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Police Scotland chief says force is institutionally racist

Sir Iain's statement is believed to be the first of its kind by a police chief and comes amid ongoing controversy about policing culture in the UK.

Highlighting Kadia's Heroism: Unmasking Institutional Racism in Education

Kadia, a resilient Black woman, stood up against the barriers that Black students face in education. During her graduation day, a white educator attempted to steal her moment by cutting her name off the ceremony. Refusing to let this injustice pass, Kadia courageously confronted the educator, wrestling for her right to be recognized. In a powerful TikTok video, she grabbed the mic and reclaimed her voice.

Equity in Cricket report: Discrimination 'widespread' in English and Welsh cricket - BBC Sport

In a damning 317-page report called Holding Up A Mirror To Cricket, the ICEC concluded that: "Structural and institutional racism" continues to exist within the game. Women are treated as "subordinate" to men at all levels of the sport. There is a prevalence of "elitism and class-based discrimination" in cricket. Black cricket has been failed and the ECB must develop a plan to revive it. Many who experience discrimination do not report it because of a distrust in the authorities. Umpires regularly ignore abuse and dismiss complaints in both the professional and recreational games. "There r...

Understanding Racial Profiling in Australia

These findings start to reveal the institutionalised mechanisms that police use to target racial groups in Australia. As the first study of this kind in Australia, this thesis makes a major contribution to understanding racial profiling in Australia and how it may be evidenced.

Science’s gender gap: the shocking data that reveal its true extent

The book isn’t all numbers. Besides copious amounts of data, the book provides revealing vignettes of the experiences of women in science, along with telling examples of institutional practices, both past and present. Nature, for instance, used the phrase ‘men of science’ in its mission statement until the year 2000, and did not have a female editor-in-chief until 2018. My favourite example, also from 2018, concerns Donna Strickland, physicist at the University of Waterloo in Canada, who received a share of the Nobel prize in physics that year for her work on short-pulsed lasers. At the tim... - Sam: "The implications of being labe…"

The implications of being labeled a racist are so frightening that they resist any attempts to address even the possibility of any problems with their behavior. This is how you end up with the phenomenon of people joining progressive/leftist/democratic spaces who use all the right terminology and repeat all the same supportive phrases in public, but still end up acting on discriminatory and biased thoughts and speech in private. Racism is capital-'c' Complicated. Institutional racism. Interpersonal racism. Internalized racism. Structural racism. I have argued for a while now that we *al...

Melbourne University faces censure for hiring non-Indigenous academics to lead Aboriginal studies | Australian universities | The Guardian

The University of Melbourne has come under fire for appointing non-Indigenous academics to senior roles focused on Aboriginal studies, at the same time as acknowledging it is “ill-equipped” to handle allegations of institutional racism. The fresh criticism follows the resignation of Dr Eddie Cubillo – a Larrakia, Wadjigan and Central Arrernte man – from his role as part-time associate dean and senior fellow at the university’s prestigious Melbourne Law School (MLS). Cubillo continues to lead the university’s Indigenous Law and Justice Hub but alleged the law school was “the most culturall...

Why aren't there more black football managers?: Ethnic and Racial Studies: Vol 34, No 9

The number of black and minority ethnic (BME) managers in English professional association football, or soccer, has been stable for nearly ten years: there are usually between two and four (out of a possible ninety two). Yet black players regularly make up more than a quarter of professional club squads. The reasons for this apparent under-representation are explored among 1,000 football fans, including players and ex-players, both white and BME. Opinions were solicited via an online research platform, designed and executed by the authors. The findings indicate 56 pe...

The under-representation and experiences of elite level minority coaches in professional football in England, France and the Netherlands - Steven Bradbury, Jacco van Sterkenburg, Patrick Mignon, 2018

This article will examine the previously under-researched area of the under-representation and experiences of elite level minority (male) coaches in (men’s) professional football in Western Europe. More specifically, the article will draw on original interview data with 40 elite level minority coaches in England, France and the Netherlands and identify a series of key constraining factors which have limited the potential for and realization of opportunities for career progression across the transition from playing to coaching in the professional game. In doing so, the article will focus on ...

Calling for institutional reform by compensating early career researchers for diversity labor: Trends in Microbiology

Although institutions and funding organizations in the USA are implementing measures to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), people with marginalized identities disproportionately drive those efforts without reward and recognition in their careers; thus, they are minority taxed. While minority tax reform is essential at all levels, this article focuses on compensation for early career researchers (ECRs) at the graduate and postdoctoral levels.

City of London Corporation’s former head of diversity sues for race discrimination | Race | The Guardian

A black lawyer who was employed as the City of London Corporation’s first director of equality, diversity and inclusion has brought a claim against the organisation for race discrimination after she was dismissed 10 months into the role. Saida Bello told a tribunal hearing on Wednesday that “there is institutional racism entrenched deeply in the City of London Corporation” and claimed that almost 200 other employees of colour had also made complaints. Bello said she had a spreadsheet compiled internally of names of colleagues who had made complaints to the organisation about racism. “Thi...

Young disabled people experience institutional discrimination and stigmatisation in mainstream schools in England, research finds - Press Releases

“We also need to consider that disabled young people’s experience of disadvantage is also greatly impacted by other factors such as socio-economic background, ethnicity and gender. For example, research from our project shows that disabled young people from working class backgrounds are a lot more likely to experience educational and occupational disadvantage. So, in terms of finding a solution and building support pathways that are fit for purpose, it is very complex piece of work that needs to be done.”

Melissa Sigodo en X

The Met police’s approach to tackling racism and failure to accept the term institutional racism despite it being spelled out in Baroness Casey’s report. / X

Subject: This is Eugenics - The Report of the Expert Panel on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) and Mental Illness

With the adoption of Track 2 and access based on a mental health condition, the MAiD system in Canada is institutionalizing eugenic based violence against a Charter-protected group

Theorizing Racist Ableism in Higher Education - Danielle Mireles, 2022

The counternarratives of students reveal how racialized perceptions of ability shaped their experiences interacting with staff and their ability to access institutional supports such as accommodations. They also reveal the critical raced-disabled epistemologies of Black and Brown students who identify or have been labeled as dis/abled. Their counternarratives highlight the need for: (1) intersectional frameworks that account for the ways in which racism and ableism are interconnected, and (2) race-conscious policies and practices that consider their multidimensional identities.

Athena SWAN and ADVANCE: effectiveness and lessons learned - The Lancet

In response to the finding that ADVANCE privileged the experiences and needs of white women,10 NSF has acknowledged the role of intersectionality (emerging from feminist and critical race theory), and the effects of the overlap of race and ethnicity, class, religion, and other social identities (including gender) for women in STEM. The spectrum of gender and STEM workplace stigmas that relate to different physical and mental abilities, country of origin and education, and age are beginning to be recognised as important for understanding the experiences of women in STEM in various institutio...

Athena SWAN: “Institutional peacocking” in the neoliberal university - Yarrow - 2023 - Gender, Work & Organization - Wiley Online Library

This paper contributes to understandings of how Athena SWAN (AS) is shaping contemporary equality work in the context of the neoliberal university, and whether it is contributing to performative ways of doing equality work. We center our research on the exploration of the question of how the gender-agenda is being captured by the neoliberal agenda, drawing on 35 in-depth qualitative interviews with AS champions across the UK and Republic of Ireland. The core aim of the study is to explore how AS has been co-opted and mobilized as a vehicle for contemporary (neoliberal) equality work. We arg...

Coloniality, institutional racism and white fragility: A wero to higher education | The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education

Coloniality in Aotearoa’s education systems has persisted by forcing Māori to assimilate into Western norms, tracking Māori into subordinate occupational roles, and constraining Māori self-determination. Through use of storytelling, we demonstrate how these trends carry on in present-day tertiary education settings. We also issue to colleagues and management in the tertiary education sector a wero (challenge) to inspect dimensions of white fragility. Our wero challenges colleagues to move beyond their pedagogical comfort zones by learning and incorporating Indigenous knowledges into their t...

UC Access Now: "UC once more giving award for …" -

UC once more giving award for working on disability issues to an abled person who had institutional support rather than disabled UC community groups and individuals that have put everything at risk to push UC on these issues... Plus ça change... #UCAccessNow #Ableism #UniversityOfCalifornia

Broadwaybabyto: "People keep shouting that if d…" -

People keep shouting that if disabled people can’t cook or clean they should be institutionalized. Apparently accommodating us so we can live independent lives is angering others. Setting aside how awful many care homes are - do you realize there aren’t nearly enough beds? I get that many ppl seem to want to completely disappear us from society. Seem to think we would be “better off” institutionalized even though many homes are dangerous places for disabled ppl. Even IF they were all sunshine & lollipops …do you think there’s enough of them? Do you think they accept people of all disabi...

Education Sciences | Free Full-Text | How Diversity Fails: An Empirical Investigation of Organizational Status and Policy Implementation on Three Public Campuses

Although diversity has been a guiding preoccupation in higher education for several decades, organizational diversity practice, i.e., what happens when colleges and universities implement diversity plans, is rarely a subject of inquiry. As a result, there is relatively little empirical understanding of why diversity has failed to significantly advance racial equity on college campuses. In response, this ethnographic, collective case study draws on interviews with 54 respondents, archival and organizational documents, and campus observations to interrogate diversity practice on three campuse...

Institutional Racism and Its Social Costs | SpringerLink

This chapter discusses contemporary aspects of institutional racism, examining the systemic structures that perpetuate exclusion and racial inequality, and critically interrogating the policy environment that has shaped the discourse of race relations in Australia.

Institutional racism in Australian justice systems ... | NIT

Institutional racism is at work in Australia. How does it affect Indigenous people? | SBS NITV

Institutional racism, also known as systemic racism, describes the existence of racism in the structures that make up modern society. It manifests when institutions, organisations and governments directly or indirectly discriminate against an ethnic group. It systematically disadvantages those groups and further marginalises them within society. We are not short on evidence of the institutional racism that is present in the criminal justice and law enforcement system. Criminal courts are home to a large proportion of white decision makers.

“The course of action taken by the Faculty of Economics and Business and the university is seen as highly unprofessional and vindictive”.

❌ This is the crystal-clear conclusion in the Academic Freedom Monitor 2023, published last week by the European Parliament and the European Parliamentary Research Service (p. 168). ❌ My case is covered under the heading *Institutional leadership and management*. Failing leadership and supervision are unfortunately no exceptions in Dutch higher education. TU Delft's response to the Inspectorate of Education's scathing report is symbolic of this. In response to the Inspectorate's conclusion that TU Delft neglects the care for their employees’ social safety "to a ser...

Working in unprecedented times: Intersectionality and women of color in UK higher education in and beyond the pandemic - Blell - 2023 - Gender, Work & Organization - Wiley Online Library

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities and inequities. Injustices within the labor market mean that the lives particularly of women of color have been negatively affected by the crisis in multiple ways. Guided by standpoint epistemology, we take an intersectional approach and use autoethnographic methods in which we draw on our personal experiences within the United Kingdom's higher education institutions during the pandemic. We illustrate how institutional decisions, approaches, and policies enacted in the wake of COVID-19 exacerbate inequalities and inequities...

Racial disparities in police officers' tone of voice reduces trust in the police

We use body camera footage to look at how police officers' tone of voice when interacting with Black and White men. Participants responded that officers' tone communicated more respect and friendliness towards White drivers, even as we masked the race of the driver and the content of the officers' speech. Exposing community members to Black-directed (vs. White-directed) speech reduced institutional trust in law enforcement and led to more negative representations of the police #SideBySide

Embodiment of discrimination and overseas nurses’ career progression - Larsen - 2007 - Journal of Clinical Nursing - Wiley Online Library

Discrimination towards migrant workers may, at times, be experienced as ‘blatant racism’ or, in more subtle forms, as ‘aversive racism’. It is demonstrated how such discrimination may impact on the afflicted person's sense of self, suggesting a theoretical model of the embodiment of discrimination. Discrimination not only works at an interpersonal and institutional level, but is a form of ‘symbolic violence’ that may be internalized to affect the person's ‘habitus’; it can be resisted through meaning-making activity that explains and hence objectifies and embodies the experience in a way th...

Businesses | Free Full-Text | Examining the Impact of Gender Discriminatory Practices on Women’s Development and Progression at Work

Although there has been a worldwide cry for gender equity within organizations, gender discriminatory practices continue to be a challenge. Many women still suffer from gender discrimination and remain at the bottom of organizational structures despite their efforts to ascend. This paper seeks to examine the link between gender discriminatory practices and women’s skill development and progression within the workplace. The study espoused a quantitative approach. A questionnaire survey was self-administered online to 412 women through a convenient non-probability sampling method. Descriptive...

Determinants of career structure and advancement among Italian cardiologists. An example of segregation and discrimination against women? | European Heart Journal | Oxford Academic

Aims The aim of this study was to analyse the processes through which job, career and research-related choices are determined in Italian cardiology, focusing on characteristics such as productivity, gender and family. Methods and Results In June 1996, a questionnaire surveying individual and career-related data was mailed to all members (8000) of the Italian societies of cardiology. Returned questionnaires numbered 1715 (21·4% of the total mailed), 83% were completed by men and 17% by women. For both hospital and academic careers, advancement in rank was influenced by variables denoting pr...

Gender, ethnicity and career progression in UK higher education: a case study analysis: Research Papers in Education: Vol 35, No 6

This article uses case study interviews to examine women’s experiences in higher education. It focuses on career progression, support available for promotion and particular initiatives for staff retention. The findings suggest that whilst some progress has been made to support White and Black and minority ethnic women in their career trajectories, greater change is needed in order that inclusion is embedded within institutional frameworks and strategic plans. Furthermore, clearer evidence is needed by universities to demonstrate how they are meeting their legal equality requirements as spec...

Space Wrangler: "@pa @mekkaokereke Lip service…" -

Lip service to an idea is wholly different than real action for change. My institution has embraced "DEI" yet when it comes to actual change when hiring new colleagues - old institutional racism rears its head in so many subtle, discriminatory ways. Many "good people" want to be seen as good but dont want to give the power they accrued from biased systems.

Local knowledge in climate adaptation research: moving knowledge frameworks from extraction to co‐production - Klenk - 2017 - WIREs Climate Change - Wiley Online Library

This review consists of a systematic assessment of climate change adaptation literature to elicit major trends, discourses, and patterns in how local knowledge is conceived. We report on conceptual and geographic trends within the literature, including the practice of assessing local knowledge against scientific benchmarks, and present results of a textual network analysis that illustrates overlap and co-occurrence among different characterizations of local knowledge. In critically assessing the dominant trends we draw special attention to problems associated with the extraction of local kn...

The Unpaid Labor of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Institutional and Community-based Disability Services - New Politics

The work experience of persons with intellectual disabilities remains overlooked in much of the literature. In part, this is because of an emphasis on paid work. As persons with intellectual disabilities have historically experienced low rates of employment, their place within labor studies and their contributions in the world of work are often overlooked. Furthermore, because of their absence from paid employment there is a misconception that persons with intellectual disabilities cannot or do not work. However, as I will illustrate, while this notion has been reinforced over time through ...

As part of the NDIS Review Recommendations participants who need 24/7 living supports would generally be funded at a 1:3 support ratio (one support worker for three participants). This essentially penalises people with disability who need high levels of support, of which I am one.

As part of the NDIS Review Recommendations participants who need 24/7 living supports would generally be funded at a 1:3 support ratio (one support worker for three participants). This essentially penalises people with disability who need high levels of support, of which I am one. Shared supports would mean I do not have choice and control over: ❌ Who supports me ❌ Where I live ❌ Who I live with ❌ How I schedule my day It means having no flexibility and keeping to a strict schedule for everything including eating, showering, toileting and going to or getting out of bed. It puts us at ris...

The diffusion of diversity management: The case of France - ScienceDirect

Diversity, a ‘voluntary’ concern as seen through the Anglo-Saxon lens, and discrimination, a ‘legal’ mandated concern as seen through the same lens, have simultaneously been gaining popularity in France since 2003. In this respect, this country is undergoing a regulation process with various constituencies promoting new sets of rules to make French society more inclusive. Through three different explanatory lenses, I examine how published discourse regarding adoption of diversity practices is converted into action. These lenses, the Anglo-American business case, which insists on the economi...

Reimagining the Northern Territory Intervention: Institutional and cultural interventions into the Anglo‐Australian imaginary - Churcher - 2018 - Australian Journal of Social Issues - Wiley Online Library

This paper draws on the example of the Northern Territory Intervention to examine the role of Australia's broader socio-cultural context in maintaining racist policies concerning Indigenous self-governance. Central to this paper is the claim that legislative, constitutional, and other structural reforms are limited on their own to prevent institutional practices of violence and exclusion that are bound up with popular ways of imagining Indigenous and non-Indigenous identities. In light of the potential limitations of top-down reforms to prevent the perpetuation of discriminatory policymakin...

Discrimination by avoidance: The underrepresentation of Indigenous Australians in leadership positions within the Australian Football League - Mahsa Khatibi, Gabriella Elgenius, Paul Turner, Justine Ferrer, 2024

This article explores the career development and underrepresentation of Indigenous Australians in leadership and management positions within the Australian Football League (AFL); it explains the continued underrepresentation as a case of ‘avoiding discrimination’. Using institutional theory, this research fills a gap in existing scholarship by contributing to understanding the mechanisms by which organisations avoid addressing underrepresentation and enforce discriminatory practices in three significant ways. First, organisations may claim equality and assume that the organisation is charac...

Harold Jarche: "2021: research concluded that…" -

2021: research concluded that medical orthodoxy, such as ‘droplet dogmatism’, blocked acceptance that the SARS-2 virus was mainly transmitted through the air 2023: research confirmed that dogmatism within scientific boundaries resulted in further spreading the virus, in spite of knowledge of how to mitigate spread Established & institutionalized professional organizations often lack the diversity of thinking necessary to deal with complex problems #covid #complexity

How to bring more disabled researchers into academia - STAT

Despite being the largest minority in the nation, disabled people like us have been structurally and institutionally obstructed from entering research-dominated fields. When they do manage to break through, they are seldom given the support and accommodations needed to sustain employment and thrive in their professional lives.

Chris Hartgerink (they/them): "Ah yes, Jouke de Vries, from t…" -

Ah yes, Jouke de Vries, from the "send the police on protesters outside a building" in Groningen when they unjustly terminated Susanne Täuber, says there will be a "protest protocol" for Dutch Universities. Shorthand for a desire to institutionalize sending in the police, whose presence causes the exact violence Jouke says they "aim to prevent"

Vesna Manojlovic: "“If you are a privileged white…" -

“If you are a privileged white man with an institutional or corporate job who feels comfortable sending emails explaining how great you are, then I have an important request — which is that every time you feel compelled to promote yourself, *promote someone else instead* . “ Wise words from #diversity #equity #inclusion

Systemic racism: individuals and interactions, institutions and society | Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications | Full Text

Systemic racism is a scientifically tractable phenomenon, urgent for cognitive scientists to address. This tutorial reviews the built-in systems that undermine life opportunities and outcomes by racial category, with a focus on challenges to Black Americans. From American colonial history, explicit practices and policies reinforced disadvantage across all domains of life, beginning with slavery, and continuing with vastly subordinated status. Racially segregated housing creates racial isolation, with disproportionate costs to Black Americans’ opportunities, networks, education, wealth, heal...


Two key findings. Institutionalized racism causes health inequities, but is rarely named in the public health literature. More public health research is needed on institutionalized racism to overcome its substantial, longstanding effects on health and well-being.


A US border patrol agent detained 2 US Citizens for the apparent crime of speaking Spanish. He admits on camera. This is what institutionalized white supremacy looks like. Its why I wasn’t surprised the racist lawyer abused two women for speaking Spanish


The low age of criminal responsibility in Victoria disproportionately impacts young people who are socially disadvantaged. This is particularly the case for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, who have experienced trauma and institutional racism.


Why are we Aboriginal people always told how we should feel?” Former Olympian Nova Peris has taken aim at Craig Hutchison after his comments surrounding the vaccine saga. READ: @heraldsunmick sofiaakel Feel like this didn’t get ‘picked up’ enough in the news cycle. So let me repeat THE HELLA RACIST POLICE STOPPED AND SEARCHED 22,000 YOUNG BLACK MEN DURING LOCKDOWN. This equates to 30% of young Black men in London. Don’t ask us why we’re tired. https://twitter...


Wow, this: @amona_hassab wrote to @VicGovDHHS 3 MONTHS ago asking for cleaning and resources for the high rises and heard back — nothing. This is looking like a Masterclass in processes of institutional racism:


Trump is a fascist, not just a racist, that’s what it’s called when racists institutionalize hate with state violence. Americans can’t seem to grasp this..and so the fascists keep thrashing them


MEDIA RELEASE: Voices from the Blocks say institutional red tape suffocating community volunteering efforts #FreeThe9Blocks


It is so demoralizing that the public discourse on police brutality and institutional racism has seemingly been reduced to a conversation about which statues should and shouldn't be removed. Just as it was previously reduced to a conversation about kneeling during the anthem.


White Privilege: The Myth of a Post-racial Society My new book explores how neo-liberal policy reinforces white privilege and continues to marginalise BME communities through structural and institutional racism.


This is so very true...tho the only problem with this lies in the proposed solution - our emancipation will never be found in internal institutional processes or appeals to them.

Police Scotland chief says force is institutionally racist

A review recently uncovered first-hand accounts of racism and misogyny by serving officers.

The racialised road to full professorship in UK

Shall we dive straight in? Institutional racism in UK academia is very obvious when you consider that every year since records began, Black ...

Ex-Met chief demands Commissioner resigns over 'institutional racism' denial

A former Met Police Superintendent suing the force over 'racist and sexist abuse' is calling for the Commissioner to resign following his refusal to use the term institutional racism despite damning Casey report

Dr. Ruby en Twitter: "Remember that Sewell report published in 2021 (knighthoods awarded to two authors)? Do you remember that it claimed there was no systemic or institutional racism in UK? Do you know it was never rejected despite being flawed? Listen to the canaries! 2/2

East of England Ambulance Trust accused of institutional racism

Some staff members say racist behaviours and actions are often dismissed as "banter".

@cathywilcox1 As a NZer working in healthcare in Alice Springs from the start of the NTER, I was flabbergasted by it. I remain angry about it. The waste of money and expertise plus total lack of community consultation reflected absolute institutional racism from the govt.

Judiciary in England and Wales 'institutionally racist', says report

Exclusive: more than half of legal professionals in survey said they saw a judge acting in a racially biased way

How to Disrupt a System That Was Built to Hold You Back

In almost every industry, women of color receive less support, experience double standards, microaggressions, and unconscious bias. This kind of discrimination needs to be addressed at the institutional, organizational, and leadership levels. It is their problem to solve, and not ours. Nonetheless, when you are trying to excel inside of these environments, it's a lot to go up against. In this article, author Lan Nguyen Chaplin shares her personal story about fighting for her role as a tenured professor in academia. She provides readers with a handful of tools that she has developed over the...

Capitalism and extreme poverty: A global analysis of real wages, human height, and mortality since the long 16th century

This paper assesses claims that, prior to the 19th century, around 90% of the human population lived in extreme poverty (defined as the inability to access essential goods), and that global human welfare only began to improve with the rise of capitalism. These claims rely on national accounts and PPP exchange rates that do not adequately capture changes in people's access to essential goods. We assess this narrative against extant data on three empirical indicators of human welfare: real wages (with respect to a subsistence basket), human height, and mortality. We ask whether these indicato...

Hi journalists, stop emailing me to ask for a comment on Wellcome Trust. I have NO comment for you. In truth, media in UK is institutionally racist and I know the exact game you are playing. Except, this is real life for Black people, so, bye!

Do you know a 'squeaky wheel'? Someone-often an 'only'- who reliably brings up issues or challenges power in institutional spaces, so much so that you & your colleagues don't raise them proactively because you *just know* [squeaky wheel] will bring them up? Hear me out: Stop.

Why Black doctors like me are leaving faculty positions in academic medical centers

It's ironic that Black faculty members are unfairly tasked with the complex and overwhelming chore of remedying the structural outcomes of centuries of institutionalized racism in medicine that they did not create.

Unsure who needs to hear this, but your positive experience with the police does not outweigh the fact that the entire colonial criminal punishment system in this country was built upon a bedrock of white supremacy and institutionalised racism and it's killing some of us

Exclusive: legislation has been designed to reduce the UK's non-white population, according to leaked government paper Memo to Tony Sewell: so still no evidence for institutional racism?

The higher I rose, the worse it got': Alberta's sole female heart surgeon alleges discrimination in complaint against health agency

Dr. Teresa Kieser alleges that she has been made to battle institutional barriers, harassment, a general lack of respect and many baseless complaints about her professional abilities - all because she is a woman

Waking up to Marginalization: Public Value Failures in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Data science education is increasingly becoming an integral part of many educational structures, both informal and formal. Much of the attention has been on the application of AI principles and techniques, especially machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics. While AI is only one phase in the data science ecosystem, we must embrace a fuller range of job roles that help manage AI algorithms and systems - from the AI innovators and architects (in CS, Math and Statistics) to the AI technicians and specialists (in CS, IT and IS). Also, it's important that we better ...

When we talk of institutional racism within mental health services, it's right to hold psychiatry to account, but to believe that other professions in particular psychology are not as violent is peak, and I repeat peak, whiteness.

Of course I meant "the LACK of the lived experience of people shut out of institutional power." Had not woken up enough. And this lack hurts the quality of institutions for people across the board.

Today during a frustrating meeting about a department-wide class attendance policy, I said, "This is what institutionalizing ableism looks like-this right here." And suddenly the energy of the conversation shifted. People were uncomfy, and I'm proud of it.

I am a historian of disability. I am one of a handful. There are many people writing medical histories, political histories, economic histories about previous pandemics and injustices like institutionalization. But these are usually not disability histories. 2/6

I know the word gaslighting has basically lost all meaning but what Palestinians are experiencing right now with orgs, govts + media outlets supporting boycotts and sanctions against Russia and celebrating Ukrainian armed resistance is truly large-scale institutional gaslighting

We need to dismantle racism in universities

Academic institutions and the research community play a role in perpetrating and maintaining institutional and systemic racism.

Competing inequalities: gender versus race in higher education institutions in the UK

This article explores findings from two projects that explore the impacts and institutional experiences of the Athena SWAN (ASC) and Race Equality (REC) Charter Marks in UK universities. The article offers an important, timely and original insight into the ways that these two charter marks are shaping and influencing practice in universities. We argue that in higher education policymaking, there has been a privileging of gender over race in terms of addressing inequalities in higher education. Whilst acknowledging the persistence of inequalities in both groups, the data from our projects hi...