer is the first Wik principal of the school and she's faced every kind of barrier and sabotage. Anybody who wants the real story of this school stripped of teachers and resources and set up ...

Why the Glass Cliff Persists

It’s been nearly two decades since the term “glass cliff” was coined; it refers to the tendency for women to break through the glass ceiling to top management roles only when there is a big crisis to overcome, which makes it more difficult for them to succeed. In short, senior female leaders are often set up to fail — and this continues to happen today, as recent examples from business, politics, and academia show. Sophie Williams, a former C-suite advertising executive and global leader at Netflix, has researched why the glass cliff remains a problem and offers advice for women facing them...

Double Standard: Bike 'Thief' Experiment Highlights Racism

The white "thief" was allowed to go about his business pretty much unbothered, even breaking out an electric saw to draw more attention, because people failed to stop him. More than 100 people passed by, and only one couple attempted to contact authorities. Someone even wished him good luck. The black bicycle "thief" — not so much. He was immediately surrounded and yelled at, and people were whipping out cell phones and snapping pictures of the "thief." #SideBySide

Black man pulled over, stunned for ‘dirty license plate’ by New Braunfels police

After a failed attempt to mediate a complaint with the New Braunfels Police Department, city officials on Monday released an expletive-laced video of a traffic stop, which showed a Black man who was pulled over, stunned and handcuffed by an officer over a “dirty license plate.”

Shots In The Back, Children Tasered: DOJ Details Excessive Force By Chicago Police : The Two-Way : NPR

Fleeing, unarmed people shot in the back. Mentally ill men and women, not suspected of any crime, stunned by a Taser while they lay on the ground. People already detained or incapacitated who were beaten, with police accounts falsely describing the force as necessary. A 161-page report from the Justice Department details harrowing accounts of excessive force by the Chicago Police Department and highlights systemic failures that allow the violence to continue even as members of the public attempt to protest or report the brutality. The investigation was launched after the death of Laquan M...

“The course of action taken by the Faculty of Economics and Business and the university is seen as highly unprofessional and vindictive”.

❌ This is the crystal-clear conclusion in the Academic Freedom Monitor 2023, published last week by the European Parliament and the European Parliamentary Research Service (p. 168). ❌ My case is covered under the heading *Institutional leadership and management*. Failing leadership and supervision are unfortunately no exceptions in Dutch higher education. TU Delft's response to the Inspectorate of Education's scathing report is symbolic of this. In response to the Inspectorate's conclusion that TU Delft neglects the care for their employees’ social safety "to a ser...

Doug Holton: "“Mathematics is a battle, but …" -

“Mathematics is a battle, but I’ve learned to survive”: becoming a disabled student in university mathematics "rather than understanding the “dis” in disability negatively, the university mathematics education communities may use dis by disrupting order. Perhaps, we ask, if university mathematics fails to enable accessible learning experiences for students who care about mathematics, these practices should indeed be disrupted." #MathEd #a11y #Ableism #InclusiveTeaching

How Racism in the Courtroom Produces Wrongful Convictions and Mass Incarceration

In recent years, police violence and militarization have been under a microscope. For many Americans, it is now frighteningly clear that police consider Black people suspects when sitting in their backyards, failing to signal, and simply going about many daily life activities — and that this racial targeting too often results in callous abuses, unjust imprisonment, and senseless killings at law enforcement’s hands. Tragically, policing is only one of many racial discrimination pitfalls in America’s criminal justice system, merely representing the first step in a deeply problematic process.

Newly aired Sandra Bland cellphone video shows traffic stop from her vantage point

Sandra Bland was pulled over for failing to use her turn signal and was found dead in her Texas jail cell a few days later. Her death was ruled a suicide.

Nine non-threatening leadership strategies for women

When all else fails, wear a mustache so everyone sees you as more man-like. This will cancel out any need to change your leadership style. In fact, you may even get a quick promotion!

Nonprofits So White: New Report on Lack of Inclusion Offers Strategies - Race to Lead

Nonprofits in this country are failing on their diversity and inclusion efforts, even as their missions address social justice and fairness issues, according to a new report of more than 5,000 workers in nonprofits. “The sad — but unsurprising — truth is that people of color and whites have a different set of experiences in nonprofit organizations. This gap in how professionals experience their workplaces — whether they receive mentorship, are granted promotions, or face microaggressions — is partially reflected in what we call the ‘white advantage,’” write Frances Kunreuther and Sean Thom...

A relational framework for microbiome research with Indigenous communities | Nature Microbiology

Ethical practices in human microbiome research have failed to keep pace with scientific advances in the field. Researchers seeking to ‘preserve’ microbial species associated with Indigenous groups, but absent from industrialized populations, have largely failed to include Indigenous people in knowledge co-production or benefit, perpetuating a legacy of intellectual and material extraction. We propose a framework centred on relationality among Indigenous peoples, researchers and microbes, to guide ethical microbiome research. Our framework centres accountability to flatten historical power i...

66% of 'New York Times' Stories About Trans Issues Failed to Quote a Trans Person | Them

A new report analyzed 12 months of stories from the paper, finding a number of pieces that lacked crucial context.

Mind-blowing team failure stats coming out of Stanford!

According to Behnam Tabrizi, best-selling author and faculty member at Stanford University’s Department of Management Science and Engineering, 75% of teams are dysfunctional. “In a study of 95 teams across 25 leading corporations, Tabrizi found that nearly 75% of cross-functional teams are dysfunctional, failing at least three out of five criteria for organizational success.” Why are teams struggling so much? According to The Ken Blanchard Companies, the answer lies in part to these five areas: 1/ Lack of planning 2/ Lack of support for team culture 3/ Lack of resources 4/ Lack of c...

Brady's failure to shake Foles' hand ignites Newton discussion

Wow, just saw Brady’s post game. Wondering if all the people who ripped Cam Newton for being a “poor sport” are doing the same for Brady. Or if it’s considered ok but “he’s just such a competitor”. Pound Sand TB12. #SideBySide

Rowland Mosbergen: "@muiren I was on the local c…" -

I was on the local council's community feedback on closing the digital divide. It was obvious that they had a fetish for tech and not for closing the digital divide. They dismissed it when I highlighted that the local library had a long wait for loan laptops and were really keen on buying bus stop benches with WIFI. When people in power don't want to listen, these things will fail. I resigned after that.

Puneet Singh Singhal: "Before assuming people with di…" -

Before assuming people with disabilities, neurodivergent individuals or those with chronic illnesses don't want to work and prefer 'freebies' or 'benefits', recognize many workplaces lack accessibility, remote work options, and fail to implement existing local inclusion regulations.

carto: "Regarding "weaponised" migrant…" -

Regarding "weaponised" migrants, @thecontinent putting it succinctly as per usual: "It fails to mention this “weapon” is only a threat thanks to the demonisation of migrants by politicians and right-wing outlets like The Telegraph itself." Or the current Finnish government with its far-right, humanity hating ministers, for that matter.

Navajo Youth and Anglo Racism: Cultural Integrity and Resistance | Harvard Educational Review

In this article, Donna Deyhle presents the results of a decade-long ethnographic study of the lives, both in and out of school, of Navajo youth in a border reservation community. She describes the racial and cultural struggle between Navajos and Anglos and the manifestation of that struggle in schools and the workplace. While utilizing these theories' central insights, but then moves beyond them. While differences in culture play a role in the divisions between Anglos and Navajos, Deyhle asserts that these differences intertwine with power relations in the larger community, and that Navajo ...

Australia is failing marginalised people, and it shows in COVID death rates

Newly released Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data show people living in poverty or disadvantage are three times more likely to die from COVID than the wealthy. This statistic is alarming, but it gets worse when we begin to look more closely at particular communities. ABS data show the rate of death from COVID for people living in Australia who were born overseas was almost three times more than those born in Australia when standardised for age (6.8 deaths per 100,000 vs 2.3 deaths).

Iron law of institutions - RationalWiki

The people who control institutions care first and foremost about their power within the institution rather than the power of the institution itself. Thus, they would rather the institution "fail" while they remain in power within the institution than for the institution to "succeed" if that requires them to lose power within the institution.

Bin Chicken 🗑𓅠: "Details of defence deal with I…" -

Details of defence deal with Israel kept under wraps to protect Australia's 'reputation' Anthony Albanese has damned himself on several counts: - Albo turned his back on Australian Zomi Frankcom and with six other humanitarian workers who were murdered by Israel in Gaza. - Albo is failing to take a principled stand against the genocide Israel is committing in Palestine. - Albo has shown he's more afraid of false accusations of antisemitism (in the style of the mud slung at Jeremy Cor...

Robert Kingett, blind: "Just waiting on a #Linux distr…" -

Just waiting on a #Linux distro to become as accessible to non technical Blind users as Windows and iPhones and even Macs are to the Blind, and then I'll switch, because yikes. Link at end regarding this next Microsoft move. Until then, sorry Linux, you still fail at accessibility compared to Microsoft. It's a shame, too!

Alice Springs' youth curfew is canary in coal mine for other troubled Australian towns - ABC News

All of these issues are a product of the chronic, long-standing Aboriginal disadvantage and marginalisation, the common theme running through this is the fact that government policy continues to comprehensively fail Aboriginal people.

jdm2 🇵🇷: "“In light of the unceasing sla…" -

“In light of the unceasing slaughter in Gaza, though, the Western response to the intercepted Iranian missiles and drones is sickeningly cynical. Sunak’s pathetic claim that “no one wants to see more bloodshed” fails to account for the reality that, as long as it’s Palestinian blood, it’s all totally fine.” 🔥🔥🔥 Op-ed: Sorry, but Iran is not the aggressor here by Belén Fernández #Gaza #Palestine #USPol #Iran

Yoorrook commission: Fears truth and justice commission will fail Indigenous Victorians by trying to do too much

The Yoorrook Justice Commission has ramped up its active inquiries, but with just 18 months to complete a historic task, concerned community members are sceptical the job can be done properly within a tight timeframe.

Kim Crayton ~ Her/She: "White Dude Rehab’s Weekly Prom…" -

White Dude Rehab’s Weekly Prompt [2–2624] “There is a conversation about race that white families are just not having.” #weeklyprompt Using the attached article as a guide, list (3) questions you would use to begin a conversation with your family about race in general and, specifically, how you’ve benefited historically. Join the White Dude Rehab community…link to membership application in bio

StillIRise1963: ""Slaveowners sexually assaulte…" -

Slaveowners sexually assaulted and abused their women slaves—and demanded reproduction from them. Rape was used as a tool to both force the women into submission and increase the profit of slaveholders through breeding. The slaves did their best to resist and rebel against such violence, while white women failed to oppose the gruesome behavior perpetrated by their husbands.

szczur: "@jakelazaroff @mekkaokereke …" -

Generally speaking, as a society we are constantly failing on 'bringing people to live up to their potential' of sorts. It's an endless grind mixed with a lottery and there's a lot of people never even discovering their talents because they are too exhausted, depressed or outright scared to try. I don't remember who wrote it, but I've read a Polish poet's diary from 1920's, he was riding a train and saw miners and contemplated on how many musicians, poets, painters and engineers of them are forced into pointless hard work that destroys them. And I feel that.

Coroner finds “inexplicably” deficient police i... | NIT

The investigation into the death of two Indigenous girls in 1987 was "inexplicably" deficient, in part due to racial bias in the NSW Police Force at the time, a coroner has found. On Tuesday, the inquest into the deaths of Indigenous cousins, Jacinta Rose 'Cindy' Smith, 15, and Mona Lisa Smith, 16, in December 1987 found their deaths were not adequately investigated by detectives, with State Coroner Teresa O'Sullivan accepting evidence that racial bias played a role in these failings.

Met Police apologises to Stephen Lawrence's mother after breaking promise - BBC News

The Met Police has apologised to Stephen Lawrence's mother for breaking a promise to answer questions raised by a BBC investigation into his murder. Baroness Doreen Lawrence was promised an explanation after the BBC named a major suspect last June. Multiple police failings to properly investigate him were also identified. Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley apologised and told the BBC "on top of the failures over the decades this is totally unacceptable".

Dan Gillmor: "What's most noteworthy about t…" -

What's most noteworthy about the judgment against Trump today is that he's been a crook for decades. Countless prosecutors, banks, and others who were in positions to hold him accountable -- including journalists in some ways -- totally capitulated to him when it mattered most. Our democracy is teetering in significant part because of those abject failures. Law enforcement seems to have learned from what it did wrong. Journalism plainly has not.

Missing, murdered and incarcerated Indigenous women in Australia: a literature review

This Week's Top Report is… Missing, murdered and incarcerated Indigenous women in Australia: a literature review ➡ “Many mainstream organisations, including ANROWS, have not given sufficient attention to the lives of Indigenous women who continue to be taken from their families and communities, nor sufficiently examined the failures of the systems that intend to keep them safe.” Claire Bevan, Jane Lloyd, Hannah McGlade, ANROWS hashtag#violenceagainstwomen hashtag#FirstNations Curtin University

The Conversation AU + NZ: "The latest Closing the Gap rep…" -

The latest Closing the Gap report reveals just four of the 19 targets are on track to be achieved. It comes after years of failing to give First Nations people a say over their own lives.

An Open Letter to the Members of the Girl Develop It Board

Lack of trust in the moral and ethical character of GDIHQ Leadership. As we are sure the Board will agree, creating trust is a key component to building a healthy community. Over the past few years, the community has observed a slow decline of the trust between GDIHQ and Chapter Leaders. This is due to several sudden policy shifts, along with the failure to address several issues around race and inclusivity at both the Chapter and HQ level. This loss of trust has caused Chapter Leaders to resign, chapters to shut down and difficulty in keeping/recruiting new Leaders. Here are some specific...

NatalyaD: "I have found a spare spoon to …" -

I have found a spare spoon to email the PALS team at the hospital to chunter about This Stupid Phonecall To The Deafie: The NHS Accessible Information Standard (AIS) has been in force since August 2016. Why in Feb 2024, 7.5 years later are we still still phoning deaf people, sending blind people print letters and demanding other disabled people e.g. with dementia/severe learning disabilities, answer fucking phonecalls. This is a systems failure which I am tired of.

Andrea Junker :verified:: "1923: Hitler’s failed coup. …" -

1923: Hitler’s failed coup. No real consequences. No fundamental changes. 1933: Hitler takes power. I wish I could implant this into everyone’s brain.

Preston Werner: "When I was a kid, and even int…" -

When I was a kid, and even into adulthood, I wondered how people could live in places where, down the street (figuratively or literally), horrors were being committed. How could they get out of bed? How could they go to work? How could they go to birthday parties and social occasions, dancing and singing while thousands of innocent people were being killed not 100 kilometers away? Isn't this a horrible complicity that reflects a deep moral failure? I was reminded of this recently, reading a review of The Zone of Interest, And her...

Tony the Mechanic: "Media’s breathless, hysterical…" -

Media’s breathless, hysterical, round-the-clock, clickbait coverage of the protests is yet another example of how the fourth estate has abandoned any and all responsibility to inform and educate in exchange for advertiser-luring clicks. I am still waiting for the major part of the media to own up to their role in helping to elect Trump in 2016. Their coverage of everything else has been failing us all and this is no different. A large portion of people have also apparently learned nothing.

Joëlle: "Eurovision desperately trying …" -

Eurovision desperately trying and failing to keep the Song Festival free from politics proves what every marginalized person already knows: Everything is political. Life is political.

Adrianna Tan: "The NYT ran a post by the edit…" -

The NYT ran a post by the editorial board called ‘A Failure of Leadership in American Universities’, and it is true, American universities have failed to protect students and the right to protest genocide, but that’s not what they mean because the NYT itself is a failure in every way

Homeless teenage girl avoids penalty for stealing water as Kimberley court spotlights WA child protection failures - ABC News

The court heard child protection officials had failed to provide her with any meaningful support, with the Department of Communities ill equipped to deal with vulnerable children in the Kimberley.

Robert Reich: "Stock buybacks don't just line…" -

Stock buybacks don't just line the pockets of CEOs and shareholders — they're dangerous. Boeing failed to implement a $7B redesign of its 737 Max while spending that much per year on buybacks. A dollar spent on buybacks is a dollar less spent to upgrade equipment and safety.

Trauma then and now: Implications of adoption reform for First Nations children - Turnbull‐Roberts - 2022 - Child & Family Social Work - Wiley Online Library

Currently, Aboriginal children are significantly over-represented in the out-of-home-care system. Drawing on Aboriginal trauma scholarship and decolonizing methodologies, this paper situates the contemporary state removal of Aboriginal children against the backdrop of historical policies that actively sought to disrupt Aboriginal kinship and communities. The paper draws on submissions to the 2018 Australian Senate Parliamentary Inquiry into Adoption Reform from Aboriginal community controlled organizations and highlights four common themes evident throughout these submissions: (i) the role ...

DW Innovation: "Many deaf people don't have pr…" -

Many deaf people don't have proper access to the news and other important digital media content. So we set out to create a #SignLanguage #avatar – only to find out we had made a lot of wrong assumptions. Daniela Späth and Pauline Beck on an #AI / #3D / #accessibility tech project that failed (but in a good way):

Lina Abu Akleh en X

It’s been 2 years since my aunt #ShireenAbuAkleh was killed by an Israeli soldier and life has not been the same since. No one has been held accountable & the U.S. has failed our family in holding the killer responsible. #JusticeforShireen. / X

BellingenNSW: "Hyperincarceration "First Nat…" -

Hyperincarceration "First Nations people in Australia are the most imprisoned people in the world." "Hyperincarceration of First Peoples is a common feature of former British settler colonies such as Canada, the United States and New Zealand. This shared experience shows us First Peoples are not the problem. We should instead be paying attention to the colonial motivation for incarcerating First Peoples." >> #IndigenousPeoples #FirstNations #inc...

ArtBear on Catodon :catodon:: "Billionaires are not wealth cr…" -

Billionaires are not wealth creators, they are wealth extractors and wealth hoarders. Each billionaire is evidence of society failing on costs of living vs wages, failing on taxation, and crucially failing on reinvestment. #NoBillionaires

Russ Sharek: "Etsy just blocked me because I…" -

Etsy just blocked me because I could not operate my mouse cleanly enough to satisfy their captcha nonsense. Apparently my jittery hands are a sign of being a robot. Shame on your Etsy, that's a total #accessibility fail.

Our past creates our present: a brief overview of racism and colonialism in Western paleontology | Paleobiology | Cambridge Core

As practitioners of a historical science, paleontologists and geoscientists are well versed in the idea that the ability to understand and to anticipate the future relies upon our collective knowledge of the past. Despite this understanding, the fundamental role that the history of paleontology and the geosciences plays in shaping the structure and culture of our disciplines is seldom recognized and therefore not acted upon sufficiently. Here, we present a brief review of the history of paleontology and geology in Western countries, with a particular focus on North America since the 1800s. ...

Diary Of A Disabled Person: "The water isn't safe and our k…" -

The water isn't safe and our kids are malnourished; when will you admit that our government has failed us?

Dr. Lucky Tran :verified:: "The US government is ending th…" -

The US government is ending the program that provides free COVID vaccines to people who are uninsured and underinsured. This is a public health failure that will further decrease already low vax rates, and puts marginalized communities at greater risk.

Many Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategies and plans fail - Practical Diversity and Inclusion

Thomas 🔭✨: "Fun fact apropos of nothing: w…" -

Fun fact apropos of nothing: when Hitler came into power democratically it took him like 3 months to dismantle democracy completely and there were no new elections for 17 years. He came into power after earlier starting an insurrection. State institutions and government failed to ban him from future elections.

The Black Lives Matter era is over. It taught us the limits of diversity for diversity’s sake | Black Lives Matter movement | The Guardian

At worst, it was exploitation for reputation-management purposes. Take the BBC’s former head of creative diversity, Joanna Abeyie, who left last July after a year and a half in the role. She loved the job, she says, but that wasn’t enough. “These roles can become untenable when autonomy, influence and decision-making is minimal to absent,” Abeyie wrote. “When there is no sign of improvement and the role is created because optically it’s the right thing to do.” The role she reported to, that of director of diversity and inclusion, was quietly killed off when the person who held it left in e...

Nithin Coca నితిన్: "@mekkaokereke Until we can c…" -

Until we can call out #humanrights violations anywhere, I think we'll continue to fail to address either #climate or historical injustices. Giving one country a pass because they produce more #EVs or have more solar panels is merely kicking the can down the road.

Ashe Dryden: "@sue Agreed. I feel like the o…" -

Agreed. I feel like the other side of this is that so many people fail to recognize how many multi-billion dollar companies rely on volunteer-dominated open source while giving nothing back, instead choosing to prop up the "purity of open source not being tainted by money" thing. Capitalism loves unpaid labor.

Sharna Bremner en X

Your regular reminder that the need for charities is a failure of government (and I say this as the director of a charity) / X

Marcadores -

#Transgender #girl gets #booed by #crowd and #bullied after #winning #track #race at #Oregon #statechampionship. She was also attacked by #conservative #hatemongers like #failed #college #athlete #RileyGaines and #ChayaRaichik of #LibsofTikTok. #Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Conservatives #Extremism #Fascism #Religion #Hategroups #RepublicanParty #Hate #Bigotry #Violence #Genocide #Discrimination #Transphobia #ThePartyOfHate

Digital Accessibility 101: How to Write Effective Alt Text and Why it Matters - Iterable

As Harvard explains, “Alternative (Alt) Text is meant to convey the ‘why’ of the image as it relates to the content of a document or webpage.” So while alt text is supposed to explain an image, the way the alt text is written is crucial for accessibility. It’s not just about accessibility either. That’s definitely a huge reason to include alt text on your site, but there’s more to it. In their explanation, Harvard continues, “It is read aloud to users by screen reader software, and it is indexed by search engines. It also displays on the page if the image fails to load, as in this example ...

Another failure

Another failure ! Why are there no Aboriginal women on this panel ! and announced during reconciliation week ! And after the backlash about the budget !

Stephanie Ortoleva: "The real ‘monster’ in the Sydn…" -

The real ‘monster’ in the Sydney stabbings is #misogyny We see incidents like this, time and time again, but we continually fail to acknowledge misogyny as an ideology.

ahimsa: "From The Sick Times: " ‘They …" -

From The Sick Times: " ‘They bungled it:’ NIH documents reveal how $1.6 billion Long Covid initiative has failed so far to meet its goals " This is a long article, an in-depth analysis of the NIH RECOVER research project. There's a lot of data to absorb. I have not read the whole thing myself yet. @longcovid @mecfs

The affluent can have their souls enriched at university, so why not the poor as well? | Universities | The Guardian

For many policymakers (and not just in this government), the worth of a degree is measured primarily by metrics such as the proportion of students who fail to complete their course and the number who land high-skilled, well-paid jobs. Humanities courses or media studies are often seen as being of low value because their economic reward is small as compared with Stem (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) courses, whether in terms of economic development or personal recompense. Ironically, though, the highest dropout rates at universities are in computer sciences, business and a...

Migrants are ‘driving Ubers’, not working skilled jobs

More than half of skilled migrants are working in occupations they are overqualified for, suggesting that Australia is failing to capitalise on foreign workers to fill skills shortages

Adrian Roselli: "“Chris’ Corner: A Variety of W…" -

“Chris’ Corner: A Variety of Ways to Fail” “There are lots of accessibility failures that are hard or impossible to detect without actual usage and sometimes with unique people.”

Yvonne Perkins: "Dr Liz Allen @DrDemography is …" -

Dr Liz Allen @DrDemography is an academic at ANU and a well-known demographer. She has also survived a difficult childhood, endured poverty and is a life-long renter still financially struggling. She shares a little bit about how she has dealt with poverty and her ongoing financial struggles. The big takeaway is that poverty is not a marker of failure in life. It is a matter of luck as to what family you are born into. My take: No-one gets to choose their parents. Your financial future gets a kick-start or punch in the guts depending on your family's wealth.

pdx law grrrl: "LAWSUIT: A man's HIV-positive …" -

LAWSUIT: A man's HIV-positive diagnosis devolved into AIDS died because a for-profit healthcare provider in the California jail where he was locked up denied him lifesaving medication even though they had his prescription and knew he needed it to survive.

aby - is gay, does crimes: ""White society has caused the …" -

White society has caused the failure of nonviolence. I was always surprised at Quakers who came to Alabama and counseled me to be nonviolent, but didn't have the guts to tell James Clark to be nonviolent. That's where nonviolence needs to be preached—to Jim Clark, not to black people. White people should conduct their nonviolent schools in Cicero where they are needed, not among black people in Mississippi. -- Kwame Ture in his Berkeley speech

𝐿𝒶𝓃𝒶 "not your token": "In 1978, a woman launched a gl…" -

In 1978, a woman launched a global microchip revolution, and then disappeared from history. Lynn Conway was born in Mount Vernon, New York on January 2, 1938. She was a shy and introverted child who did well in math and sciences. However, she was also assigned male at birth and struggled with intense gender dysphoria. Conway entered MIT in 1955, earning high grades but ultimately leaving in despair after an attempted gender transition failed due to the medical climate at the time. After working as an electronics technician for several years, she went back to school at Columbia Universi...

Research: Why Companies Should Disclose Their Lack of Progress on DEI

But as the months and years passed, and despite these public commitments and changes to policies and procedures, many organizations have struggled to increase racial diversity. #Fail

ABC Feeds: "The absence of a basic cyberse…" -

The absence of a basic cybersecurity measure led to the Medibank hack, regulator alleges By Clint Jasper The OAIC alleges Medibank failed to act on multiple reports of vulnerabilities in its cyber security framework before a lack of multi factor authentication led to a major data hack of nearly 9.7 million past and current customers.

ABC Feeds: "Coroner finds human rights bre…" -

Coroner finds human rights breach of 17-year-old Aboriginal girl who died in state care By Shannon Schubert A coroner has made 17 recommendations to government services, saying they failed to hear the pleas of a 17-year-old to be connected to family and culture.

Debbie Kilroy #FreeHer en X

Building more women’s prisons fails us all. Governments continue to build prisons as a default response to social issues. Build housing. Build healing centres. Build drug & alcohol services. Build play grounds for our children. Women are the backbone of our communities. / X

Why Disability Activists Argue Against Labels Like ‘Differently Abled’ | The Swaddle

Terms like “special” or “different” are often created by non-disabled, but “well-meaning” people — that doesn’t mean they’re not able-ist. “People use these terms because they see them as accentuating the strengths of people with disabilities. But despite the good intention, these terms are euphemisms that deny recognition of disability as a valued aspect of diversity and identity,” said Carrie Pilarski, a clinical psychologist from the U.S. And no matter how well-intentioned the positive euphemisms may be, at the end of the day, not only do they fail to contribute to inclusivity, but also...


Why is the government leaving the problem of solving poisoned water to a teenager? Why elect government if they're unwilling to ensure clean drinking water? A government that fails to care for its people has no leadership mandate


Mother heartbroken as bid for inquest into murder of 10-month old baby fails. The police left my baby at the scene without asking about his safety. The police refused to look for my baby when I told them he had been abducted ⁦⁦⁦⁦@jessradio⁩


@Utopiana That is a really tough read. The lack of investment in young Aboriginal children includes the systemic failure to support and protect Aboriginal families and to investigate the tragic deaths of Aboriginal babies. #heartbreaking


I nearly died 4 years ago for this very reason. My urine was black, I lost mobility in my lower body, my muscle tissue was rapidly deteriorating, and my kidneys were failing...but 6 doctors said my creatinine levels were “normal” for my demographic. medical racism is murder.


And right after that, a line referring to the bill's failure to "protect young children and old women from police dogs and fire hoses" had the words "in the South" added to it.


If there's something concrete you can do to assist people who are non-binary, please consider it. Failing to include or promote non-binary people is a huge issue. There are many programs that seek to have greater gendered inclusion, but few yet address gender-diverse inclusion.


Great 2b interviewed by Isabel Moussalli of ABC about our Whole of Community Suicide Prev’n Forums & generally about Govt failure 2 fund prev’n. The forums used evidence of different risk factors 2 inform program content which is unique 2 Oz.listen @ 37min


“1919 Elaine Massacre survivors helped form the Southern Tenant Farmers Union. Some then became part of SNCC. Social movements never come out of nowhere. They are part of longer struggles for freedom, built on both the successes and failures of the past.”


@mcberkman It's demoralising in the first instance. Also, as an Aboriginal trans person, I'd suggest that it fails to recognise the deep history of gender diversity across our Communities and further disrespects a sense of the state 'reconciling' with that deep history.


We require public acknowledgement and accountability by government ror the failures of the current lockdown response, in particular the reliance on policing when this should have been a health led and community engagement effort!!


Legal, DHHS and politicians were involved and she still hadn’t received anything. It was our volunteers who had to spend 12 hours advoacating and following up to get the supplies upstairs. Community doing the work of institutions failed to do.


I need to vent my frustrations. I don’t think the enormity of how much of a epic failure this has all been has been clearly explained. 6 days into this detainment and residents are still facing significant barriers receiving basic medical services


What I fail to understand is why donated supplies are being left to collect from tenants on the foyer of the ground level. How can people physically distance? Why can't DHHS or VicPol deliver door to door?


2day I will tweet a thread on why there has been a FAILURE 2 deliver suicide interventions in2 Indigenous communities. Our programs r an Oz 1st. It comes down 2 content (empirical differences in risk/protective factors) & process (How programs r delivered)


Just one anecdote for the discourse - in the past couple weeks, three separate journalists of color at different PNW publications have DMed me to say they got reprimanded at work for tweeting about how newsrooms have failed journalists of color in their experience.


Human rights lawyer & proud public housing resident, David Mejia-Canales, absolutely nails it with this👇 “Do not be fooled — Vic Gov is publicly punishing those of us that live in public homes, because of its own failures to prioritise homes for people”


As much as there is to celebrate, this is bittersweet. The government failed the residents, in more ways than one.' By @najsambul


“despite racism’s alarming impact on health, & wealth of scholarship that outlines its ill effects, preeminent scholars & journals that publish them, routinely fail to interrogate racism as a critical driver of racial health inequities” —ping @drcbond


Throughout this whole crisis governments have used the police and military to look “in control”, and distract from the more complex stuff they were failing at. Andrews’ public housing lockdown is exactly the same. It’s demonising the most marginalised in order to deflect.


1/Desp the highest child suicide rates in the world we DO NOT have clear mental health prevalence data 4 Indigenous communities; effectively limiting prevention opportunities. Why? Because there has been a Fed failure 2 decide on a culturally & clinically valid MH assessment tool


would love if the discourse could focus less on the individual responsibility of people in low socio economic areas to stop COVID19 spreading and more on the failures of workplaces and politicians to consider the safety of those in essential services when being exposed at work


Anyways I’m going deep into medical humanities writing today. I’m trying to get these publications out because literally this field fails to grasp how African scholarship has been doing this work forever. I’ve improved my discourse on why indigeneity matters to this field.


“Not only that, these institutions will have to come to grips with how their diversity initiatives have failed Black and Brown people.“


5/So many extraordinary gaps & we r continuing 2 repeat the same patterns; the same non evidence based, non clinical approaches that millions in funding have failed 2 address. Sadly the only information we r collecting 2 inform program “impacts” is the suicide death rate.


4/Yet zero emphasis is placed on funding programs that r targeting these treatable factors bcoz we have failed 2 determine them. This failure also means we r not gathering robust evidence of what is working 2 Inform treatment focus & enable us 2b more responsive 2 suicide risk


Our investigation...revealed a 16-year history of systematic failures to adequately review the suitability of the carers, conduct quality standard of care checks and thoroughly examine allegations of child abuse within the out of home care setting.


We have to be as ambitious as we possibly can over the next 10 years to see the real change because we've waited long enough.” Plan to keep Aboriginal Australians out of jail, as Indigenous leaders hope change will come. via @isabellahiggins drcbond 12 Aboriginal kids removed from their families and placed in *care* with these perpetrators between 2004-present. How is it that the Dept fails to notify police of the sexual assault? I mean isn’t this abt the time they had that whole intervention 🤔

Can I Sue for Discrimination for Not Getting Promoted? - The Spiggle Law Firm

A failure to promote may be the basis of a lawsuit if you can show that there was an adverse employment action because of your protected characteristic.

Chances were missed to save man who starved in Nottingham, report finds

DWP, GP surgery and social landlord failed to spot risks for Errol Graham, who had benefits cut despite being severely mentally ill

#ParentsNext drove women into deep poverty. Listen to our intervention at the UN Poverty is not a choice, it is a direct result of systemic failure We welcome the end of the punitive #ParentsNext program @DjirraVIC @humanrightsHRLC @AmandaRishworth

Report into hospital where First Nations women died after being turned away reveals clinical failures

The Queensland Health Ombudsman has released a scathing report into the preventable death of a First Nations woman at Doomadgee Rural Hospital in the state's north-west.

Push for a Royal Commission into 'robo-NDIS'

The Royal Commission into Robodebt heard significant revelations about the series of failures that led up to the illegal tech-based scheme. Robodebt involved the use of an algorithm to average out a welfare recipient's yearly income using data from the tax office cross-matched with income reported to Centrelink. If the system identified a discrepancy, a "please explain" notice was sent to the recipient, with the onus placed on them to prove the debt didn't exist. The system was found to regularly incorrectly match this data and create debts that were inaccurate or did not exist at all. Th...

Costa Rica restored its ravaged land to health. The rich UK has no excuse for such complete failure

Why does a wealthy, powerful nation struggle while a small, much poorer one succeeds, asks Guardian columnist George Monbiot

MPs condemn failure to tackle 'glaring' racial inequalities in UK maternal health

Committee says too many black women receive treatment that falls short of acceptable standards

NSW government urged to withdraw remaining 29,000 Covid fines after court ruling

Judgement says notices failed to provide enough detail to recipient about alleged infringement

Tesla ordered to pay millions to former employee in US race bias case

Tesla has to pay $US3.2 million ($4.7 million) to a Black former employee after a jury in San Francisco found the electric-vehicle maker failed to prevent severe racial harassment.

Bigger companies are failing to reduce unconscious bias against disabled people - News

Former police officer who kicked handcuffed Indigenous teenager in face fails in mental health court bid

A former NSW Police senior constable who kicked a handcuffed Indigenous teenager in the face and spat on him fails to have the case dealt with on mental health grounds.

Statement of Concern: Policing of opposing anti-trans & trans rights rallies • Melbourne Activist Legal Support

Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) expresses concern regarding the failure of police to act compatibly with human rights and give proper consideration to human rights in tactical decisions whilst policing opposing rallies at Parliament House on Saturday, 18 March 2023.

How Our Definition of Healthy Fails Black Women

What I've learned in my years as a dietitian.

Mushtag en Twitter: "We need to put a FULL stop to where (senior) NHS managers or leaders move along to different NHS employers without accountability for racism, harassment, nepotism, bullying etc. This includes all people involved in the process and failure to protect from harm which includes H...

Queensland's draconian approach to youth justice sets kids up to fail

Tightened bail laws have led to a spike in children being imprisoned - the long-term damage caused by short-term, vote-chasing politics

UK failing to address systemic racism against black people, warn UN experts

Working group of experts on people of African descent calls for halt on use of joint enterprise and strip search

Charlie Garner's post-football life ruled by fear as his brain fails him

This is friggin' serious, Charlie Garner told Sporting News about his current condition. Doctors think the former NFL running back has CTE.

The rise and fall of peer review

Why the greatest scientific experiment in history failed, and why that's a great thing

The state moved Isabella from paedophile to paedophile. She says 'nobody was paying attention'

More than 700 people from around the country have come forward with concerns about Australia's failing child protection system. These are their shocking claims.

CA:...about 10 days before his interview - Rolfe was contacted by the Queensland Police Service, & informed he had failed to disclose the public order offence & that "The failure to disclose...was an integrity breach" & that he was excluded from reapplying to the QPS for 10 years

Black women describe the 'glass cliff' nightmare at work

Double standards and high expectations create a recipe for failure.

At least 6500 people have died building stadiums for the FIFA World Cup. The passion we have for athletes needs to translate into solidarity with workers who make these events possible. FIFA are failing to live up to the role models we need them to be. Support migrant workers!

Survivor of police-perpetrated family violence failed by Victorian corruption watchdog, report finds - ABC News

Further evidence that #Victoria's #police oversight system is broken. Files obtained by @AgeInvestigates show @VictoriaPolice and @IBAC failed to investigate complaints of #domesticviolence cases involving police perpetrators #vicpol #PoliceOmbudsmanNow

Two-thirds of UK workers would look for new job if employer did not prioritise DEI, report finds

Experts warn businesses that failing to act on equality would lead to a 'drain on talent'

I'm deeply troubled by the way many senior (predominantly white male) academics fail to recognize that DEI neutrality is not neutral at all, but a political statement that reinforces white supremacy as the foundational source of scientific knowledge.

10 Covid truths health officials failed to inform the public of: 1. It's airborne 2. High-quality universal masking is needed 3. It's not the flu & more than a respiratory illness 4. Long Covid isn't rare & the 3rd leading neurological disorder in the U.S. 🧠

Re #OptusHack: as a software engineer, it frustrates me the media is reporting it as a sophisticated attack. It was not. It was equivalent to leaving your front door unlocked with a sign that says valuables inside. They failed at really basic stuff. I'll explain it simply. 1/6

Fat people die younger, right? Wrong. Even the CDC admits that Fat peoplelive longer and even being very fat "fail[s] to show up as a statistically significant mortality risk".

The information I provided isn't widely available, but is gained by immersing myself in the #LongCovid and #mecfs communities on Twitter. We, the ones with the disease, must educate those who treat us. Our public health agencies have failed to prepare our doctors and the public.

DWP hounded disabled woman for years before her 'starvation' death, papers show

A disabled woman whose body was found in her flat months after all her benefits had been removed had been hounded for years by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), and repeatedly failed by o...

NT Police Hunting for Child that the system has failed

This is the NT Police searching for an alleged abducted (rescued) child, who was taken away from a violent episode at a visitation at Catholic Care Darwin, in which the child, mother and support lady

In other words, Canada is allowing non-terminal disabled ppl to be euthanized for no other reason than agreement the system is failing them in regards to housing, support, etc Rather than FIXING those gaps in support, they're coaching patients that perhaps life isn't for them.

The health situation in Gaza couldn't be worse. Kids, older people dying, cancer patients denied care. Anyone who cares about global health & human rights - that's you health academic & clinical colleagues - need to urgently stand up & #BoycottIsrael

The way the right has turned "homeless person" into a thing you are supposed to be afraid of, synonymous with crime--rather than feeling empathy for a human being who we have so comprehensively failed, as a society--is bad

How many more years of policy failure before we abandon #ClosingTheGap ATSIC was given just 15 years...

A high-status 'gig economy': How we have failed our researchers

Within a week of giving birth, neuroscientist Natalia Egorova Brumley was holding her baby in one hand and typing a grant application with the other. She was trying to save her career.

Decades of DOD efforts fail to stamp out bias, extremism

An AP investigation found that despite new Department of Defense guidelines on extremism, racism and discrimination remain an ongoing concern in the military

Failed Autopsies, False Arrests: A Risk of Bias in Death Examinations

Disastrous errors by medical examiners have raised questions about whether they are influenced by prejudgments and a close relationship with the police.

Police failed to adequately investigate deaths of four Indigenous women, former officer says

Exclusive: Submission to state inquiry alleges Queensland police routinely hid domestic violence failures from coroner

Here's the issue I see with white people organizing right now: you all are flailing and doing whatever you think will work because you only think everyone else is on step 0 simply because you ignored when people leveled up their advocacy. Not only will you fail,

It has taken nine years to be seen and heard by the WA government and it is time to look at the justice system and police that failed me, my Dad and my Charlie Boy. - Tamica Mullaley

The state moved Isabella from paedophile to paedophile. She says 'nobody was paying attention'

More than 700 people from around the country have come forward with concerns about Australia's failing child protection system. These are their shocking claims.

Something that never fails to annoy me: accessible housing that only welcomes applications from the over 55s. Young disabled people exist, and we also need accessible housing.

If you wanna make an informed COVID personal risk assessment (without widespread mitigation) unfollow the CDC & follow disabled advocates. We've correctly predicted since 2020 what would happen months in advance with COVID based on leaders failing to act. We know stuff.

A young person has tried to take their own life twice in the past week while in #DonDale. The NT is failing children and services are saying Youth Detention is now worse than prior to the royal commission. @TheNTNews #ntpol #raisetheage

OMFG, Reviewer telling me not to 'lump together sexual harassment and sexual assault b/c they're not the same thing.' Congratulations, you've failed to understand Kelly's continuum of sexual violence. Truly infuriating.

England's care system is failing children. This new overhaul is based on a middle-class fantasy

A new review passes the buck for children's care on to the 'community', says social worker Rebekah Pierre

They failed my son:' Parents of 22-year-old killed by officer at Buckhead restaurant speak out

The man's mother said he suffered from mental health issues and she tried to get him admitted to a hospital before the shooting.

@doctorasadkhan If there's one thing to learn from this is that the idea of technocracy is a total pipe dream. It's a nice idea in principle, but the issue with failing institutions isn't technical competence, it's accountability. However it starts, it ends up in bickering and power games.

I feel worthless': Kerriene never felt her blindness was a barrier to succeeding at work, until she joined the NDIA

Some current and former staff of the National Disability Insurance Agency say it failed to provide them with the assistive technology and physical adjustments to their workspaces to enable them to do their jobs properly.

Australia is failing marginalised people, and it shows in COVID death rates

I've decided a covid centrist must be someone willing to accept a certain amount of disease and death. Depressing given we are now seeing ABS data on whose deaths they are ... Yeah, it's people living in poverty

How strange! A dickhead racist coloniser wants to have "serious discussions only" yet fails to acknowledge when the serious topics are raised for her to focus on. Guess that's not the support for her beloved ALP that she was expecting! Hey @Trish_Corry ?? Ya weak AF coloniser!

Institutions Share Successes, Failures, and Advice in Moving the Diversity Needle

Five institutions awarded grants by the Hopper-Dean foundation to develop interventions that would advance diversity in computer science will present their initiatives and results. This panel will allow them to share what was successful, what was challenging or did not work, and how the lessons they learned are applicable to all institutions, small and large.

Waking up to Marginalization: Public Value Failures in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Data science education is increasingly becoming an integral part of many educational structures, both informal and formal. Much of the attention has been on the application of AI principles and techniques, especially machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics. While AI is only one phase in the data science ecosystem, we must embrace a fuller range of job roles that help manage AI algorithms and systems - from the AI innovators and architects (in CS, Math and Statistics) to the AI technicians and specialists (in CS, IT and IS). Also, it's important that we better ...

Woman with chemical sensitivities chose medically-assisted death after failed bid to get better housing

A 51-year-old Ontario woman with severe sensitivities to chemicals chose medically-assisted death after her desperate search for affordable housing free of cigarette smoke and chemical cleaners failed, advocates say.

Man who ran over ex-wife cleared of all charges relating to her death

A jury finds Glenn Martyn not guilty of failing to stop and help his former partner Gayle Potter, who was dragged under his car outside her Traralgon home in 2018.

Whenever grad students ask me how I got here, I always tell them the following: I was a C student in undergrad. I had no undergrad philosophy background. I was conditionally admitted to my MA. I failed my MA comps the first time around. I used accommodations to pass my prelims.

Explaining my suicidality to neurotypicals: I was undiagnosed my whole life & punished for every single symptom. When I couldn't complete work, I was failed or fired or forced out. Now, whenever I have executive dysfunction & cannot finish work, I assume the same will happen.

When I review papers, I'm continuously floored that work on disability never engages with disabled people's work, leadership, and expertise. Why can't disabled people be thought of as scholars or philosophers? Your failure to cite us reveals the stickiness of ableism.

Bureaucratic nightmare': NDIS putting lives at risk, say advocacy groups

The agency running the NDIS has been criticised for wasting money and in many cases failing to meet the needs of clients.

Wow - 52% of medical students seeking disability accommodations for the USMLE Step 1 examination were denied. Among those who took the examination without accommodations, 32% failed. From:

Climate crisis: economists 'grossly undervalue young lives', warns Stern

Economists have failed to take account of 'immense risks and potential loss of life', says author of landmark review

Woman with chemical sensitivities chose medically-assisted death after failed bid to get better housing

A 51-year-old Ontario woman with severe sensitivities to chemicals chose medically-assisted death after her desperate search for affordable housing free of cigarette smoke and chemical cleaners failed, advocates say.

Thank you for responding. The IPA are only influential in our political debate for one reason - because they keep being heard and debated. The Country Women's Association has 1000 times more members than the IPA and yet I fail to see them platformed with monotonous regularity.

@DrKate_Miller And in spite of the claimed shortages of workers, many employers still fail to consider employing older people and people with disabilities.

What if I didn't speak English well or didn't have financial resources to pay for therapy? What if my family and friends weren't supportive of therapy? What if I was having harmful thoughts? PCPs are the gatekeepers. My gatekeeper failed me today.

The family's lawyers said the investigation ... had failed them, as had the detectives tasked with finding out what happened to her. Take the time to read this, by @holly_richo15 covering the in...

@5954MissMolly @AngryllamagoERR @JoannaNoBanana Ex-Rheumy blamed my sudden severe exhaustion & shortness of breath on the meds she just put me on & my weight. Failed to tell anyone I tested positive for an autoimmune clotting disease. Both lungs were full of clots. Then she had the audacity to fi...

All of my spoons are gone. My heart is breaking. Finances shouldn't have the power of choice between life and death, access or no access to healthcare. I wish I could do more. I am so depressed and I just feel like a failure in this moment. #DisabilityTwitter Cute pics, pls.

I will be suggesting that you (police) will have failed the family in your investigations, and the nature of my (Ms Bernards lawyers) questioning will allow you to explain absences in the investigation RIP Ms Bernard 🖤💛♥️ #NoJusticeNoPeace

Protect Indigenous people's rights or Paris climate goals will fail, says report

Rainforests looked after by communities absorb twice as much carbon as other lands, analysis shows

Allowing a student with a hidden #disability such as a learning disability to struggle academically when all that is needed for success are appropriate #accommodations and explicit instruction is no different than failing to provide a ramp for a person in a wheelchair. #LD

ICYMI: GMC continues to target minoritised doctors when system failures are to blame. In this case an Asian consultant has been sanctioned for not reading notes that were not available to him. It is farcical and racist.

Elite football in England has 40 referees - all white. Why don't black officials get top jobs?

FA under pressure to launch inquiry into why BAME officials flourish at grassroots but fail to break into game's highest levels

Neither Health Minister @GregHuntMP nor Indigenous Australians Minister @KenWyattMP would appear on #4Corners to explain the appalling failings in health care leaving young women in remote communities to die from a disease effectively wiped out in the rest of Australia.

My mother's death came faster because of dreadful care. Our governments failed her

Why was a woman of 77 with cancer forced to live in a decrepit caravan park? Where were the social workers and home-care support services?

America is Failing its Black Mothers

For decades, Harvard Chan alumni have shed light on high maternal mortality rates in African American women. Finally, policymakers are beginning to pay attention.

Penn employees allege 'dysfunctional, toxic workplace' in Gene Therapy Program

Despite numerous complaints to multiple University offices over at least the past decade, employees said nothing has changed. They allege Penn has turned a blind eye to the abusive work environment at GTP, failing to hold the moneymaking program and its director, Jim Wilson, accountable.

How narratives of racial progress create barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations

Despite statements in support of racial justice, many organizations fail to make good on their commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In this review, we describe the role of the narrative of racial progress-which conceives of society as rapidly and automatically ascending toward racial equity-in these failures. Specifically, the narrative (1) envisions organizations as race neutral, (2) creates barriers to complex cross-race discussions about equity, (3) creates momentum for less effective policy change, and (4) reduces urgency around DEI goals. Thus, an effective DEI strat...

Regularly in tears': families bear witness to the crisis unfolding in aged care

Morrison, Hunt and Colbeck must be held accountable the many unnecessary deaths as a result of their failures.'

As a disabled person trying to 'live with' Covid in Australia, every day is a game of figuring out who is least likely to kill me

Federal and state governments have failed disabled people like me during the pandemic

Under capitalism, individual triumphs are used to ignore systemic failures and when systemic failures are exposed, individual actors are blamed to keep the system at large in tact.

As a disabled person trying to 'live with' Covid in Australia, every day is a game of figuring out who is least likely to kill me

Federal and state governments have failed disabled people like me during the pandemic

The beheading of a diplomat's daughter shows how badly Pakistan is failing its women

Few cases of femicide make headlines in Pakistan, but the beheading of an ambassador's daughter promises to test a legal system activists say has repeatedly failed victims of violence and needs urgent reform.

By ignoring the voices of those most affected by #climatechange, global leaders are failing current and future generations. At our next virtual sustainability event, #GenerationGreen, @mitzijonelle and others will consider how to right this wrong.

a huge failure in how my generation learned about racism was as a feeling or an idea and not primarily as a means to create and maintain wealth.